When Jason presented the information on the Alchemical Metals/Merlin Stones, he presented us with the possibility of making one for us, ….”one in which we can install an intent, or whatever else, during the peak of its ‘zeroness’ at 2000 degrees in the oven.  That is the moment at which they can be invested with great potential for power.”

I was immediately interested in being given that opportunity as I believed that Jason indeed has the capacity to know exactly when that prime moment of ‘zeroness’ arrives.  What an exciting, irresistible possibility.  So, while I gazed at Alalia, Benii, and Jenso, I reached inward with the question of what would be a really potent intent to ask for in one of these ‘Merlin Stones?’ I heard and felt ‘Beatrice’ and knew what I was being invited to receive - no words were necessary to explain it – I got it.  I didn’t waste any time in contacting Jason, saying, “I am compelled to ask for the creation of a stone with the name ‘Beatrice’ embedded in ‘it’.  The stone will know what that resonance/frequency/field is to be in all that name holds. The timing of arrival in the kiln is Hers.  You will know when she does.”

Jason and Merlin did make me a jewel-stone.

As of February 5th, I now have the gift of Beatrice’ in my life and I wanted to share some of my experience of the last few days, although that is really hard to put into words.

For the first 3 hours, I just sat and held her and ‘watched/sensed’ everything that was going on. Did nothing but sit there – Being. And, I wanted to hug everything-the towels, the dishes, the books, the walls!  Absolutely ridiculous! The desire has something to do with ‘recognition.’

And Being is pretty intense!  Deep chills. I have felt this level of whole-body energy in sessions with gifted healers like Sandi Daileda – high vibe – but that intensity fades after a day or so. I now feel I am permanently plugged into a whole different light socket.  And it doesn’t require that Beatrice is at hand. Although she is.  This is my new normal.  This is how our body was intended to always feel from our earliest beginnings, and I’m told this is only the tip of the iceberg.  In musing on how I used to feel - programmed into low-battery mode - seems like a remembered dream now.

There are a lot of old memories and memory-threads being triggered and a feeling of now getting the something behind’ those threads.  Many realizations.

It’s not about what’s different in my life now (possibly because I have been using many alchemies for some time – and different happened quite a while ago).  It’s about what’s more.

 As of today, the energy is less high intense than the first day. It has evened out into a consistent steady strong flow all day long. I can almost hear myself buzzing/humming, and if you were to touch me, you would feel that buzz. Someone did and said so.  I still get sappy ooey-gooey at times – my teddy bears (yes, teddy bears) and stuffed dog, and grand-kids get the ooey-gooey. Still want to hug the house.

Oh there is one difference - I smell funny!  

So, there it is my friends.  I just have to say to you all – I am deeply grateful that I took Jason and the Universe up on this fantastic invitation to come and play.  ‘They’ had something exceptional in mind when they made that offer. Yes!!!

Hugs to all.


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  These changing times are most certainly exciting. Everyday I can see the changes in how we are interacting with one another in a much more positive and respectful way. I was awarded my MPS and Puramyd some months ago, these two gems' are my constant companions, giving insights into my needs and progressions for my daily actions. The "cycles of time" which are some-days very fast (receiving from source) and other days seemingly slower (processing into my systems); this was information which I interpreted in this manner. Our gifts of the MPS and Puramyd are such a unique tools to be working with at this point in MY awakening to this zero point of human 3D experiences. Yesterday was a 4D experience for the entire day. I am still feeling so happy from showing/knowing; a day of bliss. Being in Nature being creative throughout the day, having dialog throughout the day with my meta-selves.  BLISS  Namaste         

You have a grace. As doilies do. And I wonder about you. Does it sound odd to say your amazement sounds. Bit insincere? Cause and it’s not that you’re lying. You truly waft and levitate. It’s just that if the stones had done anything other or less, well. 

Truly wonderful to read. Thank you for that. You are as comforting as comfy sofas in a dream.

Hello Folks!  I was encouraged to share a very recent experience, so here goes!

Yesterday, I had a very interesting and unexpected encounter with another member of the cast by the name of Ed, who has a son my age and whom I had not really known or even had any real conversation with before that day.  I was out on a walk in the nearby town heading into the countryside when he and the son of our director for the amateur fundraising theatre piece drove by and stopped to greet me.  Ed has been quite sick this last week, and with his arthritis and other medical problems for which he takes medical marijuana, and along with the big sorrow of his wife leaving him, he is feeling very low these days.  He said he had just needed to get out of the house, and picked up the young man to keep him company.  They were out to drive the country roads (we live in an area of small towns and villages surrounded by rural farming properties), and did I want to join them.  So I hopped in and within a minute Ed said how he has been contemplating suicide.  Without minimizing his admission, I mentioned how I had thought the same when I was 12 years old.  At any rate, we drove around and had nice conversation.  It was all so easy and comfortable.  We stopped for fast food at some point, and then headed back, dropped the young fellow off and then he invited me to see his 120 year house from which there is a magnificent view of several mountain ranges and the town below.  He told me something of his life – an opera singer in his younger years who had shared the stage with one of my singing teachers (which I found out because the places and times he had been performing seemed to match what I knew of my teacher’s career), as well as a trucker and owner of a trucking company.  Amazingly, in spite of all his present difficulties he still edits and publishes his own trucker magazine, does a weekly radio show, has written and had his memoires published, and continues to participate in the community!  It was a very engaging 4 hours.  He is still recovering, so was not at rehearsal today, but he made a particular point of sending a message through our director that he really appreciated how much I had helped him to feel so much better.  I was able to just be authentic without trying to force any sickly sweet platitudes, being very natural and without any conscious wish to make him feel better.  I was delighted to get to know him more fully!


I am keeping the 3 small puramyds on my person almost all the time, and of course had been taking the Helios Platinum and then Gold for the last week.  I truly believe that this magical encounter would not have taken place otherwise.  It was as if I had been prepared for it through the action of the alchemies!  It was almost as if I as a relatively pronounced extrovert, could now listen more closely and ‘see’ someone else more fully.  Probably also in this short time, enough ‘stuff’ and ‘filters’ dropping off without my realizing it and thus being more present.  Even though I have always had a talent for quickly making connections with people from all walks of life and cultures, this connection was happening at a much deeper level.  Amazing!  Today, I had another interaction that was unexpected, and also resulted in that the other person telling me something of his life that he probably does not normally speak about, particularly to those he hardly knows.

Best, Christina

Thanks for sharing your experience!  Interesting that you have noticed that you smell differently.  A few years ago I was working on a rewarding project in Ethiopia for 6 months.  For the period of time I was there, I noticed that my body odour changed quite perceptibly.  But in my case this must have been the quite different food, water and air.  Do you think that maybe the quality of what you are taking in is being upgraded and thus the difference in how you smell?  Or perhaps a type of detox?  Have family members also remarked the change, or is it something only you have a sense of?  Has the change in odour remained, or even changed now?  Fascinating!

I was just reading Matthew's post about having mislaid his beloved MPS, and happily having been reunited.  Although not puramyd or MPS, I have to laugh because I have 'lost' the Meridian Matrix which I have been using daily since I got it for the first time about 10 days ago.  I also had just started taking the Alkhem for 2 days and it is also 'somewhere' else now!  After looking in the obvious places, can still not find them.  Maybe they will come back to me.  In the meantime, I will be asking Mary to send new bottles to me!  I do live out in a rural area, but in the last few days, I hava seen more animals than usual in such a short period of time.  Messages?   At least one mouse in the house again which I have disturbed twice now in nests it has made in my clothes drawer by collecting fluff and chewing on scarfs, a dead mallard duck on the road, deer, swans, Canada geese, and just last night my cat for the first time brought in a weasel (very strong skunk like odour!!).  After pacing around the house carrying the weasel in her mouth, the cat dropped it (presumably to take a deeper breath) by her cat tree and the weasel jumped up and hid, then started running around in my bedroom!  Who knows where it went.  The cat decided she had had enough fun.  So, since I could not tell where it was,  I left the door to the house open for some time, but I am not sure if it found its way out or is still hiding somewhere.... If it is still in the house, maybe it will take care of the mouse/mice problem by going where my cat cannot! I actually did not know for sure what this creature was, so called a farmer friend of mine to confirm. What a laugh!  Apparently, the esoteric meaning of weasel is stealth.  From Spirit Symbols website:  "Weasel is the spy and is able to know things that are beneath the surface. This little creature also has the ability to know why something is happening and that is because Weasel has overheard all the plans being made by others. If Weasel is sending you a message then you are being asked to use stealth at this time. It's time to heighten your perceptions and develop your inner knowing. Trust your instincts."  Very interesting - perhaps the message is that I should acknowledge and learn to rely more on my inner knowing.  Apparently also, shamans used weasel as a guide to the underworld realms.  The First Nations people have used the weasel skin for medicine pouches...  I am waiting for my MPS and have been thinking about a pouch to carry it in.  When I feel ready, I intend to start the ABS training, so a guide and ally it will come in handy for that!  It also has to do with observing and hearing what others may not, and I sport hearing aids!  Listening with full attention is a very valuable skill closely associated with analysis and discernment.  Lots to ponder...

Merlin... this is our little test

Fun and wonderful stuff, Christina. Keep it coming!

Christina Jennifer Gross said:

I was just reading Matthew's post about having mislaid his beloved MPS, and happily having been reunited.  Although not puramyd or MPS, I have to laugh because I have 'lost' the Meridian Matrix which I have been using daily since I got it for the first time about 10 days 

Morning All,

I thought I would share my experiences with my Merlin Power Stone and Puramyds.  I have now owned them for just over 2 years now.  I think I first paid a deposit a year before that.  It took me a long time before I made the plunge, family circumstances was what made the final push.  

At first I was just happy to own them, they made me feel better.  They were comforting, they were awesome shields.  The shields I noticed first, as I no longer suffered like I once did if I forgot to put them up.  

Then slowly but surely things started to happen, encounters I had previously avoided now became prominent.  My ability to evade was lost, I had to attack them head on.  I guess after the 3rd or 4th such incident I realized it was the MPS doing it.  I had to come to terms with the situations as if I evaded or ignored they came back harder faster than before.  I was aware of the circles we get into and I was aware of those that I did to myself.  So although I wanted too, I knew that I no longer could evade them.

So with great ease, I know confront my fears/inadequacies and overcome them.  It really strange as once I would shy aware, but now I dive straight in and deal with it.  I am not saying its all easy peasy, but I am saying that the confidence is there, and the strides I need to overcome are within my domain of control/freedom.

Work wise I am now at a company whose morality, work/life balance is beautiful, the company as a whole are very happy, they are very strict on employment (as in who they will employ), they would rather be understaffed than employ dicks just to get the job done.

Now my work life is amazingly balanced, so am I.

I have been in full time permanent employment for 23 days (before I was temp staff same company).

I have had a breathtaking 23 days, the coincidences have been none stop.  The connections I have made with people has been outstanding.

Back to MPS, this thing is amazing, but I say from experience this is not for the faint hearted, at times I have deeply regretted owning one, but that changed to sheer joy, happiness and excitement once I reached the bottom and found my way back to the surface.

I am still going through changes, everyone around me is aware, all have said for the better, but that doesn't mean I always behave in the manner expected, but I am very aware afterwards or people tell me so.

All my relationships with people have changed, people that are Toxic have removed themselves, new exciting people have appeared.  

My morning trek to work is now amazing, its all on public transport outside of rush hours...  No more driving a car and avoiding road rage.  So now have an hour to myself, which I either surf the net or study.  

As a result of work changes, I am more contently happy, the last 22 days have been outstanding, but that's another subject.

If only you would know up front how being Balanced actually feels and how you interact with the world has dramatically changed.

Thanks Jason - years under your wing, I now understand heaps of what you have been saying.  Likewise thanks to Mary too for your assistance over the years.

Matt, your experiences, reported with such beautiful honesty, are why I exist. Please keep them coming.

How you have come to "know" your Stone as your ally, with an intimacy we should all aspire to, is really cool. I wonder if you have any suggestions you could make for others on gaining that kind of rapport?

Matthew said:

Morning All,

I thought I would share my experiences with my Merlin Power Stone and Puramyds.  I have now owned them for just over 2 years now.  I think I first paid a deposit a year before that.  It took me a long time before I made the plunge, family circumstances was what made the final push.  

Sure. I can easily answer that. It likes to do stuff and you only need to ask once, but be careful what you ask for, you might not like the solution if you fail to take action. 

It's another thing that provides insights. 

So what sort of things, everything from knowing the answer to something to wanting information why you hurt a certain way. For instance I wanted to know if I could cure my shaking. So I ended up with back issues, but the Chiropractors boss took an interest in my shaking, ran a bunch of tests and basically I have damaged my Basal Ganglia. If I do mathematics and arm exercises I can reduce it effects. 

Reality shifts to allow answers to come thru. 

Likewise I have daily ritual of putting puramyd on, its been made into a necklace. Putting MPS in pocket but it lives in a leather pouch. It comes almost everywhere, its left at home if chance of loosing. 

I use then both as inspiration, can't think of an answer, think about them.

This is my first time writing here.

Ive known Jason and Mary for many years now. Recently I was inspired to pick up first a Puramyd and a bit later a Merlin Power Stone.

Ive written a couple of reactions to Jason and he asked if Id share with the community here...so here I am :).

Ive had Elixia (Purmyd) for 2 months and Grace (MPS) for 2 weeks.

My practice has traditionally been to sit in meditation at about 5 AM. I have incorporated the pair by placing Elixia in my eyemask on my 3rd eye and I hold Grace in my palm touching my thumb.

At this writing Im inclined to write about Grace, if you will. I sense She is driving the experience.

On the most obvious level. I can feel the electricity that She gives off. There is a palpable charge from touching Her.

As I sit quietly the time rolls by quickly (about an hour). Transitions come and go but the majority is a sense of watchful aware Peace. So much Peace arrives that it's like another world. Today the though came that I was sensing the world Jason and others describe. The world I dont know but the Great Ones describe. Where you can let go and feel the Great Flow of life. Grace whispers "Relax into life...its under the surface". And Im struck by the overwhelming sense "I didnt know but now Im getting a glimpse"

I arise when Alexa tones (she's good for something :).....the Energy continues to flow. I am ready to feel the day....

There is so much more to say but Im scratching the surface..each day now when I go to sleep Im eager to arise to spend personal time together.

A couple things as I close out...

1-I carry Elixia with me in a leather pouch all day. I do not carry Grace around. Partly because Id fear losing her but also my sense is I dont need to. Our relationship is established. She doesnt have to be with me. Kind of like the people in your life. They are always there regardless.

2-The Paypal payment option is truly the best. Jason mentioned it and I used it. Its much easier to "justify" a 6 mo payment than a lump sum....in my sense of finance :)

Thanks for listenting...and if anyone is reading but hesitating. MPS is a rare gift of which Im only beginning to sense it's value to me....


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