Do you produce art, dear friends?

If so, feel free to post it. 

I write poetry

I tried making it into a rap, but it didn't work very well, I seem to have an odd sense of rhythm: here

I also play the lyre-harp, which admittedly is a cheap yet very fun instrument, makes a very gentle companion and always lightens the atmosphere! Interestingly, the ancient Greeks used their harps to induce astral projection and healing!

I'm considering buying dizi/xiao, which is a bamboo flute, as inspired by this. Every part of the world seems to have its own reed flutes and it's very magical; archaic yet romantic. In fact, refined ears seem to appreciate them a lot, from Tchaikovsky (here) to Rumi (here)

I also have a cheap midi controller/keyboard and I'm learning to compose my own music on Fruity Loops 10, but I have a lot of things running on the background and thus, don't contribute much time to play around with this particular thing.

If you're artistically inclined and want to share a piece of your soul, then help yourself! Let's get to know each other! :D

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Your creativity and wordplay is beautiful!

I have also some poetry of my own, will share it later this week :D

Here's a beautiful beautiful music by sir Ghorbani it is called ''Mast o Kharab'' which is a Persian sufi poetry:

If you want to enjoy the full concert:

I must say that in this concert the lady is singing in Arabic language. A beautiful fusion between Arabic and Persian 

Me sharing my chants will however take me quite some time still to share. When the time is ripe!

Thank you!! :D

I hope I get to read/listen to your work as well!

Wow man, 'Mast o Kharab' has a unique intensity, I admire how religion becomes a celebration and spiritual themes are given in such a way! I hope that meaning can still be discerned despite the song's somewhat fast pace. :) 

Dena said:

I have also some poetry of my own, will share it later this week :D

Me sharing my chants will however take me quite some time still to share. When the time is ripe!

Oh man. That's good stuff. Very classical but modern at the same time. I am digging it. It may not work as raps but it still seem to be very musical and flowing and I should like to hear it put to music. Well done!

I had no clue that lyres were used for astral projection! I wonder if there is something hypnotic about them that encouraged that?

All around cool shares Paisios and Dena!

About the lyre- astral projection thing: This is not considered 'canonical', rather it is an interpretation derived from observations of the architecture of ancient shrines: They had been mirroring the cochlear structure which is seen to reverberate all sounds produced locally (even included waters beneath the surface as in the vestibular system). There was a small room in the center of the building with a trapdoor, where the neophyte would be put inside, while several lyre players would begin playing their tunes and this is hypothesized to trigger certain brain frequencies (theta) that are akin to 'emanation'.

The Binaural tunes, are likely a modern incarnation of such effects, as exhibited by Robert Monroe. However, in this case, you do not have a full body exposure to the sound which may or may not be as effective.

The ancient Greek's knowledge over the nature of sound is found all over in myths and historical figures like Pythagoras. There are some interesting physics behind permeability, but nothing that I've looked in great detail that could be considered of value. Perhaps, if sound is capable of creating the conditions of superconductivity, it would be a different story.

Here's something similar to what you posted:

Eastern traditions are very sympathetic to the Greek heritage, I'm unaware if this is due to ideas about the characteristics of the Ainu people, the original inhabitants of Japan were Greeks from the 'first ages', who were quite different from the modern Japanese, exhibiting European features:

As far as I'm aware, there were others who proposed Greek diaspora from the first ages as the original inhabitants of their countries, Britain's Celtic people for example exhibit A LOT of similarities to Greeks,e.g: Druid-ism, being related to Zeus' holy tree, δρύς -dris - oak , the priestesses of Zeus practised 'wind-hearing' as it passed from the Oaks and could claim divination, she was a Δρυίδα, dri~ida... See what I mean?  I also found out that amongst the first names given to Great Britain, was a Greek one, Albione.  There's also a neat origin story that ties to it. 

There's many things arising from the classic literature about the interaction of the Vedic traditions directly with the Greek pantheon, juxtaposition even, but I'll leave it at that. For those interested, look up the Dionysiaca.

Mary Betts said:

I had no clue that lyres were used for astral projection! I wonder if there is something hypnotic about them that encouraged that?

All around cool shares Paisios and Dena!


Moonfull blithely bleeds passion in white
clouds sail before, then lost in night
Her wizened face, now made clear
meaning in tones too faint to hear

Floating she in her liquid domain
carelessly lighting Arabesque terrain
Contours of dunes all shadows and light
aloof mistress devoid of Earthbound sight

The Djinn's quiet bells - darkly they dance!
desert caravan's vigil, little left to chance
Voices enchanted in the wind concealed
wants overpowering this night to be sealed

Desert spirits whirl whisperingly about
a thirst for creation's liquids gushing out
Look, fire and water in union there!
Let's go see what they're about to share

A tent's flap blown forcefully aside
a woman's hushed voice, now aloud cried
Moonfull glances their bodies in gray
all motion and union and ecstatic play

Her body delicious amongst the damasks
sensual oils dripping from a hanging flask
Sandalwood he licks from beneath her throat
with abandon they fly toward infinity's mote

His toes digging into the desert sand
into his hair she roughly entwines her hands
A hungry ache, tongues sliding together
eyes wide open, each reflecting the other

Listening palms sway with nature's breath
sand from dunes' lips spin aloft and drift
Moonfull shimmers in an oasis pond
creatures nocturnal scuttle before dawn

Our lovers' breath now heaving in gasps
organs of ecstasy probe divinity's hasps
Her crying girl's voice, a sound so sensual
his hoarse huffs revealing his inner animal

The torrent condenses, thirsty to complete
water and fire blend to become wet heat
With power too volatile to be contained
sea's volcano beneath erupts unrestrained!

All Nature screams intent to conceive!
rapturous union within seed's sheath
Children of clay stripped naked for the call
benign watery Moonfull smiling with All

Bodies shuddering, locked in embrace
a flaming Sun's rising yet to be faced
Sleep soon follows, sink they into dream
night's dry warmth becomes twilight's cool steam

Blue sapphire heaven, bright stars gently thrill
moment between moments, it is all so still
Sleepfully seeking closeness, her body shifts
his brief waking so grateful - she is a gift!

Replete Moonfull sinking to the West
Sunlight light blooming there, in the East
Sheen of pale yellow now floods the calm land
sky turquoise, footprints vanish in blowing sand

Killing it or how to escape depression

( found in the coat pocket in the goodwill scribbled on a napkin and in red sharpie) 

Some say It is the last wet match 

Some describe it as drowning

I say it is a botched carving 

A distortion you can’t unsee

Our biology is cleverly built 

Plasticity east or west

All one has to do

 is focus their eye upon it

Gaze intently to repetition 

It is done

To speak of dolor as darkness 

in the induced descent is incorrect

 this wide empty steppe

 is not a merciful black 

Nor grey grass waving 

It is an eternal edge 

A flat white monotony

It is not the emptiness 

 of a vase from which all life could spring

It is the relentless emptiness of 

a factory overflowing with mannequins


under layers of rot

medieval peasant preserved

In a putrid bog

 skin hangs loose around my neck. 

 I lean into the mirror 

of a blank face

On the other side of the mirror is reality

Oh there I am killin it

I am breaking open

I am a hero 

I am transmutation

It is true I have never passed this way before 

In a boat in the flat white sea

maybe I could slip into the water and become it

but you can’t navigate in whiteness

You have no gps

So here is what you do:

You have to make ink from a little bit of your blood and spit

And paint your way out a map on the canvas sail

You must draw sigils on the face of the water 

you exalt using your words as sculpture

You have to pretend a door over and over 

 until it appears and then you walk out

Just like that. 

Writing about romantic intercourse in such a vivid manner is truly generous to the mind!  

The poem is very well written! 
JD Aliix said:



Well thank you, Kind Sir. That was a fun one to write. I'll post more. I don't want to hog it all, besides which, I seriously think Mary is one of the most brilliant poets on Earth. Let's pump others for their work! How about my other art form? Here's a shot from a few days ago.

I don't mean to derail the thread but, considering the quality of information you have consistently posted here and your infatuation with space and occultism, I feel like I need to ask you this:

Why did the ancients deify planets and star clusters?

I see this theme in  many religious paintings.

Da Vinci's Salvador Mundi points to the Sirius cluster, (0.44 Light Years away btw) 

Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam appoints Orion to the place of God

See, there are implications behind this choice, I subscribe to the belief that Suns communicate with each other, to the point where one could create the conditions for a creation of galaxies further away, it must have to do with the capacity to transmute matter into higher and lower states. 

Some modern Cathedral Churches continue to appoint Orion to the place of God 

Could the creator and perhaps sustainer of our galaxy belong to the Orion constellation? I dunno,but I believe it's interesting to talk about, because this essentially means that on all levels, existence occur on the merit of matter transmutation, our beingness on Earth, the creation of Planets and Suns.. There's a specific branch of plasma physics that would permit the creation of such a system but it has no true 'unified model'.

For those interested, the following concepts are enough to get your mind thinking about such a postulation:Birkeland currents, Z pinches, Marklund Convention

In the Mutilation of Uranus, the placing of the bodies and lines seem to denote something way deeper. I'm sure the ancients speak about the interactions of stars through their myths, an explanation which seems to escape our modern understanding.

I have always thought that tracing the motions of the celestial bodies allowed one to gauge their levels of interaction with the human subtler bodies, changing personal expression. Perhaps it could be that those stars interact with the planet directly or indirectly through the Sun. 

Anyone who could see into the astral/noetical realms would probably identify those influences as deities... but I don't understand why they would 'deify' them, when they most likely had a robust idea of what God is and where such a Superconsciousness lays. 

JD Aliix said:

Let's pump others for their work! How about my other art form? Here's a shot from a few days ago.

I don't know the answers to your questions but I can speculate based on personal experience. They are fun to ponder though. 

So to deify is to make something divine. 

The planets, galaxies, stars and nebulae are absolutely mega personalities. I don't know how exactly the ancients communed with them, like how they met them. Were people just more connected with the natural world then we are today?  Were they using oracles or meditations or even astral projection to come to know these sky deities?

There is an occult ritual that comes to mind. It's called the Arbatel. This is serious ceremonial magick ritual involving fasting and intense mental preparations. I enjoy this blog by this gentleman that wrote about his experience doing this ritual. The ritual invokes the essences of these planets like Venus. He would have this intense experience with them and I remember understanding his connections and mystical communions with them. 

In this example I will post his communion with Sol.  I think these incredible large ancient beings are intelligent and even teachers and they have an effect with their gravity on our own geometry and life experience. Everything being linked through those invisible mathematical tethers of subtle relations, these archetypal aspects and colors of our world. Here is the observation of the ritual of Och the sun. 

I can actually understand the deification of the sun as it gives us life, food, and warmth. The others are more mysterious. Is it an origin for some? A memory? A way to stay connected?

Now about the others the star clusters the planets. We gaze at them live with Jason's scope, camera and TV. Their energy and being is astonishing flowing from the large TV screen to our eyes and right to our solar plexus. They are alive and awesome.  Life force. Magickal. Confounding. They are ancient and wise. Poetry flows from them.  "Behold me I am Hercules!'  Their scale, their beauty disarming. You can stare at them for a long time and drink them in and still see new things and they know you are looking upon them. Is it worship? Is it deification going on? I don't think so, but maybe to an outsider it would look like that. Maybe that is a distorted understanding of that. Assigned importance. The thing is is that they left something out. While you honor them they can honor you too. 

When I am hooked up with them, it's like a kind of nourishment. A galactic friendship. Sometimes a sense of home is felt. A longing. A call. A knowing but what do you know?  You can't explain it. It's mysterious. Something that big would have to have an energy like that. All those stars. So much energy! Maybe it's just my imagining and if it is it's no less amazing. 

It's like hearing a language and you don't know how to speak it but you feel it in your blood. Like you get it. Sometimes though some are just exotic and beautiful and others colder and maybe even strange and terrible. Giants. thousands of light years across. 

Orion.  A few years back I read a book called The Prism of Lyra and it was channeled info from a Pleidian being named Sasha and this being went into some very very deep galactic history through her channel Lyssa.  Orion featured heavily in that galactic history. And it suggested that the movies like Starwars were actually just kinda disclosures about ancient bloodlines and beings here on this planet are even now playing out millenia of conflicts in new stories of lives incarnated on newer planets like Earth etc.  Orion and the horrors that took place in that constellation have come with us in our gestalt.

I don't take it too seriously, it's all a story no matter what but I guess it could explain the fascination of it with the ancients and how it shows up in culture and art throughout time. The Great Pyramids lining up with Orion's belt etc. It's got such gorgeous nebula to look at in that system. But I get an odd sense when looking upon it.

 To connect with something in the heavens and it's  so large and shining, captures the imagination I understand why they were deifying them. It's immediate and while far away by distance accessible by sight and they are trackable. I don't know what kind of hierarchy of understanding of the divine they had. Was God not expressing itself through creation itself in the form of planets? Maybe it was a closer link somehow to a larger divine presence? Something less abstract and impersonal? 

The person whose rites you referenced has the right idea, I believe its within the nature of EM waves to send informational packages across crazy distances but the wavelengths would be in incredibly low frequencies( yet travelling at the speed of light). Interestingly, since the planetary bodies are locked into gravitational flux to their Sun, it is likely there's additional underlying interactions that would change the EM- radio wave expression,  so, it is likely that when one 'listens' to a galaxy, the radio waves derived would vary according to the number and density of the planets therein, kinda like how Pythagoras proposed in the first musical scale; one note may be more pronounced than others and thus, the state of that particular system may be estimated. There are additional components that appear to be missing in our understanding of planetary nuclear physics that would instigate explanations about how galaxy-wide interactions affect planetary cores, so, it may take a while for astrology to be admitted as a valid science.

To remain relevant, here's Pythagorean Music of the Spheres by a man who dedicated his entire life into deciphering such : _ 

I reckon a strong seer might see infront of them, a meta-god of an entire galaxy, whose character might be a manifestation of the effects of the EM radio wave package received from that point in space. Wildly fascinating. Perhaps strong seers conversed with those meta-gods, perhaps others used the influence of the interaction to supercharge themselves. 

This isn't just in the case of the pyramids, other structures are linked with similar cosmological events, the solstices were highly valued in this regard, the planet must have needed it. 

I do feel that the EM waves reach us in the form of sound, the earth's core must change its own frequencies accordingly to the planets' influence being projected unto us. This must have implications on human physiology (possibly our heartbeat, since it beats according to surrounding rhythm)

When you lock eyes with someone, you enter a mini-trance, seemingly in a conversation with what's behind those eyes... I think its the same case with the stars. Attention is an information inquisition device and it seems that some (additional) information does indeed become attracted to the observer. I once was talking about star constellations and pointed to a particular star and I saw the star wink at me right at that moment and a friend saw it too, so cool!

Looking at the moon, I see a vibrant light blue crown, I don't know if its a case of Blueshift, but it's uniquely magical! :)

Mary Betts said:

I don't know what kind of hierarchy of understanding of the divine they had. Was God not expressing itself through creation itself in the form of planets? Maybe it was a closer link somehow to a larger divine presence? Something less abstract and impersonal? 

hey guys i released 2 tracks

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