When Jason presented the information on the Alchemical Metals/Merlin Stones, he presented us with the possibility of making one for us, ….”one in which we can install an intent, or whatever else, during the peak of its ‘zeroness’ at 2000 degrees in the oven.  That is the moment at which they can be invested with great potential for power.”

I was immediately interested in being given that opportunity as I believed that Jason indeed has the capacity to know exactly when that prime moment of ‘zeroness’ arrives.  What an exciting, irresistible possibility.  So, while I gazed at Alalia, Benii, and Jenso, I reached inward with the question of what would be a really potent intent to ask for in one of these ‘Merlin Stones?’ I heard and felt ‘Beatrice’ and knew what I was being invited to receive - no words were necessary to explain it – I got it.  I didn’t waste any time in contacting Jason, saying, “I am compelled to ask for the creation of a stone with the name ‘Beatrice’ embedded in ‘it’.  The stone will know what that resonance/frequency/field is to be in all that name holds. The timing of arrival in the kiln is Hers.  You will know when she does.”

Jason and Merlin did make me a jewel-stone.

As of February 5th, I now have the gift of Beatrice’ in my life and I wanted to share some of my experience of the last few days, although that is really hard to put into words.

For the first 3 hours, I just sat and held her and ‘watched/sensed’ everything that was going on. Did nothing but sit there – Being. And, I wanted to hug everything-the towels, the dishes, the books, the walls!  Absolutely ridiculous! The desire has something to do with ‘recognition.’

And Being is pretty intense!  Deep chills. I have felt this level of whole-body energy in sessions with gifted healers like Sandi Daileda – high vibe – but that intensity fades after a day or so. I now feel I am permanently plugged into a whole different light socket.  And it doesn’t require that Beatrice is at hand. Although she is.  This is my new normal.  This is how our body was intended to always feel from our earliest beginnings, and I’m told this is only the tip of the iceberg.  In musing on how I used to feel - programmed into low-battery mode - seems like a remembered dream now.

There are a lot of old memories and memory-threads being triggered and a feeling of now getting the something behind’ those threads.  Many realizations.

It’s not about what’s different in my life now (possibly because I have been using many alchemies for some time – and different happened quite a while ago).  It’s about what’s more.

 As of today, the energy is less high intense than the first day. It has evened out into a consistent steady strong flow all day long. I can almost hear myself buzzing/humming, and if you were to touch me, you would feel that buzz. Someone did and said so.  I still get sappy ooey-gooey at times – my teddy bears (yes, teddy bears) and stuffed dog, and grand-kids get the ooey-gooey. Still want to hug the house.

Oh there is one difference - I smell funny!  

So, there it is my friends.  I just have to say to you all – I am deeply grateful that I took Jason and the Universe up on this fantastic invitation to come and play.  ‘They’ had something exceptional in mind when they made that offer. Yes!!!

Hugs to all.


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Matthew, let me ask you this. Did it "reappear" right after you gave up?

Matthew said:


I have just found it in the bottom of my work bag!!

Of course it is, still no idea how it got into there, but my fretting can stop!!

Everything should be fine from now on.


Yes, it was after I had given up, but don't know if its "Been on adventure" as I hadnt looked in that bag before.

I just had a sudden thought to look in there - maybe it felt my anguish.

That was a big lesson probably in acceptance.

And quite a few other lessons tbh. Its been a week of niggles. 

Jason - you say most of the new age stuff is bull shit. Is the bit about people you meet are a reflection of yourself also BS?  

One is the only True Thing. So there isn't anybody who is NOT you.

Matthew said:

And quite a few other lessons tbh. Its been a week of niggles. 

Jason - you say most of the new age stuff is bull shit. Is the bit about people you meet are a reflection of yourself also BS?  

Hello everyone, I'm very new to the Superbeings and I'm very intrigued by everything on this site, and I don't really know where to put this post, so here goes.

I have read a fair bit, not all, about the alchemy and especially the Puramyd and Merlin power stones, and I'm very much interested in getting one, but don't know which one. As part of my understanding, the Merlin power stones puts you in closer contact with your higher selves and onto "your higher path" so to speak, and the Puramyd stones sounds like alot of similarities - I dont know for sure if this is correct, just what I felt I have read.

My question, Where lies the diffences between the Merlin Power Stones and the Puramyd Stones? Is one powerful in another way than the other?

Best Regards, Chris

Hi Chris

Welcome. This recent audio is helpful in answering  your questions about the difference between the Puramyd  and the MPS.  The MPS from my experience is a bit more than putting you in touch with the higher self.  As you continue with the reading you will come to see that the term higher self is a misnomer.  The MPS allows for the communication with Metaself. 

Hi Jason

A couple nights ago I asked my MPS to share with me what He wanted me to know.  Less than hour as I was reading I felt myself vibrating inside and outside. I felt my energetic field extended few feet before me and to my side. Then  in a blink of an eye   I felt myself as liquid solid , just like mercury.

 The following day I was so drawn to learn about mercury and its property. Interestingly I stumbled on to the alchemical aspect of this metal. I was particularly intrigued by its archetypal attributes such as a force that kills duality in favor of unity the one who is magician, the one who lives in between worlds , who is the dragon and the serpent and who is neither male or female.

It seems to me my MPS was communicating to me through symbolism.  Mercury was the message.

What is mercury for you in your world as an alchemist.

Hey Chris

Here is the link to the audio mentioned above.


Jason - thanks, I think I already knew that but didn't want to accept.

Chris - I got MPS and Puramyd at the same time, I think they are amazing. The MPS does make you change, if you're not happy to accept changes, don't get one. If you want to open a good Pandoras box, then go for it. Your purpose and lessons accelerate, the option of ducking out, just means it comes back heaps quicker. I've learnt to face challenges head on, gain the courage/confidence to at least face it. 

The Puramyd just does stuff, absorbs stuff, just is. The Puramyd works on everyone it comes into contact with. The MPS is solely you. 

The capabilities are endless, they programmable, you can give them tasks, you can even chat with them. Some have unique names. 

I think they're  wicked.  

Thanks a lot for the answers and the audio file. I appreciate it and it gave me a better understanding of the differences between them, and made me more confient in my choices.

Happy days to you all

Matt and Theo, 

 I so appreciate how helpful community is to share and explain things like this.  I could not have said it any better:)

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