Kara Boniecka has recently graduated the ABS program by visiting Xupra. Her second session is a thing of awesome beauty, with wonderful teachings.

Congratulations, Kara. Give her a shout out!

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So my shower is a powerful place sometimes. I had some more insight to my middle of the night experience. So in the shower I remembered how "SURRENDER" was so strong in my field. My question is, Is bliss and Surrender one in the same?

Sooz said:

I felt a very powerful opening, and Universal Flow felt so strong that I felt as blissful as I have in a long time. I felt your energy Kara. Guess it is a bond that you can't see.Whatever it was was awe for me.

Wow!!!  Sooz, that is amazing...

And what a question to ponder.  The mathematician / logician in me is wondering if Bliss and Surrender are materially equivalent.  Put another way, can we have bliss without surrender?  I can't speak from the state of perfect surrender, only as a work in progress, but I suspect the answer is probably not.  And can we have surrender without bliss?  To the extent that our surrender is a work in progress or incomplete, likely yes.  But if we're in a state of perfect surrender, can we be in anything other than bliss? 

I suppose too it depends on what we mean by bliss.

Wonderful...love your sessions and expressions! 

Welcome to our group!!

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!  I'm looking forward to the next group visit.. I've heard how powerful the channel is when many of us go at the same time.

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