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  • Reply to Munus Deus as per the wish of JD:

    You are right my friend and you've disseminated my meanings well:

     Karma is outside of feeling but it knows how to make you feel. For karma to be this precise in its operation then it must have an 'outsider' understanding of 'how you would feel' under a circumstance, precisely because it must be able to see outside the realm of linear time.

    I view Karma as the force that manifests events that bring you closer towards gnosis, knowing how you think and how you feel. It meets you right where you are on your path, not further, not a step prior, exactly when and where you need to be. Karma is very calculated and to me, it is very connected to one's fate. 

    So yes, it is a force outside of space and time, however, I would not use the adjective 'isolated'. It is an aspect of Mind and Mind is wholly unified, to see it as anything other than unified, is fall under illusion.

    A psychopath does not see it as unified, for he is alone in it and indeed I would purport that everything to a psychopath, is non-self because non-self opens the entity at the forefront of consciousness to be dissected and found to be unworthy and thus, the psycho finds a reason to degrade the whole on the basis of one aspect, missing the entire meaning that the whole would grant. 

    Everything has to be perceived as non-self to reach a body-based enlightenment, even the body itself. The thing with this statement, Munus:

     "Or is it as a narcissist you truly are experiencing everything as self?"

    Is that this is the normal state of reality, everything happens inside your Mind, you are composing these words right here, everything is self already. A psychopath would indeed project his own ideas unto the text and thus skew its meaning, however, everything is still inside His mind.

    Instead of these words, instead of the faces of loved ones, instead of attempts to connect, he sees his own ideas infront of these concepts and thus what he sees, he interprets to be true. 

    A 'normal' person, recognizes the writer of the words, understands the face as a loved one and interprets the text as a means to unify, he understands the other person as his own Self and thus lets the meaning the other person be whatever they must have wanted.

    Of course, both are projecting the Self, only one however is glad and only one is sad.

    I made the mistake of remaining gray and ambiguous for a while Munus. Grayness has no stillness inside it, no clear modus operandi. There is only peace in the polarities:

    Truly black or Truly white.

    Some aspects prevalent in the Dark mind cannot be understood by the White.

    Some aspects prevalent in the White mind cannot be understood by the Dark.

    It takes too much energy and time to have multiple solutions to a problem, it's best to have one solution to all problems, wouldn't you think? Grayness is the inability to pick a side, I have lived it, I do not want it. 

    One ultimate choice gives you a sense of stability. Keep choosing one so your mind no longer sees any purpose in the other.

    Both paths are valid paths, however only one will make you happy because only one allows you complete expression of Self. Letting the Self be expressed is what seems to be the most pleasurable, complete letting extension instead of complete contraction.

    Everything is permitted, but would you want this everything? Many things are worth not having.

    P.S: We are not in disagreement anywhere Munus. The interesting bit is the fact that we've both read different books to derive the same Truth. I'm sure many people would reach the same conclusion years to come, Truth stands forever, untouched and unphased by whatever flavour of spirituality.

  • JD Aliix :

    "My thoughts on karma. Does it really matter how it's defined when the simple truth of it is that I make my own egregores. Now, what will my own egregores exercise upon me?"

    Very succinct!! 

  • Here is a little mind twister that I have found myself in. I want to be brought to Knowing: I want Enlightenment. I want this because it means an end to suffering, not pain, but suffering. I want it because it is an end to perceiving to be replaced by Knowing. I want it because it is an end to fear. In other words, I have no idea what I actually want.

    On the flip side, I have the tools, the understanding, and the time to bring about an end to these things without some fancy shmancy secret of the sages. Does this make any sense? I want what I do not understand to get rid of what I do. If you are a step ahead then you will understand now that I am impatient. I want the easy button. In fact, I want the mysterious thingy. I'm crazy for mysterious thingys. My ever growing alchemy collection is a good indicator of this.

    Now I've had some time to sit and process this. Jason, you have said this time and time again and I think I understand now. I am focused on the wrong thing. I have expectations which only serve to be dashed. I have desires which only serve to be unmet. I am doing everything the hard way.

    Flow. My new mindset is based off a very simple understanding. Do not want so that you may have. My desires were all for this unexplainable unknown - the dangling carrot. No more random wanting here, just want what I have always wanted. Then what I want is simple: peace, freedom from fear, yet I don't feel a need to Know so I don't want it.

    Grandiose dreams and I go way back. They go back exactly as far as I have not achieved any of them. I know why I wanted the world and it gave me hope when I most needed it. That time is over. That pain has passed. It is time to come down from the clouds and pay attention. Pay attention to the little things instead of barely noticing them because I had more important things to consider. Pay attention and appreciate all of it. This is a destination to me.

    "Don't fight anything." I have to keep saying this to myself. I have been fighting all of my life. Now that I know that it is me that I am fighting. I've been keeping a three word series in my head for some time. It is forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude. We cover the first two quite a bit here but they always seem to lead to gratitude. This is the same destination.

    For those of you who don't know what Jason has said time and time again, it is that you won't achieve Enlightenment if you expect it/ want it.

    In the Harry Potter books there is mention of the Mirror of Erised. The happiest man on Earth sees only himself in it. Everyone else sees what they desire. Why don't we just let go and be that person? Is there anything better? Whatever comes after will remain a mystery.

  • The greater the awareness, the greater the perception of reality. It is directly proportional.

    -Swaruu of Erra

  • With all this AI in the news I wonder how this reflects communication ET's have with their ships. The ET's already communicate with their minds to there ships. Are we going to ever link come close with something like that?

    • I think our relationship with AI is a bit different. There are a lot of programmers who are musicians. Don't know why, but that's what I've noticed. Now we have AI generating music. How's that for dissonance?

      If we come to understand the mechanics of telepathy, then I would guess that we can emulate that easily enough. The main problem is one of whether or not the most skilled programmers want AI at all. Programmers do not want to put themselves out of a job but the corporations do.

      I don't see it happening with the current state. The easier they make it for anyone to program the worse the code gets. There could be an unspoken undercurrent of resistance against this move. White hats, black hats, and gray hats applies to programmers as well. The gray hats are usually the most skilled and the most ethical. They might be who steps in to put an end to AI. Either them or the lawyers.

      Until computers are put to use at tasks that only they can do, we probably aren't ready for AI. Right now all that computing power is mainly used to manipulate and annoy humans. I think I'll go play some Galaga.

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