Hi everyone, I'm Dave and I have been on the path to self-mastery for a few years now after a mind-boggling experience, and I recently discovered this website by researching for ormus. Ive spent hours reading everything on this site. All the products and the info blew my mind. I'd like to connect with you guys, know more about you and your experience in this community or with the Blue Emerald alchemy products. 

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Hey whats up Dave

please boggle my mind with your experience! Im curious 

Like many other people, I was working a 9-5 and became very depressed. I felt like I was living a non-sense. That the collective reality was so fake, yet everyone acted as if it was normal. I was not spiritual or religious at all. But I was seeking answers.

My life was such a mess. If there was a God, he was laughing at me. Eventually, I realized that all the negative things happening to me couldnt be coincidences. It was simply mathematically impossible. But I kept becoming more depressed and one day, I just couldn't take it anymore.

One day, I just asked God to save me. To tell me what to do because I just couldn't keep living this way. And I suddenly receive a thought. "reprogram your brain". My guess is my higher answered.

I started looking into this online and suddenly, in one moment, everything clicked and I experience something very hard to describe. I realized so many things about myself, about life, about the universe, etc. Like a big download. And at the same moment, I felt this huge energy release. All my fears, my pain, my regrets, were all released. As if I was resurrected. 

Then I decided to meditate for the first time, I think a day later. I felt half asleep and I woke up feeling this ball of fire in my upper back. Something so powerful and strange. I had read about Kundalini during the day so I knew what it was. Then for 2 weeks, I was in a state of euphoria. I still had a tingling feeling in my spine, and a pressure on my forehead for 2 weeks. h state of euphoria was the most beautiful thing Ive ever felt. And that's when my spiritual journey started...it has ups and downs, but I know that it is the most important thing for me. 

What about you? And may I ask if you have tried ormus or blue emerald alchemy stuff?

Jakub Faist said:

Hey whats up Dave

please boggle my mind with your experience! Im curious 

Love it! Way to go!

Yes, I have tried most of the alchemy this site offers at some point or another, and a couple others that are discontinued now. I was on a spiritual path not unlike yours before I started taking alchemy and I can only vouch for it. It definitely sped up my progress, made me more clear, stable, calm, widened the conduit to my higher selves and I could go on forever. Basically whatever it says in the describtion is simply spot on. There was a point in time not a long time ago, where I was taking solid doses of multiple alchemies every day, as these were times of rapid expansion for me, and I was simply doing it, because my intuition was putting my attention there. These days, I usually take a drop or two of whatever I feel like. I like to keep my nervous system lit up by gold and platinum, and my body healthy with coloidal silver. 
I used to be miserable, depressed and always exhausted guy, addicted to my own drama and afraid of crowds and honestly, when I look at it now, I was scared of my power. It got to a point now, where I can travel to incredibly fascinating places and meet even more fascinating beings and have conscious contact with them, while sitting in my living room. lol. I consider some of them my very close friends now, they obviously have been near me this whole time, but I had no idea. Too focused on this illusion we came here to perceive.

That you got to this site is no coincidence - as you put it, there are no coincidences, its just math (which is just our way of explaining cosmic rules)
Go ahead and dig in, you wont regret it.
I suggest to go easy first and adhere to the step by step plan, it will serve you nicely and by the time you get to sri yantra, your whole existence will be transformed from the ground up.

Thanks for your reply. I have been trying to get in touch with other beings and make friends from higher realms, or contact angels or spirit guides, just like you described. So far, I have struggled with this, even though I know they are there.

Traveling to these places like you described would be such an incredible experience. Is this something you can achieve because you took these products? 

I want to accelerate my spiritual ascension and this has been my intention for awhile; I also see that being on this site is not a coincidence. When I read the description of these products, it seems like true alchemy & something very powerful. I have spent a whole evening reading everything. I hope they can have a similar effect on me as they had on you.

There are so many products, it's hard to choose. I saw a page that says to try specific ones in a specific order, so I thought about doing this. I also saw products about money and stuff like this, which I thought was pretty interesting.

If you have any other recommendations or advices, that would be greatly appreciated

Anyone can achieve what I do, it comes more naturally to some people, but everyone can learn how to do it. And its actually so simple, you wouldnt believe me if i told you now. Alchemy definitely helps speed up the process and helps you get clearer, which is by far the most important thing. Clear body, clear mind, that means a calm mind which is crucial in everything you do, doubly so when it comes to these practices. Its impossible to talk to anyone if your mind constantly shoots random thoughts at you.

There is a step-by-step tab in the menu on the emerald alchemy page, start with origin and work your way up. I can also recommend helios gold and platinum, they help tremendously to light up your body and make you more sensitive. Also purazyme to detoxify your body, its incredible.

To be honest, when I first came here, descriptions of alchemies seemed a little too good to be true. I was sceptical. Honestly - theyre even better. Its mind boggling.

shoot me a message if you need anything

Yes, I believe calming the mind is one of my challenges. I practice meditation but I feel like I struggle to find that deep feeling of silence, where I could receive information.

And you're right, the descriptions of alchemies seem pretty crazy, but if they can ship to Canada, I will definitely try. 

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