Greetings, Awesome Ones. How about a little catch up. I'm going to send out an announcement pointing people to this Discussion, so we can get a nice cross-reference of opinions and suggestions on where we want to take things as a group.

The summary of what follows is this: the constortium of Galactic Councils, in association with one of my larger selves and my entire 12 entity committee of guides/handlers, wants me reaching into the deep selves of millions, instead of thousands. A big part of this thrust is to bring the kinds of things we know and study far more into the mainstream, so that I will be one of the mouthpieces to champion seekers/new agers/volunteers, to fire into the lexicon the language we speak, pull back the curtain and make it so we don't have to mind what we say to others so much and can come out of the closet. Since most of the natives to this experiment are on their way to becoming what we already are, we're essentially, once again, blazing the path. It kinda goes like this: point me to one work of book-length fiction on our topics and knowledge that is a bestseller. You might be able to find one, but there aren't many, if any. 

The very reason they wanted me writing in terms of "fiction" (even though we all know I'm telling a true story) is because in self-help nonfiction books, they reach only the audience that is looking for them. Fiction establishes and brings in new demographics and group levels.

My novel, Mythion, is finished and is publish ready. Associated with it, a few of us are forming a creative lab we intend to use to utilize all the publishing and storytelling avenues today's social and technological milieu has to offer, and we plan to develop a few, besides. This will include story-specific VR, ludic storytelling in the form of card games, which will flourish into video games. Screenplays are involved, so yes, you'll see Mythion as a series from one of the many studios. It will also involve cast-type readings of stories to be monetized on YouTube, etc.

Mythion is set partially in a virtual world (and aren't they all?) called Xenxu. It's served by quantum computers, which means the individual and collective subconscious is accessible because the quantum domain includes the sub- and superconscious domains. The central character, and from whose viewpoint the entire story is told, is railroaded into a therapeutic system which takes place in-Xenxu to identify and clear everything he needs to clear in order to become what he becomes. I won't go into it more than that, but it's literally a handbook on becoming a superbeing able to warp what the book calls timeform (timeform being the most definitive way to describe what every 3D and 4D continuum consists of). So, in short, it's an albeit fictional handbook on mastery, with huge symbolism and deeply esoteric concepts. 

If there are any significantly ranked bad guys left at the end of the next twelve months, it's the information they've tried to keep secret. It's a magical book, one of those that would take many readings to fully see (think The Simple Truth, but 400 pages and fun as hell and a page turner). And it's the kind of book that will change the person just by holding it, much less reading it. Like The Simple Truth, you'll be able to set a glass of water on the paperback and clear, charge and structure it. 

The first effort will be three pronged, and here we start getting into what I'd like to ask you all, but I'll get to that. For the first group of associated projects, we are already developing a card game, not unlike, Magic: The Gathering, called Mythion - The Card Game. Playing the game will automatically elevate the player into another strata of expansion, provided of course they're ready. Secondly is the publishing of the book, which is going to be a true launch to make as big a splash as possible. Since there will be many readers who will want explication and deeper comprehension on much of the information and concepts, a forum like TSB will come together, which is the third prong.

As many of you here have utlized the alchemy, the tools, my information and energy, group energy, teachings from others here, and so on, many of you are excellent mentors. Mythion is intended to become a movement, way more than just a book and TV series. Also of note, I will be personally initiating people into the higher energetic spheres and teaching the methods for timeform mastery. 

That brings us to the question: in your opinion, and we're wide open to suggestions, should we move our entire operation into Mythion.one, the new Superbeings? OR, should we have two social network forums, one where Mythion and all the self-mastery is discussed, and one where we discuss the types of things that shock and enrage minds not accustomed to seeing it. Keep in mind, we can continue with more private discussions in the Mythion social network in groups or Discussions not made public.

This will get big, so our group will number in the thousands of active participants, all doing the kinds of things we've already done for years with 100 or less people. The power of it is going to be explosive, and everybody participating will, yet again, be raised into another initiatic level of being, because of the group.

Thanks for any opinions and/or suggestions you have. 

One last thing. My publishing partners are going to want to assemble my "launch team," those who've read the book before publication and will seriously commit to giving at least a 4 star rating on Amazon. That's their gig. I won't ask anybody to do anything that isn't true. So, stand-by for the announcements involving that. I could send it to anybody that wants to read it now, but I think the publishing partners would disapprove at this fairly early juncture, even though I know some here will take a month to read it. 

-- Jason

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  • Congratulations on this monumental effort that is sure to transform not only the world around us, but the world's within us all! I feel two sites would be a better route to go. Where those who are faithfully walking the path of true mastery can find those of like mind to openly discuss the more unusual aspects of coming to lucidity within the many folds of the one dream. And a different site where those who are interested in the fictional aspects of Mythion, and the many works to come, but curious about the esoteric topics discussed can, in a more superficial way, delve into the growing mythos. And you can count on me to help in any way I can to bring this beautiful piece of work, a true masterpiece to it's rightful place in the canon of transformative works in world history, sure to start a whole new movement into a true golden age! 

  •  Wow! Fantastic news...so much to unpack.  Gosh it's been too long since i visited here, but was thrilled to read this.  I'm happy to help any way I can and of course read and review any books.

    I guess I'd be disappointed to lose this website even if it did only 'move' to another one...perhaps the layers to the other website U speak of incorporated this website as a top 'members only section or something??

  • Wow this is all so exciting! Congratulations on everything you've worked so hard on finally coming to fruition. My gut says we should have two platforms so we can continue to have honest conversations without feeling the need to sensor ourselves. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for The Superbeings and I don't want to give it up. Also I would be very excited to read this new book and give feedback whenever you're approved to release it!

  • 🎉  Jason! 

  • From a member who emailed me:

    t sounds like exciting expansion is underway.

    My suggestion would be maintaining two sites moving forward.

    And, I suggest mapping (defining) a path for participants who have played the card game to move forward, for those who are interested.

    Same thing for book readers. Make it a natural progression of growth for those inclined and continue the Superbeings norm of having a supportive and loving community.

    For example card game to zoom discussion group on card game takeaways, followed by an invitation to take the next step. And ultimately after accomplishing (not the best word) the path, provide an opportunity for participants to give back in terms of mentorship etc.

    I took a Super Consciousness and Create Your Destiny class that was so well designed in terms of content building and experiential practice, it was brilliant. I would be happy to share more about the design if you are interested.

    One last thing, a lot of us are still clearing our stuff and perhaps the cards/book will assist. If not, a package of your formulas and guide for clearing might be helpful for new participants, a one stop shopping type of thing.

    If you need a book reviewer along the way, I am happy to provide a review providing I can comprehend/integrate the concepts and energy, seems Superbeings content is always advanced training. 😀

    Hope this helps.

    • Mythion shares no impenetrable concepts. It's all very easy. It's like the movie The Matrix, in that it tells a true story, but how many viewers of the movie knew it was doing that? Only our types. But it nevertheless did what it was intended to do, and that was to reach inside and trigger some codes inside those who weren't ready to understand the reality behind the purposeful hallucination. 

      As for advanced training - you're nailing the purpose of this. It's so multilayered, it covers all levels of training. So, the more advanced the reader, the more they will see, which is why multiple readings will continue to yield more depth of comprehension. Make sense? It's absolutely stuffed with symbolism, so much that on my last reading of it, I was surprised at symbols I didn't know were there. But then, I have to acknowledge that a ton of it was more or less channeled. 

      As for the class you took...my thing is going to be in this Creative Lab, so in that respect, would you like to conduct sessions, or whatever else, to share with the "Mythion" group when it's time?

  • It all sounds really cool! What a great way to change minds and hack reality. Virtual marketplaces in gaming are going to interweave reality and fiction more and more into everyday life as we carry on here.

    Rebranding can be fun. I'm having a hard time remembering what brought me to TSB. I may have started by browsing Blue Emerald and then ended up here. It can be difficult to maintain several different sites, though. You probably have some with really great content or products that I don't even know exist.

    Will Mythion also replace things like Blue Emerald, Imagi, Merlin Power Stones, Puramyd, and others?

    It seems to me that after the Mythion site takes off, this one will be left in the dust. Although, the administration of it could always be passed on to others.

    • Nothing is going to go away. In the world of alchemy production, we're going to become extremely busy (as if that weren't true already, but I'm schooling Mary on the making of some of them, and she's kicking butt). 

      There's no question the Mythion side of things is going to be busy, which means that we might just all wind up hanging there, but I'm all about leaving TSB in place, but under the domain i-zero.one, which would replace thesuperbeings.net. On i-zero.one is where we would contiunue discussions without concern of having to censor ourselves, as Karen points out above, and we can talk freely about what being zero really means, and how that becomes the system of being called Knowingness. 

      Many people reading Mythion aren't going to be ready to find out they don't actually exist, right? We'd probably also de-emphasize, or even throw out, the whole mission thing presently described here. Or maybe reword it. I'm still not sure. But in any case, there'll be readers on the Mythion side that are going to sense that that social network isn't sharing ALL the information, and will want a bigger peek behind the curtain, thus i-zero.one. 

      Make sense?

      The Superbeings
      Reality isn't what you think it is. Come find out what we mean.
      • Yep, makes sense. I started to think you would eventually roll everything up under that one name and we would have Mythion alchemy and other things.

      • Yep, makes great sense...

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