Hello all,

I have a friend/teacher Jeff who is a pretty potent healer and he uses a very special c60 blend to do his awesome healing work. He is good friends with the inventor of this particular variety of C60  who is named Peter (a protege of the original inventor of c60) who is the in the fascinating hour long presentation below.

The availability of this product is often scarce and because the raw material is more precious than diamonds and the production is also incredibly expensive so this product it is hard to come by. It is a phenomenal product and one I have benefitted from in my own healing path. Disclaimer: No one is making any money off of this, this is primarily a service announcement for the benefit of maintaining health. ( NO MEDICAL CLAIMS)

Jeff recently came into access to a treasure trove of C60 vape pens which are EXCELLENT for treating the respiratory/circulatory illness of you know what. It can be used as a protective measure against any infection like that and also as a spiritual tool. It can induce bliss from what I have seen although I would not use any spiritual tool just for the purpose of chasing a common high. 

My friend contacted me to ask if I knew of people who may want to take advantage of this opportunity to acquire it.  But I am going to estimate that this medical grade vape unit with the C60 cartridge will cost at  $175.00, so please budget around that price. It should last a single person a long time but if the whole family is sick with the you know what flu it would last maybe a week. Get at me before this opportunity it gone.

Contact me at marybetts@blueemeraldalchemy.com or text me or call me at 801-874-6243

Important information on how it works:



A presentation on the product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0VZMRdCE8E&t=2364s

 Here is Jeff's personal video using the vape pen as a testimonial


Thank you! 

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Hi Mary

I'd be interested. But I don't  vape. Are there any options available. 

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