you all spoke regarding grid or other organized work with the Tensor or on that call the Wings of Tok.
Brian placed tools and found they only didnt transmit beneficial energetic changes around the Vatican. That totally resonated with me due to my previous work with currencies ( money and precious metals) with that church.
Twisted Sage ( renown Dowser and took crafter) has graduated from Copper to Sterling silver. I did not send them my vision even though Brenda invited me to.
That was last year. Much has changed since then. Door have opened due to all the news or theories shall I say.
I also didnt really feel it was twisted sages business model to work in the materials I knew would likely affect Vatican energetically. Now, I'm not saying its necessary except here comes into play that straw situation. I notice the regulars here have a manner of expressing I am yet to imitate so bear with my play on words rather than be blunt when I'm not sure you alll feel secure to do so in typed content.

Regarding the Vat, straw my either personal or off planet responsibilities:
Shall we have a conversation?

I have difficulty on this site. Replying to posts hasnt worked. I also want to converse with you on the topic of Sovereignty of my own person. I follow online a different avenue of broaching it. I have information to share and inquiries to / with you. There is a site of 5000 students doing this that I refer to. From what little I've heard on replay it this subject what I refer to appears to be considerably more easeful comparatively speaking. There are videos and success stories. This content goes back approx 4 yrs ago.

Jason, I have a draft I seek and highly desire to send to either you and or Nexus? however I have yet to figure out how to pm to a individual on this site. My attempts to reply to the pm you sent failed to operate.

please advise.


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I have sent you my email on other post. Please contact me there and we can exchange more information. TTYS

Tammie - what browser are you using? MAke sure it's updated. I use Brave with no problem PM and replying.

With all due respect, I would advise not doing a direct focus on the vatican for one's own protection unless that person or group is/are very skilled in the magical arts and protections. The vatican is guarded by very high-level black magicians. There are indirect ways to make change.

There seems to be something a little wrong with the site when using Google Chrome. Menu pulldowns and the chat weren't working. To fix it, I clicked on the "fake" chat bar that was floating above the "real" chat bar at the bottom of the screen, and it fixed it. It might not be Chrome, maybe it just needs reloading. It might be a sign to stop using Chrome. I have. I don't want them tracking me anymore. The best browser I've found, anyway, is Brave:

There is something definitely wrong with the site. I did a hard refresh and everything pulldowns, callouts like the chat, etc., no longer work. I'll get a support ticket happening.

Hi Jason,    interestingly ever since I posted about the glitches they have been improving.  I pondered that you refreshed the site, or such.    This is a direct reply I had been unable to do prior.  I also was able to sign out sign in.  Seems resolved.    Best.

Dear Molly,  first I want to thank you for your candid direct reply.   My initial reason for posting was to start a conversation,  not plan anything direct.   I notice that subject comes up a lot and I follow Brian and Brenda @ Twisted Sage.   Mainly I was bringing up the thought, the prospect that the copper tools had no affect at Vatican,  that I sensed they could be tweaked with other mediums added.   Putting that aside I want to fully assure you my curiosity was only in regards to the Tensor tools.    I want to thank you a second time for your reply b/c I then went on to do my own clearing work between myself,  all things I affect in relation to my subjects of "interest" regarding Vatican and such.   It was the 2nd major work of that section I've done recently.  I feel relieved as I was holding much in the emotions, Koshas, astral bodies that alot wasnt mine, rather was " theirs".    I hope to know you more and also assure you its not my style nor nature to go up against things.     Changing whats in my own fields in relation to the world around me is really the only and the greatest service I can do for the All.       Blessings.     Love.

Tammie, Thank you for your response. I honor you for your work and for your healings.

I felt prompted to put out the advisement that I did, in the case you or anyone were compelled to put a direct energetic focus there. In one's desire to help clear out the sinister forces that are there, it can leave a person exposed and vulnerable to attack. They will retribute against anyone who targets them. Simon Parkes has talked about this and has had clients who he had to remove demons from after their focusing work on the V.

It's not for us to fear these dudes that surround the V, the City of London, etc., but for us to be aware that there are those who have spent generational lifetimes in the dark arts. Innocence and purity of intent can be powerful tools however we need to guard those superpowers fiercely, like a mama bear or jaguar guards her cubs. Grrrrrroar!!!!!!

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