As you can imagine, the death throes of the old guard are massive. Think of it like a dying Kracken. It isn't going to be flailing like a mad thing if it's in control. It's going to be flailing like a mad thing when it's trying to suck in its last breath. The world is a firestorm of those energies, thoughts, emotions, a lot of it filled to the brim with hateful vibes. 

In addition, the mRNA gene editing bioware is creating a lot of problems, almost exclusively on the energetic (unmanifest) planes, but it's all designed for rapid deployment into the physical for those whose lives were designed to get it.

I say this now, because being balanced and thriving while moving forward at the speed we are is important right this second. We were going to wait until the new website was ready and we were going to switch The Superbeings to, but right now is far too important to put off for later. 

Men, do everything you can to keep your virility at a high level. That will bleed into the rapidly declining procreation potential. We'll be talking a lot more about this. The new site is going to contain a lot of information on how to absolutely thrive through this incredibly difficult stretch humanity is facing. But what I'm about to share are two very important things to begin doing now.

Get Boost Oxygen cans. You can get them everywhere these days, which tells me the world is catching on. It's 95% pure aviator oxygen. Do 4-6 huffs first thing in the morning, hold it, and on the last one, pressurize your lungs to push it well into the sacs.

What that does is superoxygenate the blood for the day, making the cell walls wetter, amping up the photonic communication between them, and optimizing hydration through the concomitant hydrogen boost penetrating cell wells from the CLEAN WATER you intake. Such is the relationship between air and water. The hydrogen acts as a displacement "force," pushing everything in the cell out for elimination through the ways we discuss all over the place.

Another thing everyone has to get firmly and dogmatically embedded in their thinking is that NOTHING will get past your committee that isn't supposed to. If you don't know what I mean by "committee," just ask and someone will explain. BUT, we all need shields up at all times. For that, I've installed a device in 4D and 5D that can be accessed and commanded by anyone at any time. Every day, a few a times a day, say, "Shields up!" and you'll tap into that power source and geometry device, and it really is that simple.

Think of it like this. In a spaceship they have their shields up, but the photon torpedoes are slamming into them and weakening them. On the flight bridge, sparks are flying, crew are rocking and hanging onto stuff to stay upright. Nothing inside the shields is being damaged, but the shields are weakening under the potent onslaught, and the ship is groaning under the constant pressure. This is a way to use an external energy source to top up the shields' absorption and transmutation power, reducing impacts to absorption and nullifying utilities.

I say this last part, because it's also important that we don't reflect back to the "transmitters" what they're sending. That exacerbates the problem. With that device, this is turning you into a walking processor for all that output without having to take on any of its frequencies, and while doing that, amping up your potential to thrive because your own resources can be directed to the cleansing and energizing of your cells, and even below that, in the form templates.

Stay laser focused on balance. If you get out of balance right now, you'll be like a wet clay pot on a potter's wheel. You'll wobble a little, then more, then possibly fly apart. Mind your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, and cleanse yourself of your own pollutants every single day. A good way to do that is with Imagi:

I know Mary and others have stuff to add to this DO NOW list ahead of the coming website and shift in emphasis to sheer, personal, potent, power, again all beginning with my book "Mythion." For those of you who haven't done so, and you're drawn to it, sign up for the pre-publication launch list at:


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  • I thought that the mRNA vaccine was actually beneficial for us in terms of virility. While it was designed as an anti-fertility virus, there was a kind of redirect towards those that opted not to take it (what they did was illegal, the 'extra' libido had to go somewhere).  

    As somebody who spent 6 days completely possessed by a Reptile not long ago, I can advocate for keeping the shields strong. It came in like a plague and completely poisioned the mind-body. A very harsh teacher. Shields up 24/7. 

    God speed all. The Night is darkest before the Dawn. 

    • I agree with a strong caveat. If you can transmute it and continue to it can act like a catalyst for deeper health but left unchecked- all my peoples are feeling it in some way or another if they exposed daily to v***** people or loved ones who are un-V'd but THEY are exposed. YOU have to clear it as it accumulates. I wish it was "just don't believe in it and you won't feel it" kind of thing but it ain't. 

    • Yup, the V is indeed a deadly beast. Otherwise, it would not have been so heavily advertised. 

      Hats off to those who can tranmute it, they will become pretty powerful. Otherwise, much weakened. That's the thing about stressors, they kill or strengthen, depending on which way you approach it. Everybody is feeling the effects of this and whatever else is going on right now. It's like a global cloud of gloom. 

      I'm looking into Chakra Removal at the moment. They don't actually remove the Chakras apparently, but they remove all the extra layers and electronic nonsense. Which are supposed to be frighteningly heavy at the moment.

      Hope I don't turn into a Zeta ;) 

    • I removed my chakras & reccomend it - IF you're called to do this. A good friend had told me about & and done it herself & at first I thought that it wasn't for me ... but several months later, I was channeling Shift frequencies into the planetary body, and my higher self/I AM led me through the process. This is the transition into the new human light body. We still maintain energy centers, but in an unlimited capacity. Some people transition to a 3-center lightbody upgrade; others to 1 large center (this is what I was guided to do in order to become a larger & more open conduit for cosmic & planetary energies & my quantum energy & healing work have been expanded beyond measure). I am happy to talk with around this if you have concerns or questions - I know that I was quite skeptical! 

    • Thanks Michelle, I was actually looking for more information. It's hard fitting this into the context of Ascended Master teachings and the classical yogic texts which mention working with the Chakras, an entire philoisophy being built around it. My soul purpose work (right now) has to do with Throat and Sacral Chakra healing, which is kind of confusing if they're being removed ;)

      Anyway, I do have one booked for a couple of days time after a previously unsuccessful removal. I've got bugs in the Chakric system, and they have to go, one way or the other.   

    • Well, we have 160 chakras, 7 above the head, 18 in all local, with anothe 20 minor. So, which of those is this fun, albeit disinformational, little new age belief collapsing?

      Mary and I have talked about this new fad belief before, and the originators have somehow gotten into their heads that the Archons are using chakras to control us, which is in fact true if you believe things like this.

      Here's the actuality, which does in fact present a golden opportunity for me to point something out once again. The Archons are the ones who installed in an upper octave of 4D a pool of, pardon my French, bullshit beliefs to keep the new agers on the wrong track, chasing their tails, following everything they can to keep them from focusing on Truth and moving forward in a balanced and efficient path to wisdom. They did that because this little intentional exercise fouls up your chakras, exactly as intended, because you've invited them into your system, and then your comittee has to intervene to make the clearings and repairs. 

      As we move forward, we're going to bring all of the highest knowledge and wisdom there is into the 3D sphere as the means to bridge into 4D, so as always, we will be dismantling the "delusion pool" of new age beliefs. The way to dissolve that upper octave 4D pool is to stop tapping into it, thus giving it power. The Archonic presence in the Earth sphere is greatly reduced, but the pool of beliefs is still there. 

      For anybody who is ready to move forward in this powerful path we're paving, and you're ready to be free of your new ageism, just say the word in this thread, and I'll get started on you. It'll start with everything you believe to be true about yourself.

      Now, having said all that, if you feel the need to buy into stuff like this, feel free. Your committee will get you sorted out, which is the one thing you can absolutely count on.

    • Yes, please. I am ready to move forward. 

    • Yes I want to free of new ageism etc. Let's get started.

    • Yes Jason.   Another step into Sovereignty Please!  Thank you!

    • Yes please do. I am ready to release any residual new age and anything else I believe to be true about this/myself.

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We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below. In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group…

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