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@ RRJJ, I'm inclined to keep you going, just to see you write.

I have came into a wonderful awareness lately, one might call it the 'Big One" only to find it's just a start.

Before I was the least lonely on the planet it seemed, Now I know EXACTLY the infinite loneliness and void of which you speak. I honer it as part of the process, just rollin' with it.  

@ Shawn.. dude. Glad I could be that guy for ya.

All the magic is in what we run away from.

I am in utter awe of the capacity of this emotional matrix to conjure the fine states of being that it does. And sadness is not at all what so many assume it to be. But those assumptions function to maintain a distance and dissuade a curiosity preventing further investigation into burdens and weights. Old emotions. Old memories. Basically old gear oil in the mechanism.

If ya want the maximum benefit then see your experiences for what they truly are. Opportunities to interface with software level of your being.

The trick is acceptance. You accept and acknowledge they have the right to exist. Feel it physically. Truly accept them. Feel the animosity like low grade radioactivity as a field simply drop away as a curtain to the ground. Then, being centered, having no judgement, just pure childlike curiosity and innocence and frankly a bit of naiveté enter into the moment as a new born. A spirit just popping in, riding the great tidal flows of the infinite ocean, intergalactic surfer dude. Who knows. You might be shoppping. Driving. Reading a book. Looking into the night sky to the stars. Wondering what they might be wondering, when you pop into a body to take a look around.

See your hand in all you do. Take responsibility for all you see. And all that is your world, your reality. For it is the consequence of your thoughts. Your mind.

And you are an engineer of your programming. You use the very applications you created and as the creator continue to tinker but in this context of a world simulator, you forget you are the creator. Though continue to tinker.

Each experience or trial serves basically to simulate and allow you to experience and interpret and interact with a situation where you will see acceptance and kindness. Or atleast the opportunity for them. You will be taken and shown the space they hold.

And when you are there. When you have sought them out as an adventurer a lover a friend, and you share their space.


Clear. ...

You simply let go. Utterly.

Now, mind you. This kind of process is for the adventurous sort.

Your experiences will transform into epic operas of spacetime. And the jeweled kingdom of the imagination will open to you.

And it's alot of fun. Anyhow I enjoy it. Cheers mate! (Lifts glass)

Hi, sorry i don't normally post on here but i'm at a low point right now. I have taken alkhem and also other ormus before. Just ordered lumin. I feel like i go through these weird changes of counciousness...like sometimes i can be completly in the moment for hours, days, and then i seem to 'snap back out of it' and go back to old habits of behaviours. if anyone else has taken lsd its similar to that in a way, how states of conciousness seems to come in waves almost. sometimes i feel like i'm going crazy. like i'm so in the moment that when words come out of my mouth it just doesn't feel real. its like the words i'm saying are there and make sense to others but it just feels strange coming out of my mouth like i'm just playing along with some game. its not scary in a way its nice but i do get worried that i'm just gonna end up going crazy. has anyone else experienced anything like this? or am i just actually going crazy haha!

I have heard that this happens a lot but RRJJ would probably know more. As to my own experience its the same and I am coming to a point where I can be in both states at once as I am now. Hope that helps.

Hi Caitlin,

Hang in there, you're not going crazy. What you are experience is the mind's way of expressing a dissolving of patterns and lenses. You are releasing mental programs and constructs as well as subconscious memory fields. There can be a sense of discontinuity from the time/space rhythm you were operating on as you phase into a new and more openly conscious, expanded as it were, awareness. sometimes we can experience this physically as being out of phase between what our belief says is reality and what we are experiencing through our senses in the mind. Keep you sense of humor and continue to read the material on the website. Stay tuned in to the site, there are HUGE additions and changes on the verge of being released. Jason's in the final phase of proofing as I write.

I offer you my kindred friendship and support. We are here for you.

As infinite love.  you!


Hi Caitlin,

Yup perfectly normal. And no you're not going crazy, the world just is and you're finally starting to truly see it.

Stay centered. Stay clear.

We are in a delicate moment right now. It's important to maintain Your energy reserves spiritual and otherwise.

The world is changing. It is a power hungry time. Avail yourself of the Chakra cuning and source Code under the tools drop menu. And of course absolutely use SUNSPACE and GSPACE.

The tRuth is this is, in the way that this level of flesh mind can understand, a game. And you are very much so in on it. There is no trickiness to this thought. For this thought says you are responsible and involved on all levels of your current status and the path ahead at all times.

to see these waves of consciousness is a specific phase in your development. And it is associated with the alchemy only in that it has prepared you for the next step. Which is to see your true nature and what that means and how to process that in your current apparent earth bound form.

This is natural. This is normal. Everything is just fine and on track. Keep talking and sharing and

Be observant. Pay attention to your mind. Your thoughts. When and where the thoughts occur. How you feel. Keep mental track of your attitude and when it shifts. What we are looking for are associations. For you to map out your internal self with the "external self" or the world.

Donot judge. only observe.

@ everyone.... and it's a good time to consider jumping into the awareness bilocation system which should be under the mastery drop menu once the updates to the site are complete.

The alchemy has prepared you for the next step. If that is something you want and feel ready for. But you must choose.

In the mean time, congratulations and fantastic to hear!

Thank you guys. Feel recently as well my life has had a complete overhaul. I've started doing yoga, which feels AMAZING and helps me really stay present. Also started eating alot more healthier and losing weight which ive been whinging about for about 2 years haha. But i am going through a bit of a hard time emotionally at the moment, i guess theres nothing i can do but ride it out and see what happens i guess?

Laugh. It cures and salves everything. It is the great lubricating panacea of the all. The fact of the matter is, there is really only one thing you can do, otherwise there simply is no control over anything, and that is let go.

Let go.

In this process, difficulty arises because you are encountering your own beliefs, ideas and thoughts about how it should be. Who you should be. What you were and now what you are becoming. difficulty is predicated on feeling a need to prove or confirm or maintain the current concept of who you are to others. Do you see yourself as fair? As loving? As clever? As a leader who always has the right answer? Does feeling so emotional make you feel humility? Has this process begun to humble you on a way that might make you compassionate to others you will see later who will go through the same process?

Will you be there to assist them when it is time? Will you understand the confusion and frustration because you have felt it yourself? Will you be ready and willing to step forward with acceptance and kindness and reach out to those who might need to hear that they are okay?

This is the process and you are perfectly fine
Everything is planned every thing is in its right place.

What you are feeling now, your search for meaning for understanding, your needs as a baby of the new world we are making together, needing reassurance, feeling the way now so many of us have felt as well, is all planned.

You can choose to laugh and proceed with grace. Though sometimes ALL you can really do is just get through it, so heavy at times are the emotions we have let to fester within, and our system of beliefs, our inherited inner critic honed in the forge of time of the Human species ever whispering in our ear. Not an enemy by any sorts. It's more like an engine designed to keep you locked in the process of creating and storing emotion that will only sicken you, others and so the world.

A voice Shaming us. telling us to remain silent. Or damming us altogether. Again, it's for you to see, to acknowledge, and to release. And acceptance is how. Appreciation of the process. To see the bigger picture.

You've done nothing wrong, this is the early stages of mastery. Mapping your mind, your sense of the world and yourself.

Because your memories, experiences, your emotions and thoughts are all and always were temporary patches of understanding holding the place for true knowledge to come later, true sight and true vision. Knowledge you would not be ready to hear or even embrace until you understood. Because you lived it. You were there.


All the emotions we are taught to avoid or lie about if we have them. To ignore and disregard because we must never seem weak or incapable.
Because we must never fail. Right? You can hear the language of criticism all around coming from everyone everywhere. We have expectations and they have served to distort, distract and confuse.

Because we feel the world is a certain way and that somehow the way the world is ... has nothing to do with our thought and emotions.

But that is the lie.

They are directly related. And causative.
By going through this process you are helping not only yourself but everyone else on the planet and the planet itself.

Because of who you are and what the process you are truly going through really is. for the purposes of our perspective as being sentient creatures running around a game of lifetimes, looking to the stars, wondering if there are aliens out there on other planets, is there a god? We will experience the letting go as the great ice melt of a glacier whose slow process of defeat and release is sped up simply because we don't have the time to allow it to afford it that kind of noble and deliberate passage. And so, emotions can come as a flood. But you will not drown. Instead with glee you will learn to ride the waves. You will surf.

The Harvest of souls for the next world is well under way. The new world is built. And we are here to Shepard the way.

But you can't show a way you don't know. You can't lead the way you haven't already walked. You can't keep the children focused and adventurous to the task ahead if you don't know how to feel nor how to glow the bennolvent balance and center that everything will be just fine and that there is really no need for worry or really any emotion.

Because you know. Because you were first.

They will feel it from you because they feel you in ways you cannot lie to them. And they will know that you know. And when it comes for their time in their tasks they too will know. Because you showed them how.

And this is where that process begins. We are heroes of a sort.

Accept that mantle. Courageous and adventurousness. Like the first european settlers of America.

Greatness is coming, though the waters choppy now, and wearing frowns we worry will there ever be land again against so much water? If you place your hand to the woof ship you can feel only the ocean. And the creaking planks a squeal under the weight. Will there ever be relief? Land?! Exasperated you reach out for help. And so, you learn the lesson.


Yes there will be relief. The course is set and the new world is ahead!

Onward to glory!


Hi Caitlin;  I am right there with You.I have found the last 2 weeks a real roller coaster,lots of stuff coming up and I am seeing at a whole other level.I have seen so clearly perception and the role it plays and how everything is perception and it is based on past experiences but these are getting updated/graded lately,for me this is.Humour has been the saving Grace and I am feeling freer.The chakra cuning here has helped me expand awareness and perceptions.

By being here in this group of beings the support is great.

Hugs Marsha

For the first time....in my association with ALL this....I am only spritzing alchemy.  Feel like this is ALL in anticipation for the next show stopper!  It seems to require this of me.

And the show-stopper cometh.


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