This forum is for sharing with everyone what you discover in using Puramyd and Meridian Matrix. Anything goes: pain relief, wellness, balance, clearing, body points/nodes, and so on.

As a group we could accomplish a great deal together in understanding the deep psychology and esotericism of the marvelous human body.

Thanks so much.

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Thanks Jason!  Yes, this does make sense.  About the Meridian Matrix, I guess with all the other alchemies I got, I did not remark on the fact that it is amber.  I was not worried one way or the other in any case.

JD Aliix said:

Hi, Christina. If you were in a room with a number of people. First, you'd tell them "these remove all lower density forms and programs that have to go. If you would like that to happen, just say, 'yes, I would like that to happen,'" and Puramyd will start its thing. The volume the smaller ones can process is lower, so they'd be slower. If you had all three of your Puramyds, they'd just function as a single unit, and they would draw out of everyone who said, "I want that to happen," even if you had 100 people in the room.

Does that make sense?

As for your other post, Meridian Matrix is a dark amber color when it leaves our hands.

Christina Jennifer Gross said:

I saw something about being able to use the largest and second largest puramyds to do healing/clearing work on up to 20 people. How is this done?  Are all the people in the same room together and an intention set by the facilitator?  Is the puramyd placed in the centre of the room or passed over each participant?

Beutiful feedback thank you  

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