We want to hear your experiences with the alchemy! Please, post your testimonial with everyone and don't be shy!

We’ve all been at the edge of that pivotal moment before delving into the wonder that alchemy is and all it has to offer! It’s intelligent, perfectly safe, and will change your life.

What do you have to say about it?

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Thanks Mary! This will be helpful. 

Mary Betts said:

I would like to include this site here for those that would like to look up by imbalance the correct acupressure points to be treated with their Puramyd. 


Youtube is an excellent resource as well for finding points. Just type in for example headache acupressure point location.

Or something like adrenal gland healing acupressure points.

Yesterday morning I forgot to spray myself with MM, and until I came home for lunch, every little while I got a reminder to get in the frig and have some. It seems that it's working on things that I can't see quite yet, but something in there says "don't forget!"

I had the same thing happen on Sunday! It does remind you to "come and get it" lol

I have noticed different subtle things occurring especially with my PH and my body has been asking for ALLOT more mineral intake. IT is definitely moving something. Much gratitude to Merlin and J&M

My body seems to want it 3 times a day, feels like a food or something for a different part, almost like that part hasn't been fed before, or was really undernourished.

Any thoughts on Meridian Matrix and pets? I have a dog who seems to have a neurological problem - could be something in the spine. Any thoughts from the experts?

Hey ginnig!

I haven't tried MM on my pets and cannot answer that question.  

I have been using a CBD Hemp Tincture for Indeka.  She is about 16years old and has body tremors/spasms/jerking.  The CBD has helped her dramatically.  The product I like best is from this company....


The serum is thinner and easier to measure dosage.  I have some stuff now called PawPuddy.  It works just fine but is thick and hard to measure.  I'm probably giving her more than is needed because of this and I go through the bottle pretty quick.  I give it to her 2-3 times a day.  I just smear some on a bite of bread and she takes it with no problem.

Thanks Shelly! I will check it out. Do you know how many mg you give her per dose or daily? 

I think about 15mg.  She weights 53 pounds.

I recently received the Meridian Matrix alchemy and I know it had a positive impact on my health. I had more energy and overall, I felt calmer. Also, I tipped my head back so I could inhale this mist as it fell over me. Peace Profound. Thanks Jason

G'Day to all

What an incredible ride we are all enjoying over these past few months/years/weeks/days/hrs/minutes, oh yes in the moment that is the best is it not.  How open everything is from that point of reference.  Anyway, just coming off a longer than normal study of life, when ordering my CPCE Alchemy.  Funny as the Alchemy is sitting before me, having not read much about the effects/benefits; just knowing that I was to have this Alchemy for the upcoming group work ahead. There is insightful aspects here, also easier to connect with many energy forms, energy levels are elevated, easier connection to the "high brain functions", feeling in the heart chakra a newer connection.  I am liking this CPCE Alchemy; one days use.  most incredible.  Thank You Jason Davis for this contribution to our collective.  

Hi friends.

I received a nice collection (my first) of alchemy last week, and have been starting to take the Helios gold and platinum every morning. While at the same time a free Kundalini yoga class was made available, so i have been doing that every morning at 6 am for 2-3 hours. This makes it maybe hard to determine what effects come from what, but energies are in motion, that is for sure. My days fluctuate between being centred and full of energy, to being totally exhausted and forcing me into bed for hours in the middle of the day. I have a feeling to switch to the Alkhem in a week or so, and see where that takes me.

The interesting thing I wanted to share however, is the first night I got the package of alchemy, I placed them in my room and at about 11pm I went outside in the garden. Suddenly I notice a couple of seagulls flying in an unusual pattern over me. Before I knew it they were joined by many more, and within a few minutes there was a vortex of gulls circling the house, seemingly focused on where my room is. I would estimate about 30 birds, and they were going quite nuts – screeching and diving around my room and the garden.  I have never seen this behaviour from gulls unless there is a pile of fish lying around, which there certainly was not. An intense energy was in the air, and later I looked up the symbolism of seagulls, and interestingly enough it speaks of liberation, freedom and courage to go into the new and unknown. I will take this as a good sign :)

I can also add that since taking the alchemy, birds in general are much more noticeable to me, both the sounds and the sight of them. They seem to pop into my awareness all the time.

Thats all for now.

Have a great day!

– Magnus

WOW.  Magnus this is a very nice intro' with the Alchemy.Looking forward to more recorded feelings and observations.

The Kundalini Yoga exercises are themselves very rich and rewarding. From my personal experiences, the Alchemy working on the energetic levels do help to stimulate at the cellular level thus triggering responses.   Cheers   

Magnus Haga said:

Hi friends.

I received a nice collection (my first) of alchemy last week, and have been starting to take the Helios gold and platinum every morning. While at the same time a free Kundalini yoga

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