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Because new people show up all the time, and email glitches happen, and well, communication no matter how thorough one might attempt to be, someone always misses the memo. Myself included.

And we're all so busy with our lives and binge t.v. we could easily be forgiven for having overlooked something we wish we hadn't. So, here's a space for that.

Kind of like an amnesiac's survival guide. Or a personal assistant for interdimensional travelers. Welcome to Earth 137! Here are some things that may be particular to our dimensional temporal space:

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  • Here's an email for an offer on Alchemy. It's a great deal! So, I'm gonna post it here. In case you're new. Or you know, just got here from someplace else. (wink.) It's a note from The Superbeings Top brass, and please take note, it has an expiration date...

    Hello, All.

    Although we've never done this, we're doing a sale for what everybody else in the world calls Black Friday, only we're calling it Golden Friday. These prices will be available for one week, from now, Tuesday the 21st, through Tuesday the 28th of November.

    For Merlin Power Stones, the discount is 15%, and for Puramyds, the discount is 20%. These are unbelievable prices, and to make sure everyone sees this note, we'll send it again several times.

    If you've been on the fence with either of these, or it's been about finances, now is the time. We'll never be able to do these prices again. 

    We've also been "strongly encouraged" (smile) to start offering a 100 gram Puramyd, which is also being offered at the 20% discount level, and so its price, at $640, is incredible for what you would have in your possession.

    Take advantage at these links:

    Merlin Power Stones:


    Thanks very much.

  • Also, I don't know if Mary is still making it, but Cerebra is a fantastic mental tonic.

    I use it daily. Literally, sometimes multiple times a day. Body just digs it. Sings.

    Here's a link.

    Do yourself a favor, check it out.  

  • Here's an email sent not too long ago. It mentions a deal near the end of the message, adding an additional alchemy, Lapis Aqua, as part of a package, while supplies last. Even if they've run out, it's still a hell of deal. And the new Meteor is a must have. I need to buy more. The body just sings. Total nutrient.

    The message is from the big cheese, himself, Jason. But, there is no Jason, not really. It's always just the superbeings. Still, we thank Jason for all he does.

    Something has happened to the Meteor liquid alchemy. We say in this email subject it’s a whole new alchemy because it really is. When we got back from the eclipse, the codes, frequencies and gifts from which is still unfolding for me, someone ordered Meteor and we didn’t have any in stock. So I made some, but it was instantly apparent that something had changed. I wound up using some and I was surprised by its effect, not the least of which being that it was calming and connecting.

    If you click through to its page, you’ll see that it says it’s not on a particularly high level. This is no longer true about it. Something came through and took it to a very high level indeed. You’ll see on that page that it’s possibly the best alchemy we’ve ever made for the pineal gland, and now we know that it is opening gates within the thalamus gland, which is more involved in higher sight than the pineal, so it definitely promotes the opening of those abilities. We’ll be talking a lot more about the thalamus gland.

    I had a hunch that it had something to do with the eclipse, so I did some probing into it and had a solid impression that it was finishing the integration of everything that took place during and after the eclipse, and that’s what it did, and as I said it’s still working in me. It’s both huge and subtle.

    We sent some to the superseer to see what he thought of it, and all he had to say was that it was doing just that, was very powerful, even more powerful than the Eclipse Gold, which is saying a TON.

    I apologize for the length of time to get this out to you guys, but I was wanting more input from him. Let’s just get it out to everyone who wants it and get the input in the forums.

    We’re offering it in a package deal with Helios Ruthenium for $77, which is a great deal for alchemy of this newly upgraded caliber. Getting the package deal also gets you a one-ounce bottle of Lapis Aqua, while it lasts, which is an added value of $68. So, to connect it all, it’s $145 value for $77. It’s worth noting the Lapis Aqua is seriously upgraded as well. We’ve discontinued the Lapis Line (just way too hard to make), but we had some of this wonderful alchemical water left.

    If you want the Meteor only, it’s $28 for a half-ounce bottle, but doesn’t include either of the other two in the package deal.

    If you go for the package, just add each to your cart from the below links and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Meteor – read more about it and/or get it

    Ruthenium – read more about it

    Thanks so much.

    -- Jason

  • Hello, All.

    The Golden Friday Sale has morphed into the Hyper Monday Sale. 

    Gang, these two tools have become so ridiculously powerful they're starting to breach the superhero realm. If there was ever a time to get one, it is definitely now.

    We're good to go till tomorrow (Tuesday the 28th), but if you'd like us to extend it, we'll do it. Just let us know. Our only job is to get these out in the world so that higher beings can use them, together with you, to do amazing things.

    For Merlin Power Stones, the discount is 15%, and for Puramyds, the discount is 20%. These really are unbelievable prices, and I'm not sure we'll be able to do it again.

    If you've been on the fence with either of these, or it's been about finances, now is the time. 

    We've also been "strongly encouraged" (smile) to start offering a 100 gram Puramyd, which is also being offered at the 20% discount level, and so its price, at $640, is incredible for what you would have in your possession.

    Take advantage at these links:

    Merlin Power Stones:


    Thanks very much.

  • Just a quick note. 

    Jason has mentioned in the discussion threads a likely conference call on December 7th. There is always a bit of flexibility on things like this, but keep your eyes peeled. I'm planning to be there. This will be a real game changer. A rather stunning development is in the works. And you'll want to be there when it happens.

    Also, Mary hosts her Thursday evening meditations. They are lovely. And a great way to connect with the community. Cause you know, we're all loners. Which means we need each other the most. Check it out!

  • Thank you for posting about the 7th. Good to hear there is an event to look forward to in the near term.

    Mary's calls ARE wonderful. Is there any chance they could start an hour earlier on Thursday evenings, or possibly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon???

  • Perhaps we can move this thread to the featured discussion section so that it's more visible.
  • We'll have to ask the cap'n on that point. But, seems a good idea, as far as I'm concerned. Good organization and strategy.

    Theo said:

    Perhaps we can move this thread to the featured discussion section so that it's more visible.
  • Hey Everyone, Just a reminder if you wanted to have some relaxation guided meditation journey. I will be hosting it tonight. Let's get mellow in a forest in our mind's eye! NEXT week is the call for the Puramyd and MPS workshop. That would be Thrusday Dec 7th. It will be recorded for those who miss it. There will be an official announcement for that with all the juicy details on how to participate. So in order to do the call tonight. Times: starts at 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? You can access the conferences by phone OR computer, but not both. Here are the details for the conferences: BY COMPUTER: You will probably want to use the Chrome browser for this to work. Safari won't work for this computer method. This is the best way to go, by far, because it's high res audio. Go to (input whatever you want, but only your name is required, and please do type your name or we'll hang you up) - MUST have microphone to be able to talk and speakers n order to hear the call. BY TELEPHONE: US Domestic 801.512.0283 (no PIN needed) - long distance charges may apply for landlines. International Callers: (a list of local numbers for your country so can dial in for a toll free or at least reduced cost) - at the prompt, dial 8777417335# for our conference (no PIN needed) World Clock: - so you can sort out the time zone differences as compared to times in Utah

  • If you haven't already, Jason has written a book on Self Mastery. It has all the goodies you could possibly want and will jump start you into the process of awakening. Providing guidance to unlocking your true potential through Liberation. It's titled, "The Simple Truth." This is the book you've been looking for.

    Check out the latest curated findings from across the web brought to you by Mary and friends on the discussion thread: Intersection of Art, Science, Cutting Edge Creativity. There is some great eye candy and interesting stories to jump into there.

    There are so many wonderful tools and techniques offered here. Look around. But, what you want is the alchemy. You'd do yourself a disservice to not take advantage of the powerful cleansing and mind expansion offered. Click on the tab at the top of the page and look at the many special offers listed in this discussion thread. 

    They will literally change everything. And isn't that what you really want? Isn't something beyond what this world can offer what you've always been looking for? To be touched by something that beckons from realms sublime? It knows you better than you know yourself. And desperately wants to reconnect you from all you feel divided from. It's time to feel that deep connection again. To feel light and free, to feel home. The extended hand has been offered. 

    It will be a choice you will never regret.

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We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below. In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group…

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