Welcome to the Great Awakening! Did you know that was what was happening right now, beginning with the global pause? Although events have not played out the way Age of Aquarians and New Age Thought always assumed, we are in fact in the middle of it. What surprises and fascinates is how high the numbers are among seekers who don't have a clue that the Great Awakening is what is happening right this second. Somehow, we must help get that message out to them, as former sleepers seem to be more awake than the so-called awake to this in so many cases.

This is all thanks to the massive social (fear) experiment visited upon the world in the form of a fake pandemic. The Great Awakening can be lain directly at their feet. That, my friends, is Cosmic Irony! And it’s the type of plot element that I die for in my fictional writing. The steps to reach and maintain sovereignty are below, and they include thanks and/or forgiveness to those forces for so effectively awakening so many people in such a short space of time, and for all their help over the centuries in applying the kinds of pressures that make coal into diamonds. Without the dark, the light would have nothing to shine within. The whole thing, this awakening, is beautiful to watch. I’ve personally never had this much fun watching this world.

There seems to be a type of higher law, wherein you can do anything you want so long as you stay in your lane. Example: The forces of the Dark always had an option to be forthcoming about their desire to assimilate people into their mental framework and patterns. Instead, they used subterfuge, lies, subliminal programming, frequencies, etc., to TRICK people, mainly through fear, into free-willingly giving over their energies and power to something that on a conscious level, fully informed, they most certainly would not do. A con artist lying to someone to invest in a fake money scheme is a great example of exactly how energies and power were taken. So, on levels “above” this 3D one, that is tantamount to stealing. Not to worry, we have forces at work which are “compelling” them to give back those pieces, and it’s working fabulously well. But it doesn’t stop there. This is work and discipline everyone is challenged with individually.

Now, whether you know this or not, we’re living in a huge movie, and stories must be lived, and from the highest perspective everyone who gave away their power chose to do so from other levels of being before ever stepping into Holodeck Earth. Yet, Earth’s story, its script, requires that we play our roles and demand to be released from the Great Lie. The story itself needs this just as much as the actors within it. It’s an important part of Earth’s forward movement into the 4D cycle of evolution. The PEOPLE must claim their sovereignty and work consciously to maintain it. It’s a lesson to be taken forth into the new paradigms, and it will help immensely for them to avoid repeating these same patterns, which will exist for decades, if not centuries. The Dark will have no reason to be so long as the people refuse to be further seduced and practice the methods by which those forces are held at bay. It’s really that simple.

I’m going to be building a separate website for this as a mini project we can help to spread through social media. Many of those who were awake before this aren’t ready for The Superbeings, to say nothing of the recently awakened 3Ders. So, a separate website is going to be necessary, which will focus mainly on what we’re presenting below.

The Lady of the White Fountain called our friend Molly into a meeting one day to share an important message. Here it is:

There is a call to action for the awakening souls to assist by engaging in a 3-step process to help propel themselves towards evolution into a more luminous state. This message came from another vessel who brought forth a call to those awakening ones to commit themselves to a three-step process.  

We agree with that call. I will interpret the three steps to you as such:

1) The awakening ones must first recognize and acknowledge the severe distortions of those service-to-self beings which have tricked the innocents and naive humans into giving their energies away. The ‘horrors' of the ritual abuses as well as the hypnotic programming of the masses to surrender their light and shadow bodies to these vampiric beings must be recognized.

2) The awakening ones must clearly state their boundaries, by proclaiming in the physical (via verbal declarations, physical movements with intent, and/or print or electronic means) their non-consent to the now clearly unlawful seizing of their energies that have taken place.

3) Actualized forgiveness must then be given to these service-to-self beings for the role they have played in propelling the advancement of the awakening human earthlings.

These delineated steps - which can become simultaneous with practice - are for those souls in earth bodies who are now awakening and desire to evolve. With practice the awakening ones will more readily be able to release the blinders that prevent them from expanding their awareness to the 4th density. 

This process is not a one-time function. It must be a continual reference to a state of conscious:

  1. awareness- seeing and acknowledging the transgressions
  2. presence- holding space that declares and creates one’s energetic boundaries
  3. release- of judgment and of internal subconscious holding patterns
  4. compassion- forgiveness of and thanks to those entities who have bravely taken the roles of service-to-self

As you know, the balance required to attain mastery in the 4th density is that of fully embracing the shadow and light within each. One must expand into and master the instantaneous creativity of the 4th density before fully embodying what is called the 5th. The given steps will greatly release the awakening being from their unwittingly self-imposed shackles and ultimately provide the internal guidance for moving toward becoming fully conscious creators. The gift of being able to instantly materialize from the causal that which one desires, is not given lightly. It must be earned!

The task I ask of You, Jason, follows the Work you have recently Decreed (and is still being done). I ask You to use Your Authority to Command, as a Human and a God, a Decree that the taking of human energies, whether through spells, enchantments, titles, licenses, covenants, entertainment, programming, social ’norms’ and any other means, is no longer allowed and will not be tolerated. Those that have predated on humans must cease and desist. 

This Command will have a force akin to that of what could be called a hydrogen blast. This Command will reverberate through all levels of 4th density, including those that have been dark and hidden. It will then transmute to the Water of Life, saturating and quenching those realms that have been greatly parched. It is an irresistible force. It will greatly accelerate the ability for the Light of Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom and pure Love to germinate and blossom within the humans, and will bathe and initiate ALL of Earth's beings into their “what’s next.”

I honor the Assemblage of Being that You Are.

That’s the message in whole. It’s important to know that a primary structural underpinning of the 4D cycle is love and understanding, which is why it’s so important for those who are planting their own flag on the mountain and claiming their sovereignty to take this step. Not doing so will impede the good ship Earth on its voyage into 4D. I am looking for the right moment to make my command. I debated whether to include these last two paragraphs in this post, but it seemed appropriate to let everyone know the type of work we’ve been doing, and in which anyone can engage.

It’s also important to know that anybody making these decrees, is actually in a sort of “legal assembly” of beings and is in fact participating in law that exists on levels other than Earth at this time, but will be an almost constitutional necessity as 4D unfolds. Picture yourself in a higher court as an accuser pointing a finger at the thieves. That really is what is taking place, both "here" and "there."

It’s also important to know that many, or even most, Volunteers haven’t been victimized in this way, and therefore the decrees are really for the 3Ders who are awakening so that they can “graduate” to their next level. However, there are many Volunteers who have in fact fallen that completely asleep upon living in this heavily programmed dream.

But know this: I’m going to do these decrees. I am human. I am in this. I am going to legally demand they give back anything they’ve stolen from me. I found out they had, because I believed certain things on political levels simply because I bought their constant and incessant lies. I had my own awakening about all that, and it wasn’t a small thing. I was shocked they had me that thoroughly hypnotized. And yet, all that happened is that I also got to participate in the Great Awakening. For that, I couldn't be more grateful. 

The decrees corresponding to the steps above should be done with authority, and power. Feel yourself standing in your power and demanding the return of what has been stolen. You are entitled to do this, by higher law, and your decrees will be legally satisfied. Anything stolen from you MUST be returned, or higher recourse will result for those who did the stealing. They stole from you. Demand that it be returned. I suggest you go stand in nature, on the beach, on a mountain, wherever, and slam your staff into the Earth and scream these decrees at the sky. Do this with your heart, and power will flow through you. You’ll feel it.

If you know someone who can handle The Superbeings, by all means invite them here, to this thread. I'll have downloadable stuff soon that can be posted here and there.  

Here are some sample decrees in my language. Edit at will:

  1. I hereby announce that I am awake, and I know I’ve been lied to, that higher law was broken to steal from me. I see through the false world you have given me!
  2. I hereby command that my personal space, mind, physical and subtle bodies are MY inviolable estate, and nothing lacking loving intentions is allowed across my boundaries and borders! This command exists in perpetuity starting right NOW!
  3. I hereby release all residue patterns of thought and emotion, imprinted upon me by you, from the full composite of my being. I further command that this is also done in perpetuity starting right NOW!
  4. And finally, I see you for what you are. I see you as a function of Whole. I see you as something that has done your part. Even though your part was played from a hateful heart, your role couldn’t have been carried out any other way. You are the agency that has shaped my understanding of sovereignty, for that is possible only in a world where someone seeks to take it. I forgive you, I thank you, and I love you. Now, get out of here! Leave! Be gone! This place no longer serves you! 

And they will flee.

This symbol might turn out to be the logo of the effort. I don’t know yet. But I do know it can be used now to accelerate and galvanize personal sovereignty.

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  • Wow, Jason, that is so beautiful.  I get it!  Deep appreciation to you, as always...always!

    JD Aliix said:

    That's really cool, Jansett, and thanks for the information. I think it's worthy of mention that forgiveness is entirely about the one doing the forgiving, and NOT about the one being forgiven. "Forgiveness" is just another way of saying, "I'm evicting you from my emotional body."

    Just a thought.

  • Many Blessings upon you for this!


  • Thank you Jason. Some thing within me has been aware of what you put into words for quite some time, and it was so relieving reading what you have shared. I also appreciate your comments to the comments! Your response to Jansett anchored forgiveness in a more profound way...an eviction from the emotional body. ✨

    • Hi, Kari Anne. Thanks for noticing! And thanks for thanking! Hahaha! 

      What a wild ride. This world is undergoing a serious upgrade, and it's incredible that it's only just starting.

  • Bumping this up.

  • I'm pretty sure all who have stated this decree before me contributed to me being here, reading this now. So thank you all! It's my turn now, I'm already getting the truth bumps and I haven't even started yet! I will go out into nature as suggested (much better environment for the aura than in this concrete office building I'm currently in) I know that you all are standing in solidarity with me. Thank you!!! 

    • Kate, thanks for being here. Keep us posted, please, on how it went and how you're feeling. The feeling of lightness should definitely been present. 

    • Oh yes, a definite feeling of lightness. Thank you! 

  • Thank you for sharing this as I have come to see it again with my heart space open♾❤️ This is where I'm supposed to be and I'm more and happy to be here . In the now .. present 🙏🏽❤️

  • Yes

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