Kara Boniecka has recently graduated the ABS program by visiting Xupra. Her second session is a thing of awesome beauty, with wonderful teachings.

Congratulations, Kara. Give her a shout out!

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Congratulations Kara and welcome. Xupra is always one great adventure after another, full of beauty, love and so much knowledge. Enjoy.


Thank you Doe!  I've found much inspiration following in the footsteps of you and the other ABS graduates.  As you say, the Xupra experience is astounding and I'm learning much day by day..  Looking forward to being part of the group visits sometime in the future.

Well done Kara and a big hearty welcome! 

Congratulations Kara, welcome to the group. I hear raves about your sessions!

Congratulations, welcome to the ABS group. I hear you are quite the expert!

Welcome Kara! I loved your sessions. Congratulations! I loved how you used the session to probe for practical life answers as this is our tool and we can use it how we need it for our life and for our expanding consciousness. You have inspired me too. 

It's really incredible to imagine that we can have such direct access to our Higher Selves.  The ABS Training in and of itself was a marvel, but then going to Xupra.. just wow.  I hope others who may be sitting on the fence about doing the training will decide to jump in too!

Hi Sooz.. I thank you sincerely for your encouraging words that Sunday many weeks ago.  :)

Congratulations. 50 galactic credits have been deposited in the central contruct’s commissary in an account opened under your name.  FYI, I’d avoid the egg salad.

Ah so..  Poké bowl then? 

Living life on the (l)edge.

Awe shucks, It's what a Sister is suppose to do. And I tell you, I did not have time to read any of your sessions yet, but I was awake at 2-3ish last night, and the combination of the new Alchemys and building toward the goal number in the ABS group, I felt a very powerful opening, and Universal Flow felt so strong that I felt as blissful as I have in a long time. I felt your energy Kara. Guess it is a bond that you can't see.Whatever it was was awe for me.

Kara Boniecka said:

Hi Sooz.. I thank you sincerely for your encouraging words that Sunday many weeks ago.  :)

Woohoo!!!! BIG Congratulations, Kara and welcome to the inner-inner circle!

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