We want to hear your experiences with the alchemy! Please, post your testimonial with everyone and don't be shy!

We’ve all been at the edge of that pivotal moment before delving into the wonder that alchemy is and all it has to offer! It’s intelligent, perfectly safe, and will change your life.

What do you have to say about it?

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Depth - what can I say, street poet has done a good job on describing its effects. 

Other than Wow.  This is one of the most intense experiences I have encountered with Alchemy.

I am calm and smiley.  Awareness of thoughts is so much easier.  There is a calm serenity like moments.

Awesome doesn't do it enough justice!

Ill chime in here with accolades to "Depth".... I effortlessly , almost with out any decision making from little "Thia" transitioned happily into a raw food diet..crave it actually  ( totally stopped any refined sugar and I was a VERY serious chocoholic) barely any coffee (also a junkie in that dept)  ... and delved into a new depth ( pun intended) and level of meditation and yoga practice that also just sort of happened.... a lighter higher frequency  flow of joy, love and and service abound...much gratitude to this one, Jason! 

When I received Depth there was no fanfare, gravitas or visceral connectedness as I had experienced with other Alchemy. It was light, almost ephemeral and sweet. It didn’t let me know it was there, yet like air I breathe, I was aware of its presence... far off. It contains the world, making what I see and experience much clearer, more relatable. There is deep intuition here, something... a timelessness that is a promise not a demand. I love to hold the space it gives me. Thanks Jason!

Depth works in the outer fields, way out there, but in doing so it sort of "presses in" on the inner fields, sharpening boundaries, as it were, making them more coherent. Although it doesn't make the inner fields more dense, it can feel like that's the descriptive term. The result is a centeredness more or less devoid of what is popularly thought of as simple groundedness. This leads to a deep sense of presence both in the body and how this energetic mechanism neurally connects to everything else.

As Thia has discovered, it moves you to your next platform/springboard. If there is anything in the way of that, it will deal with it, and sometimes it won't be peaceful in dealing with it. It will excise it, attack it, flame it up, throw it in your face...whatever. Fortunately for the majority of this close group, most are already pretty clear from previous alchemies and the alchemical metals. 

If you're encountering an unusual quantity and consistency of difficult stretches, just trust Depth knows what it's doing. The light at the end of the tunnel is a brilliant one. This is an alchemical trajectory, by the way, that I can continue to pursue. Anything can be programmed with it.

And also, I'd like any commentary anybody has about it making you more aware, and I mean the entire body and all subtle senses and bodies, of your integration with the simulation energy that is this "reality." That's one of the things this and everything for about the last year are doing to me, moving me closer to spacetime bending capabilities with thought alone. I feel like I'm right on the edge of that, but for all I know it takes another ten years to unfold!

Onward! says I.

Since I started with Depth my dreams have become more conscious. Sleeping is lighter and the dreams more present. I have had a 'sense' for lack of a better word, of being crushed. Not a physical sensation but rather that all of the material of this 3D life is being compressed into denser matter while the essence of what I am is being pressed out. The juice as it were. I am more connected with this essence I am. Part of the compression is that I am more sensitive to sound, movement and texture. The contrast from the density of 3D and this new integrative essence makes it so.

I am being compelled, and desirously so, to do daily yoga, qi gong and walking. I am feeling more creative. I am eating less and moving away from the habit that it's the 'time' to eat or the quantity I am supposed to have. i am more connected to what this body wants and it wants high vibration food. Meat is less of a dietary need so I am releasing that unless my body says otherwise. I have stopped coffee and am phasing out of black tea. 

I am also having opportunities arise that present to me the internal densities that are still lingering. Where am I tight? Where is primal fear lingering? What still triggers a response that moves me out of peace? What am I still attached to? What if? What if I could completely let go? Be utterly detached. I want to. Am I ready to? Depth is guiding me to a deeper and more cosmic connection where none of that even matters because there is nothing to hang on to.

I had included my "Depth" impressions on a different discussion board last Thursday, so am doing a copy/paste on this board to keep it all together for those interested in "Depth."

I received my bottle of "Depth" yesterday, and here's my initial report:

About 20 minutes after taking 4 or 5 drops (I wasn't looking in a mirror for an exact count), I had a feeling of being in a slightly altered state.  This was a feeling of becoming "larger." I was my body plus a lot more in all directions.  Then, the energy center in my head became intense, quickly followed was my heart center that grew and became intense.  Though knowing I am one with All, the feeling that I am one with All took over my entire being.  This was wonderful.  It was Joy, Empowerment, Empathy with everything around me.

Today, I took the second dose (5 drops) and a warm calm came over me.  Interestingly, at work I had to stand up to a man who came into the office and was being verbally abusive. I barely felt myself stand up and face him -- using "the Voice" of power that completely shut off any further nonsense from him. So, being empowered by the "Depth" is not all just rainbows and unicorns, it also allowed me to use intensity in my power as well.  Good to know so that I use good judgment with my actions -- as they seem to be enhanced.

The effects went back to subtle for the rest of the day until I left the gym where I had a good workout.  Doing the physical activity seemed to re-light the alchemy in me. All the way home I was super-charged in that Oneness/Joy again. a "two-fer!" How cool is that?

I'm looking forward to experimenting with maybe a slightly higher dose and meditating to see where it takes me!  I might do that tonight as it's an ion-cleanse night.  Will continue to report as new insights come.

Update:  Only get this amazing alchemy if you don't mind walking around with a "Mona Lisa" smile all day...

Depth observations...

Bringing clarity to remaining pockets of judgement of self or others. Also, polishing of behavior and integrity but also compassion for self. One of the more intriguing aspects has been the empathic highlighting qualities of this alchemy. 

It's like there is a lens and it can automatically zero in on "getting inside of" (while maintaining one's own sense of boundary, it's not invasive in other words) someone's feeling and origin of stance on their own experience. I notice this when I am watching people on Tv shows that are documentary or musical performances that are raw and honest and electrifying. ( Beth Hart OMG.) I find myself in chills or in seconds reduced to an emotional fountain. It's easy to dial into their being, the immense love and story that they are. The intensity can kind of be mind blowing. 

It's incredibly powerful because everything about our media is usually ( on both sides) driven to reduce people to us against them and when I take Depth those medians fall away. I can sense the fear and the reasons which might be quite irrational and yet there and strong.  They become plausible or understandable.

The feelings driving those judgments are compassion inducing.  What's interesting is I can get absorbed in the vehement reasoning they embody. And even if it's a distortion meaning it's not really something that they can recognize as solid truth but as a clear broadcast brainwashing on the end of any political spectrum, I can understand the fear, the anger and the need to be a victim or blame and the smallness as well as the outrage the feeling of being controlled, the need to protect, I can sense the cloaking of agendas, the worry, the desire for freedom of expression and when it's boiled down to those very limbic survival driven places I find out that everyone is just plain terrified.

Constantly terrified from very angle.  AFraid of the unknown. Afraid to die. Afraid of being controlled. Afraid of being obliterated. Afraid of losing their culture. Afraid to walk outside. Afraid of a way of life being taken from them. Afraid they won't make it to heaven. Afraid they are not living up to a standard. Afraid of being punished. Afraid of their bodies. Afraid to die young. Afriad there may be an afterlife after all or a god. Or of coming back. Afraid of disease. Afraid of government.  Afraid of people. People who don't think or look like them. Afraid for their children.  No one is in control of their thoughts.

And because there this is a mechanism of our body- to protect us at any cost from danger from annilation this is the bottom line and no one can see the truth. We are being exploited THROUGH this survival mechanism that was NEVER meant to be a 24/7 state of mind.  But mostly THEY are being exploited as we are at least AWARE that it's true. Most people think they are thinking their own thoughts. I think the way to think your own thoughts is to try on all thoughts and try to understand why they feel that way.

When I see people demand a wall, I see people who are thinking we need to protect what's OURS. We are endangered. LACK. When I see people defend gun rights, they are thinking ultimately, there is a conspiracy at work to take away my right to protect myself and my family. ( probably true sorry and I am no fan of automatic weapons or firearms) When people talk about metoo# or black lives matter they are an oppressed minority that has been silenced and controlled and systematically abused killed and traumatized and the numbness and the dissonance in the wake of survivor blaming becomes a drowning moment and of course that leads to louder shouting and more turmoil.

There are people at the top of these warring sides who are on the same side ultimately and who know they have agendas and are exploiting every angle to get the reaction, turmoil etc. These people are not really driven by fear except for the fear of not attaining the power they need and want for a world under their control. These are people creating the divisions and masterminding them and implementing the trolling that is required.

Getting this behind the scenes view of a neutral and compassionate angle means I am not contributing to the noise the fight and the energy. It's a welcome break and my mind feels much quieter and able to focus on bringing what I want into my own world. Or what the true imagination could dream through me.

Has anyone else noticed this empathic type experience?

The alchemy has opened up deeper ways of intuiting and understanding the life experiences of my self and others. It has certainly strengthened my boundaries and contributed to a better balanced, less reticent, more articulated vision of the world and the people that I see around me. Intuition has become my sixth sense and the hard part is taking it into account,quickly, like I do fight, touch, sound etc. One interesting surprise has been turning to and using the Source Code materials I found in the tools section of this website. The first one had a profound impact on me. It is titled, simply, Source. I first interrupted it as a wild explosion of colours. Then I set with it, closed my eyes and meditated on it and it told me that it was paradigm of life, perfectly balanced, always flowing, and hourglass with the sands of time going through a refining process, with a prism of change in the Center; that in one moment I would find myself on the Apex of my Existance only to sift down through experience, to pass through the fire of refinement, through the prism, to emerge on the top, at the Apex again as the continuous flow of life goes on eternally. I was this in 3D, an endless, timeless, cycle in which all things are included and all possibilities are with One Source. 

Yes Mary, and frankly it's fascinating.

Gods that we are, we are the ultimate game changers through our detached compassion... and amusement. The What If, when utilized as True Imagination (as George says above), "...in which all things are included and all possibilities are with One Source", dreams as us. The noise of the manipulated world becomes white noise that we use as a catalyst for birthing... or a musical drone for humming... True Freedom.

Mary Betts said:

...There are people at the top of these warring sides who are on the same side ultimately and who know they have agendas and are exploiting every angle to get the reaction, turmoil etc. These people are not really driven by fear except for the fear of not attaining the power they need and want for a world under their control. These are people creating the divisions and masterminding them and implementing the trolling that is required.

Getting this behind the scenes view of a neutral and compassionate angle means I am not contributing to the noise the fight and the energy. It's a welcome break and my mind feels much quieter and able to focus on bringing what I want into my own world. Or what the true imagination could dream through me.

Has anyone else noticed this empathic type experience?

Yes, Mary I have definitely noticed this resurgence of empathy which was always there, as part of my past, but has since been covered by hubris, traumas and battle fatigue. I still must be alert to my own desire to pull the trigger of my own judgements, to line up the enemies ideology in the sights of my rhetorical cannons, and blast them with criticisms filled with my own vitriol. But now, in the process of this evolution, instead of an habitual reaction to events and people, there is a pause——- a space of reflection that opens my mind and heart to a deeper understanding of “our” situation. There is a shift taking place. It’s not us vs them, haves vs have-nots, wealthy vs poor, blue vs red... it is still, and always has been WE. Separated by a myriad devices, practices, customs, politics, fears, anxieties, hates, beliefs, envy, greed and prejudices... we are victims of our own thinking and to be free we must have enough empathy to see a little bit of ourselves in everyone else AND a little bit of everyone else in ourselves. To me, this is Love. It is God’s vision seen through our eyes that is being grounded here on earth. That’s what we’re here for. That’s the change I want to see in the world. It causes me to realise that we are the change we’ve been waiting for. Namaste

"What is fear? It's fear of consequences. What are consequences? Experiences. Therefore fear of experiences. Little me labels and thinks I am my experiences. Infinite Awareness is having an experience." (David Icke - paraphrased).

A synchronistic listen I heard today.

A couple of days ago it had warmed up just enough to where it could rain instead of snow and it had been pouring all day. Glad to be inside, I was walking through the kitchen to the utility room when I saw a single starling sitting on the rail of my back porch. It was soaking wet and its feathers were completely ruffled. Pitch black at first glance and still a rainbow of iridescent hues at same time, it turned slowly and looked pleadingly through the glass as if to say, “Please don't make me leave, I've had a really bad day.”

Without disrupting my motion, I gently made a mental connection, said “take all the time you need, you're safe here,” and continued into the other room to do my work. Once there I realized that starlings tend to be social creatures and that if that one was sitting alone, on my back porch, in that weather and not looking all too well, it might be in serious trouble. What would it do?

Before I had hardly finished the thought, I began to hear one of the most beautiful songs that I've ever heard come from nature. New to this area of the country, I hadn't had much experience with starlings and had no idea of their vocal range, but what was coming out of that creature was truly amazing. As I continued to work, it continued to sing and I felt my heart begin to warm on what had been an otherwise dreary day. The beauty and implicit hopefulness of the song made me consider the bird's plight. How could an animal in such distress sing such a beautiful song?

The more it sang the more I found myself truly wanting to help it, but what could I do? I remember thinking “I'm not a bird, no way I can give this one what it needs. But, if I was a bird, I sure would want this one around. You know what? You know what I hope? I hope this bird's song is heard. Heard not just by me but by whomever it really needs to be heard by.” Not a second later, I heard another starling call in the distance.

When I left the utility room, the bird had gone. Though I had only known it a few minutes, I missed that starling. Our encounter had genuinely touched me and though I could no longer hear its song, I smiled deeply, knowing that things had worked out well for both of us.

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