Came across your website and ordered the wet gel and powder of both Sri Yantra products I used them both and it's been a few days since.

I keep getting a weird ringing in my ears but not like tinnitus. It's like it is almost too quiet to hear you have to kinda listen for it but its definitely there almost non stop just more noticable in the quiet. Its low in sound but high in vibration hard to tell if it's coming from the room or almost inside my head but that wouldn't make sense.

Have any of you experienced it and do you know why pls.

Currently doing a separate chakra course who advise the ringing could be other beings but not sure how to get more insight or connection if so.


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The nearest thing I can describe it too is the vibration or frequency of it is like a field full of grasshoppers

The sound is good for you :)

It is attuning you to the fabric of creation the Sound of God. Beethoven heard a variation of the celestial sound and he tried to translate this in his classics. It gets better if you go to a quiet place, sing the HU mantra, and listen.

Any sound exists because of just one original sound. The HU is said to be the closest to the unspeakable sound in this side of creation. Try it :)

Thanks for replying.

I listened to a Hu sound on youtube. Then I remember I read somewhere in the posts to put your tongue against top back of teeth while doing it. It makes the sound perhaps more sharper or crystal like but feels like it's coming clearer more the right side of inside my head like above my ear. The more I practiced the hu sound makes my voice sounds almost different. Have to say its freaks me out a bit not scary just all so new to me and to be honest I dont understand what to do with it if anything or if I will go away it's almost constant.

Any help advice to knowledge is appreciated.

Thank you
For anyone interested I noticed the sound start about 5 hrs after taking both Sri Yantra products. I took both felt a kinda sensation in my throat for about 30 mins and went out for a few hours when I got home it was quiet and I noticed this sound constantly. When I am busy or with people I can kinda sound it out but it doesn't seem to go away. Maybe if I stop taking the product for a few days it will, maybe I should try that.

Thank you

Hey Clare,

You do not need any austerity and such mechanics when singing HU. All you need is to come with a loving heart by focusing on love...your dog, spouse or any event that had brought joy to your life in the past will do on "coming with love". 

What you may experience range from being flooded with intense love, seeing bright and scintillating lights, hearing sounds and even experiencing an explosion of your awareness that you could accumulate vast information in seconds. It is limitless what you may experience.

Its: Love in your heart and attention in the Spiritual eye once again. No directing anything or willing things around. Its simply an appointment with this force we call Love...

Awww that is beautiful Simon. Thank you.

I will def go and try this several times over the next few days and see what happens as it's not going away.

Just was not expected and just wondered if anyone else experienced the same with the Sri Yantra products.

Thank you for your insights and wisdom.

Hi Clare,

Jason has had tones in his ears for literally 20 something years. So it is VERY common especially with ORMUS or M-state like products.  People can get those sounds that are not using those products but just  have high vibration energy.  Jason just got used to them. I experience them from time to time as a short episode in my ears. It sounds like a low grade static and then a higher pitched whoosh that is very thin and high will escalate until it levels out. It lasts no more than a minute for me. I have heard of that it can be caused by too much ear wax as well. 

Hey Mary,

I appreciate your reply it just came on about 5 hrs after taking both products. Never really experienced its before. The HU sound made it even more noticeable. I have had nearly 3 days off both products to see if it will go away and it is still there but not as continuous now.

I will go back on the Sri Yantra products. I want to take them over time to really experience them. I just didnt expect to hear such a prominent frequency or so soon. Just took me by surprise.

Really appreciate all your advices. I also really want to try IMAGI but will get more familiar with how I feel on Sri Yantra first

A friend of mine wrote this article I discussed with him how Imagi could also be beneficial thanks to playing with images in a fun a creative way have positive effects plus you put your own light codes into what you create. Multiple aspects of benefit.


Thank you

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