Because new people show up all the time, and email glitches happen, and well, communication no matter how thorough one might attempt to be, someone always misses the memo. Myself included.

And we're all so busy with our lives and binge t.v. we could easily be forgiven for having overlooked something we wish we hadn't. So, here's a space for that.

Kind of like an amnesiac's survival guide. Or a personal assistant for interdimensional travelers. Welcome to Earth 137! Here are some things that may be particular to our dimensional temporal space:

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Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder we are doing our group meditation call Tuesday, January 30th. This is in preparation for the coming eclipse which is happening early Wednesday morning.

Feel free to bring any alchemical tools for this- Puramyd, MPS or alchemy for anointing. This will be a guided relaxation meditation but also it's about healing and connection. Lunar eclipses are about emotional resets and I think we can be in preparation for the meditation by taking a moment to reflect on what to leave behind and what you want to be in 2018.

But, the things that really must go are the personality elements that have everything to do with non acceptance and judgement of anything about yourself or the world. I bring it up because it would be good to be aware of those patterns, and ask them to be slurped up by the eclipse reset the following morning.

See you there!

WHAT TIME DOES IT START FOR ME? It depends on your timezone. If you are pacific it starts at 6 etc etc

TIME: 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern

You can access the conferences by phone OR computer, but not both. Here are the details for the conferences:


This is the best way to go, by far, because it's high res audio. Go to (input whatever you want, but only your name is required, and please do type your name or we'll hang you up) - MUST have microphone and speakers


US Domestic 801.512.0283 (no PIN needed) - long distance charges may apply for landlines.

International Callers: (a list of local numbers for your country) - at the prompt, dial 8777417335# for our conference (no PIN needed)

World Clock: - so you can sort out the time zone differences as compared to times in Utah

We've been busy. Here are a few of the nuggets and gems that can be found on the SUPERBEINGS, if you've been away busy digging holes to China.

There's a new Depth Alchemy. It was a special offering to those who have delved most deeply into the mysteries and work on the behalf the planet and the project, you know, that whole graduation of the species to the next level of awareness. If you'd like to be in on these special alchemies and the tremendous and humbling expansion they offer, then get in on the ABS training. It's free. But, you get out, what you put in.

Here's a link for that.

If you want to know more about this wonderful Alchemy, check out the email Jason sent out, here's a brief description and a link, if you'd like to know more.

Jason sent in an email, topic: Depth Alchemy: 

"This is about deepening our immersion into the full systemic knowledge that we are nothing more than energy occurring from energy. It's about opening and expanding to a much Greater Reality through the conditioning of each neuron's auric field. This upcoming total lunar eclipse is huge in the finishing of it.

----------If you'd like to go right to the page: This message will be sent several more times so that we can be certain all those who want to receive it do. If you don't want to receive our messages, you can change your email settings in your Superbeings profile.------------

This one has been in the making now for about three months. It's a big alchemy, and it's going to be amped up during the total lunar eclipse coming up shortly, using the eclipse to "line up" everything for every individual who gets it. Whoever gets it, it's just part of the plan. We won't be shipping it until after that time. It's in limited quantity, and so we suggest you get it just as soon as you can.

I'll try to explain what it's doing in comprehensible terms. Picture neurons in the nervous system, and picture them as particles. Now picture them having their own auric fields. On the medium level of what this alchemy is about, it's expanding those auric fields. In that action, it's not measurable in the physical, but your unique experience with it may reflect an expansive ease to all physical functions. It focuses on the area of your energetics associated with the flow of consciousness in and through the Adam Kadmon..."

Here's some of what Winnie had to say about the alchemy after taking a dose:

Winnie said regarding the Depth Alchemy:


I received the Depth Alchemy yesterday.  I opened the package with much excitement.   I re read Jason’s write up on the various qualities of this new alchemy.  My curiosity about the Adam Kadmon prompted me to do a google search on the subject.


I have been coughing at night quite a bit due to a recent exposure to a new strain of the flu virus.   Before going to bed I took 3 drops of Depth.   This alchemy felt warm, cozy, loving and very supportive.    I started coughing a lot and yet I still fell asleep.


In the dream state, I saw one of my colleagues in my bed laying down next to me.  He cuddled me  as  if to nurture me  and support me throughout my incessant cough.    His energy was very caring, sweet and loving.    My colleague’s name is Adam and he’s gay.  Although we have a good and friendly professional relationship, I am not very close to him as I am with a few of my colleagues.

When I was done coughing Adam left my bed without saying a word.  He had the big personality of an artist, or a literary figure from the 19th century, who was aloof, pensive and yet passionate about life.  Adam wore his usual checkered spattered shirt.  But that’s all he wore.  He wore no underclothes.."

And here's a bit of what I had to say about the Depth Alchemy:

Streetpoet said:


First off, if you are taking any alchemy, consider the current state and functioning of your body and read the discussion thread, "Heavy Metals Poisoning & The Higher Stuff, " here, I'll be nice:

Let me share some thoughts on the "Depth," Alchemy. Which only a few have tried. Why is that the case? Because, only a few have shown any interest in delving deeply into the many mysteries and tools, free, ironically enough, to become among a select few of "Jedi Knights," working on the behalf of the planet and the larger project at whole. Of which, the current resident species, is but a small but vital part...

So, the insights and clarity are just mind blowing. They truly are, the changes to the body, lighter, more harmonious. Rushes of energy, since I began taking it. It's so gentle and so intelligent it truly is an honor to have it join me in the space I maintain. It has helped me extricate so many old thought forms and rancid emotional dependencies, and made all of my relationships more balanced and generally, all aspects of my being healthier.

Perspectives have changed. A plunge into the mysteries ensued. An embrace of the first blushes of becoming a true pan-dimensional citizen, interacting and moving fluidly through each of a near infinite spectrum of parallel planes. And the freedom and joy that comes from it..."

And now, let's take a look at what has been happening in the "Heavy Metals Poisoning & The Higher Stuff," discussion thread. Probably the most important discussion thread on the entire site once one begins to comprehend the importance of the body in all the work we do here and how it's compromised state greatly impedes that work.

Nancy shared her first experiences with the IONCLEANSE device, which is a rather fabulous device.

Nancy Lovell said:

I had my 2nd IonCleanse session tonight.  This time the water was predominantly brown with black particles (heavy metals) floating on the water and littering the bottom of the tub.  I needed to move the foot tub to my kitchen where the light was much better for taking a photo, so you will see that the brown sediment has dispersed in the water (whereas before the move it was clustered along the side of the tub nearest the IonCleanse plates along with the black residue).  But, you can clearly see the black residue that is both at the tub bottom and still floating around on the top of the water.  So... my big cleanse and clearing has definitely begun!

And Ginnig shared her experiences, as well:

ginnig said:

My results sound similar to Nancy's. There is a rust, greyish, oilly murkiness to my results after 10-12 sessions. It looks like algae to me. It is pretty much the same as the first time - a slight lessening of the algae. For reference purposes, my husband did one session and his was FULL of gunk. So, I have seen what gunk looks like. I am ten years younger (mid 40's) and have lived a fairly clean, vegetarian lifestyle  - but do drink adult beverages regularly. 

Be sure to check back as members are constantly posting their experiences and sharing the new world they find themselves in as the heavy metals toxicity is removed.

Here is the link for the new Depth Alchemy. An amazing new reality transforming intelligence. Follow the link to learn more about it and purchase, if guidance dictates. I’m using it and it’s fantastic the psychic window that has opened is nothing short of miraculous!*pdd9ylfj0hXlon2yWb4TNblCxDDF*kWm-e1*q-CkHDkR3-bT*yIlpdt4hWb7bVc3/PINK.jpg?width=250" width="250" class="CToWUd"/>

Hello Beautiful Beings,

Happy Valentines Day to you! I hope you are having a loving day and evening with your beloved even if that beloved is you! 

We will have a guided meditation for relaxation at 7 pm tomorrow, Thursday mountain time zone. 

Feel free to bring your Puramyd or any alchemical tools for the expansion group effect. See you there!

Details here:

WHAT TIME DOES IT START FOR ME? It depends on your timezone. If you are pacific it starts at 6 etc etc

 TIME: 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern

You can access the conferences by phone OR computer, but not both. Here are the details for the conferences: 


This is the best way to go, by far, because it's high res audio. Go to (input whatever you want, but only your name is required, and please do type your name or we'll hang you up) - MUST have microphone and speakers


US Domestic 801.512.0283 (no PIN needed) - long distance charges may apply for landlines.

International Callers: (a list of local numbers for your country) - at the prompt, dial 8777417335# for our conference (no PIN needed)

World Clock: - so you can sort out the time zone differences as compared to times in Utah

How did I miss "we've begun free workshops starting March 29?"  More info, please

Was not sure where to put this, so here it goes....  Translations into German and French for the recommended daily or more often declaration from The Simple Truth:

Purifying Flames(,) come forth!  Burn away and transmute into purified energy all my low vibe(ration) expressions of this day.

Reinigende Flammen, komm hervor! Verbrennen und verwandle alle meine niedrigen Vibrationsausdrücke dieses Tages in gereinigte Energie.

Des flammes purifiantes, venez! Brûlez et transmutez en énergie purifiée toutes mes expressions de basse vibration de ce jour.

That's fun! Thank you!

Love this!

Thank you Christina for the reminder. Great daily practice  just to keep healthy in general..

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