First off, this is where you can get it:

Now, let's discuss all our wonderful experiences with this fantastic tincture Mary in her high skill has produced!

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I had the privilege of trying Mary's Cerebra recently. In a text conversation with a friend, I described just some of my first impressions taking this liquid based alchemical product. Here are a few excerpts.

"I'd say cognition and focus did increase. An overall sense of mental clearing... Clearer thinking... Clarity absolutely increased. I experienced a grasp of the moment in greater, finer detail. A greater awareness of what I'm doing and where I am. Definitely experiencing increased mental stamina. An effortlessness to multi-layered thinking..."

Overall, this is a stunning product! The clearing and cleansing on the deep tissue level has been so refreshing! and invigorating! Such a testament to her great effort and dedication to self mastery all these years!

I highly encourage everyone, if you feel guided, to give it a try!

A few notes on personal experience with Cerebra combined with 2Know. 

What is most significant with the tincture is the sense of wellbeing and surety of support. I also notice that I am more inline with I am absolutely where I am supposed to be. When I combine the Cerebra with the 2know, I have the continually increasing knowledge and confidence and any doubt of anything goes away. I have 'beaten myself up" b/c I have thought I should be doing more and being more. Those feelings of doing something else or doing it better or faster goes away. I seems to get more tapped into the collective of what the SB is which is to know what we are here for and to BE that energy for everyone and everything. Lately people want to talk to me and I even catch them struggling for something to say as they feel like they have to say something.  For anyone who needs a mental boost, I highly recommend the Cerebra

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