Hi, new here.
Last year my nephew grew sick with what appeared to be radiation poisoning. We deduced this after much research as the DRs in whose care he was in could not diagnose him. I had been working on a probability graph to use to count the stock market at the time, it worked and this frightened me as I realized the implications of applying this knowledge for gain, it only produces chaos. I realized that this was a mathematical interpretation of the Tree of the knowledge of + and -, how the mind works really. With a sick nephew and a graph that can be used to determine Everything if given the correct data the decision was to use it to determine the root cause of his sickness. We labored in our research and causality was revealed. The mine next to his house made some mistakes, the waters were bitter. Rather than make a big fuss we decided getting our boy healed was more important. This uneducated One had to become a polymath and quickly. The boy was suffering, lips and tongue pealing, fever eyes puffed out and the DRs were clueless.
β- , you know, the bees with teeth... root cause of cancer. We needed to figure out how to get β+ And to do so one would need to understand “What is the universe?” Where do the particles go when they disappear and from where do they appear?

Gravity we know G
Matter we know. Α
Energy we know. Σ
Magnetism we barely know. Ω
Time which is not Θ
Fidelity what we perceive Φ

Yet here we are, something divided by nothing. That source from which all things are given form, the only conductor of all electrons. Giving all matter shape, ordering though wavelength. The Alpha that is also the Omega, the good old iron magnet.

I needed to make a device that would amplify and the magnetic field, hmm. I’ve always loved guitar pickups. I grabbed some iron, coated it with epoxy (although later realizing hydrocarbon tree resins would increase voltage). I wound the rod with copper and placed neodymium magnets on both side and boom static e was tangible across the rod. This would be enough to provide the children’s bread we needed so long as we had a capacitor in which one could become part of the current. A battery of iron, copper epsom salt water in a bowl and magnets stuck all around the outside of the bowl. It dawned on me that this is how the One washed the feat of others.
The child held the rod as he stood in the electrolyte. He is healthy and hasn’t had any problems sense.

So yeah, the Bible is about electrons not authoritative religious garb and Moses was a freaking genius. Now I drink the magnetic flow of wine and eat the electric bread it produces. I found the formula for this children’s bread rod in Genesis 2, although I only made 1/2 of the rod for my nephew. I did not add the second rod or split the river so to speak. I didn’t want to fry the kid by magnifying an already overspun rod.
Rev. 12 has some interesting designs for magnifying, collecting and directing electrons in a static field. It literally has the correct order and operations of electricity. Using those free electrons that we swim in and breath, that bread, these stones that the builder refused. We never needed to burn or turn, why use electromagnets that consume and create desolation and β-. Why not rather use that which at rest, powers the entire universe.

This is my story, your story, history. Now go and heal yourselves and thank you for the platform and it’s users....

bronze, gold, copper, iron
Frankincense resin
Electron holes
Sound waves
The stones, how the love the ground.
Ionic bonding
The movement of a proton
Speakers, mics and pickups

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience. Reminds me of foot baths. So you put your nephew in a charged bath? Still unclear how it heals exactly. 

Currently the Siemens Corp has an ultrasound machine that they direct a beam of sound at tumors. Tumors wither because of this but that’s is only working locally and doesn’t deal with the root. (I.e washing the outside of a cup). By making oneself a part of dc circuit ordered with these elements that prefer a + charge flow it will couple the entire body with all of the frequency picked up by the (rod/pickup) adding a sound oscillator like a bowl, bell anything that vibrates air or magnets (iron). Any frequency.... it will cause intense waves of natural electricity frequencies across and through the body, vibrating all the particles of ones being in to shape (so to speak). I’m not a dr but I know this works and is somewhat in practice. A DR in Texas is doing this with a machine That you have to plug into a wall to use, he calls it proton therapy. He is right, electricity moving in this direction when coupled with a saltwater/iron/copper/gold will create proton movement if the iron gets permanently charged In a +1 or more electron hole because when hydrolysis occurs an H+ ion finds its way home. The bonding that occurs leaves a place for a new proton to appear. The very science of creation...
in this current a magnetic and electrical polarity reversal occurs within the human bod. We think of pole reversal as N becoming S but it’s actually that the outside of the currents become the inside. Imagine your blood vessels, blood (iron) moving through the center of your blood vessels. By reversing this polarity in such a way the blood then streams along the outside walls of the vessels. Heavy metals that once were settling inwardly on your cells are now pushed outwardly and carried away as one purges. This is a baptism of blood and fire some might say. The salt water is very attractive to those nasty elements. In this way we wash not only the outside of the cup but the insides as well.

I’m just a fool who asked to many questions of the universe, please know I may not be using the correct scientific terms as one might properly expect. Have mercy on my poor attempts of the translations of 3500yr old fragmented data. Neither am I belittling or challenging ones religious views. I realize that I come off narcissistic, I am often that. I really just want to give what I know away. Thanks for the interest

Ohhhh Kaaaaay. Cool. That helps a bit. And don't worry about the technical terms. I am gonna look up that doctor. People are doing so many cool things with old wisdom. 

Again, I love learning this stuff cause it just opens all kinds of avenues for thought. I did not realize this was in the bible but you know there are so many "ancient technologies" that are being rediscovered and people think it's all new stuff. Thanks for adding to my research and knowledge base. 

You are so very welcome.

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