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Does anyone else get slightly unnerved by the idea that this is not real? Everyone here seems so enthusiastic about things all the time but sometimes i feel it can be a scary notion. I watched the film 'the nines' the other night on recommendation of Mary and had taken 2 drops of Lumin beforehand. Wow that film really opened my eyes. But I felt slightly unnerved at the prospect of the fact that I am possibly not real? I dunno, I felt really strange after for a while. Also a bit of loneliness as sometimes this stuff is very hard to grasp for me, other times not so much. But i'm finding it quite lonely as although I know some 'spiritual' people it is not on the same level as this stuff that I feel sometimes. But then i also feel extremely out of my depth on this site as well! I feel that everyone else on the site is brilliant and positive whereas I am really struggling sometimes with this 'awakening' if thats what it truly is...does anyone else feel the same?

roy rios juvera jr. i just re-read your reply you sent me early about feeling emotional. It really resonated with me this time whereas last time it didn't...apart from the bit about being a hero..ha...i feel anything but a hero at this time! 

Hey Caitlin, I appreciate your frankness about what you are feeling. When the illusion that was holding form for us starts to crumble, it may feel like we are losing the support framework of what we believed to be reality. This may cause a deep sense of loneliness and even despair as our sense of security starts to fall apart. When you are feeling like you are grasping to understand all of this, try not to judge yourself. Remember that you are infinite, immortal, omni-universal, beautiful and powerful. That 'little' Caitlin may not need to understand it all, yet, if ever. Remember to trust that your full, real, potent, amazing 'large' self is taking you on the course for you to wake up. A course that has nothing to do with what your small mind may or may not understand. Try to avoid comparing yourself to others, for what you have to offer is unique and is something that no one else can provide.

Many of us have been at this for quite a while - our processes of waking up have their ups and downs too. However, it is our privilege to share with you our own un-learnings with the hopes that we can accelerate yours. And likewise you give to those whose paths follow yours.

We are all in this together. We are gathering here, finding each other as family in this grand adventure. We are part of a huge transition for Terran humans and for this beloved Earth. We are so honored that you are here, now! You have tremendous courage, and your beauty shines brightly forth. Thank you for sharing your radiance!

As love. =i=

And... see with your heart, stay curious, and feel free to ask any of us questions. Your questions help all those who may be wondering the same things but have not come forth to ask. My point in the post above is that if this path resonates with you, trust the guidance of 'your' infinite consciousness.  We are here for you and support you in your journey.  xo

I know this thread helped me. 

Caitlin, I might add this to Molly's fabulous response. It isn't so much that it isn't real. It's more that it's no more valid than the worlds in your dreams. It has no more validity than you yourself are willing to give it, because the entire thing is arranged into an apparent world INSIDE YOUR HEAD. In other words, it's not even there without your senses and brain-programming to make a world out of a sea of raw code. And the number of these continua are infinite in number, and there are millions of them, including Earth, superposed on the version of Earth we are perceiving into being right this second, quite similar but with differences. Those are in slightly different dimensions, and there is another you in most of them, and there are "yous" in all density planes above, and below, this one.

You've heard the old saying/question: "If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

This is almost always misunderstood. The answer is, absolutely not. And the reason for that is because sound is a silent wave. If there is no ear there to receive that wave and send the signals on to the brain for interpretation into what we're programmed to experience as sound, then all there is is an uninterpreted silent wave moving through a sea of uninterpreted data.

And how about this one? This one's fun. If you were to enlarge the nucleus of an atom to the size of a baseball, the orbiting cloud of electrons would be four MILES away. Those electrons are what constitute what we call matter, which is just programming interpreted energy. The important thing to understand about that is with that much space between the nucleus and the electrons, matter as we interpret it is 99.999999999% space, and this includes you, the computer you're tapping away on, and the chair you're sitting in. You're virtually space.

What keeps two areas of configured space, like a chair and a person, from passing right through each other? 


Programmed Belief?

Hey, Shaun. Is there another kind?

Nope.Ha Ha. 

I can say that iv'e experienced a lot of what Caitlan is going through. Staying grounded in nature helps. 

It's a process, it started for me before Superbeings, waking up is hard to do. Feeling love in the fourth Density helps. I hear ya on the loneliness part, before waking up I was the least lonely guy around, I seem to be coming out of it though...It gets better. It is a lot to take at once.

That's a good point, Shaun. The psychic energy mess that most urban and suburban places are put nature at a premium to spend as much time as possible in. The energy is higher, the grounding easier, the clearing work much easier for our alchemy and helpers.

I agree, Shaun and Jason. Even just walking barefoot on the earth in a park or backyard if you can't get out of the 'burbia truly helps.

Hurray!  Looking forward to it..............................ALOT!!!!!!

Jason Davis said:

And the show-stopper cometh.

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