Hi, i need help. maybe where ever you are, this will resonate with you. let's see.

So, here's my objective. I'm starting a company. really, a non-profit. a 503c.

I'm a creative, idea man. I get tons of them. constantly. but, i'm not an experienced businessman. at least, not yet. i'm in way over my head. i need help.

I'm gonna sell t-shirts and later hoodies with images and other clever sayings that will be portals to flow high level code to whomever wears them and to whomever is around the clothing. i will also be selling juva to the general population. and later, expand to other products. mostly clothing. but also, i've spoken with Mary to eventually enlist her various talents, to become a store front for her many ingenious efforts.

i'm talking about her tonics and other product and clothing ideas.

Is this about making money? sure. but the aim is to donate the profits to organizations promoting green and sustainable goals and technologies. What's in it for me? Well it frees me up financially. allowing me to travel and expand my reach and continue my various mission related objectives. And what are those? basically, talk and share ideas, to touch people and communicate the ideas we discuss here, but in a way that the common man can digest.

What's in it for you? i'm open. really. hit me up.

anyone interested in any way with this project or just wanting to comment or offer insight or wanting to participate in any way that feels appropriate are welcome to post below!

Thanks, appreciate your time reading this!


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Guess JUVA Really wants to get out to the general population.  I have had almost exact same "calling"  for weeks and could just cut and paste your "I am not a business person" etc. bit here.  so ditto :)

I moved to the desert about a month or so ago and found out some friends of mine here sell some of their wares every week at a local weekend fair.  Ever since hearing this JUVA has been gabbing away at the front of MY mind (not subtle at all) for me to set up my shop.  Ha!

JUVA is ready.  Am I? :)

Hi Chance
Several years ago I wanted to start a Tshirt business using the designs from source code-- I was thinking about an alchemy for the fashionistas--- ( smile) I found a very informative write up on how to make and sell t-shirts. I am happy to give you a copy.
Let's chat Winnie.

I will do whatever I can to help you to Chance. Asheville and Charlotte would be excellent markets. I like Winnie's thoughts on the Source Code if Jason says it's ok.

The idea of putting Source Code symbols on T-shirts has been circulating around for eight years, and it's always been OK.  Yes! says the Cosmos.

Now those would get some attention!

Hi Chance, I live a few miles out of Eugene Or. and know of a few places that would probable be excited to sell your beautiful shirts.

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