Apocalypse means one thing: Dissolving of the Veils. Who put the veils there to begin with? We did, and we asked an entire mental realm of beings to pretend to be evil to do it. Why did we do that? So that the awakening would whiplash back with incredible force and do something that’s not been tried in any petri dish in this galaxy, that I’m aware of. I find it fascinating that veil, live, and evil all share the same letters, don’t you?

The veils are going to be seriously lifted over the coming few weeks and months. What is underneath the simulation that has been fed and projected essentially through our DNA, metered and controlled by the reality gate-keeping glands in the head, is what is going to be revealed. Thus, a true history is going to come to light. People are going to find out everything they’ve been told and believed is a lie, and very few ideas are going to escape that scrutiny, almost all new age thought included, or even especially, since keeping volunteers confused would be such a high priority for forces of the so-called Dark.

Those truths will hit the channels, even the mainstream, which will make it seem more like a discovery than a revelation of what lay beneath, but know this, wherever you see it, it is what Age of Aquarians have been chanting for since the ‘60s. This is it. This is the Ascension. Nobody’s going to 5D, though, and though it won’t look “spiritual,” it’s the most spiritual thing that has ever happened on this world.

This awakening is going to happen en masse, but it’s only going to happen to those for whom it was meant. Some will never awaken. I suspect all the people dying of vaccines are the ones who simply were not going to. Those passings are a good thing, not unlike a detox in your body. Can you think of a better way to weed out that which is fearful, and thus can no longer jibe with us, than a fake pandemic and its death-dealing vaccine? Through that method, you find out instantly who's afraid and you let them choose their way out of here. Done. Perfect.

The massive and successive epiphanies will create a psychic pressure wave of inconceivable scope, and it will chain reaction as surely as dominos falling. What it’s outcome will be, nobody knows – on or off the planet. There is just no way to pre-calculate a dynamic event involving 4-5 billion mathematical variables, all feeding into the next iterative fractal arriving on the collectively projected screen. And if anybody tells you they do know, they’re either lying or are delusional.

That’s the exciting part, and is actually why your job is to keep your fear out of the equation, and instead inject the power of your courageous heart, your willingness - nay, excitement - to walk forth into the absolute unknown. If you can’t do that, please, just get the hell out of here. That's me being a tough guy (haha!), but seriously, we're done with the age of molly-coddling. 

But here’s what’s going to be hard for most to accept for some time, which is the topic of this discussion. It’s important for the most awake to finally see and understand this, which is the purpose of this post. Many of you, as awake as you are, are going to refuse to believe it, but I’m telling you, it’s true, and you’ll find it out one way or another, in this life, the next, or in between. Obviously, some of you already know what I’m about to cover, and obviously some of you will think I’m insane. Yet, how many people throughout the ages who’ve had the balls to tell the truth were considered insane? Pretty much all of them.

Earth is a farm, and it’s always been a farm. It was never a paradise. Those are just invented fables to keep the farm animals confused. It is used to cultivate and harvest human products, from energy to organs, from sperm to eggs, from labor to engineered beasts, and the list goes on and on. Energy is the most valuable of all those commodities from a galactic perspective, and adrenaline-laced blood of children is the most valuable on-world commodity. Those who feed and enrich themselves in 3D from it, also feed their own galactic uplines. It’s profitability has been sustained for 10,000 plus (but absolutely fake) years. Evil was invented as part of the cover story, because only evil would do that, right? Well, then count yourself evil, because the difference between you and cattle is often significantly smaller than the difference between you and those who’ve been doing the cultivating and harvesting.

They’re not evil. It’s just business, and very profitable at that. And many of those off-worlders do look upon humanity with less respect than we do when we look upon cattle. Those who’ve been involved in this enterprise are the types of beings that new agers would believe to be “higher beings,” “great and loving beings,” too evolved to be involved in something so unsavory, but again, that’s like saying you’re too evolved to eat a cheeseburger. Many of them were involved in the invention of the reality overlay, and though undoubtedly would include the larger self from which I, and many of you, come. They didn’t do this because they hate you. They did this because…well…it’s good business, but it also serves the purpose of creating a tremendous whiplash energy for when the time came to awaken humanity to this “disgusting” truth. As it is throughout the Cosmos, everybody wins.

That reality overlay was designed from the ground up to include every belief there is, almost without exception. Those beliefs are programming parts, in part designed to keep the people in perpetual conflict (and thus deflected from finding what is true), but mostly to keep people from ever finding out that they are farm animals, yourself included. That overlay is what is coming apart, by design. There is no greater a tool for awakening than for someone to find out everything they’ve always been told is a flat-out lie.

The volunteers were called in to participate mightily in the dissolution of those veils, simply by being of a vibe the veils can't survive, and so your animal-ship is far shorter-lived than the natives to the experiment itself. If you’re disgusted by this information, on that at least you can hang your star.

We're not going back to anything, nor taking back anything, nor re-claiming our sovereignty. Those are also invented gimmicks, a lot like the promises of "a better life earned" given to the dupes about to be devoured or liquefied or disposed of in any dystopian movie. We're not restoring Earth's paradise. That's ALL part of the illusory overlay. What we're doing is dismantling the overlay we all agreed to live within. End of story.

Why is it an overlay, you might ask, if it started out that way? It's because we had to have underlying reality to land upon once we've dissolved the farm overlay.

I’ve sprinkled truths here and there in the other threads about this, and I’ll go get some of those posts and put them here as replies (unless somebody does me a solid, saves me the time, and beats me to it), because I know many of you won’t have seen them. But they’re too important to leave out of this disclosure.

Hands in the air, people, and cry your joy to the skies. It’s here, and it’s going to ramp up this week, beginning 9-20-21. It’s been happening in earnest since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, but starting this week, it’s going to become exponential. It isn’t gamma rays coming from Heaven, nor DNA activations pulsing twinkly Light from the galactic core. It’s coming OUT OF US, as it damn well should. Much of it will come in the form of memories, like déjà vu, because there are "memories" of a “real” world underlying the “fake” one (of course, some of you are perfectly aware there is no real nor fake). The Mandela Effect perfectly illustrates what is meant by that. Although I haven't seen it, I think the TV series "The Man in the High Castle" is about this very thing.

Hold on to your hats, ‘cause the wind of change…she’s about to BLOW.

I just sat down and rattled this out over the course of an hour or so and posted as-is. I’m leaving out a lot, but we can cover that as we go along.

More of the world is ready to hear this than you might think, so spread it, if you can. I intend to sprinkle it into our Telegram Channels.

Wow! What a fable! 


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  • So last week I had taken some Sri Yantra before a Reiki class and my instructor was fascinated by what she was seeing in my biofield, She said she was seeing the Reiki symbols being pulled into my actual cells, ( she is a clairvoyant and a fairly good one who had a NDE)  I can only assume she was seeing what six years of me taking Jason's magical potions has done to me, very exciting stuff going on.  I can only assume that she was seeing the energetic upgrading of my biofields and really we are all biofields there is nothing physical about us.  :)

  • just curious...How do you know what you "know"? why is your information or belief any more valid than others? isn't your farm explanation a bit (very) like the Matrix story... not that you aren't right but seriously... how is it that You know this and WE don't? why are you privey to this idea and not more folks? I've been assuming for many years now that there are so many realities possible at the same time. What's your explanation to that and of course you might say that's what they want me to believe… I am definitely not saying you're wrong, I just want you to help me understand why you are right, please prove something.

    And if I believe you over myself does that mean that your information your connection to truth, is somehow more valid than mine.

    I hope you can be inspired to appease my curiousity because frankly I want you to be right, I need some absolute here not just grasping for possibilities. 

    In truth, I absolutely know without a fact that I am just visiting to raise the vibration, and perhaps I've been down loaded with a storyline to keep me unconscious of the truth. My basic goal, now, is to know the truth, understand the truth, And to know what to do next! OK fine maybe I wanna sprinkle a little bit of fun in there too, but the truth of the matter is most of that is just entertainment.  I don't want to be on this planet for any more lifetimes this is absolutely true. I'm finishing what I'm doing,( hopefully) and moving on or over or whatever. Part of the reason I was directed to your site was because I am an alchemist through and through even if I don't remember everything, I absolutely know how to work with energy. And perhaps I just needed some of your products to move forward. (for this I am eternally grateful to you for remembering how to make this stuff!) As of late, my yearnings have been to find a mentor/teacher, but to no avail as I keep coming across people who offer me way less than I already know. Of course I just somehow surmise that my path is to not find a teacher, and yet to be my own guidance system. If you have any input on how to strengthen your guidance system i.e. the truth.. please,  let me know! The fucking suspense is killing me seriously,( as an astrologer) with Uranus/pluto on my ascendant it's hard for me to wait. the future for me is in this now. 

    here's other question Jason, how do you access the truth versus the "storyline lie that they want us to believe"? At what point do you realize the discernment between the two?  My five planets in Virgo actually want you to get to the nitty-gritty here with this question, the bare bones, the how to in each general explanations please. 

    I'm actually ready to be blown away with a new explanation... but there is always the idea that your explantion is just another cleverly crafted lie, that sounded good to the part of me that wants an answer. 

    Best wishes, please laugh with this, I do not mean in any way to offend you, just need some concrete detail, no fluff. Also everyone... I have been on the products for only 4 months, so if there is some feedback for the benefits (clarity) of longevity I appreciate that. 

    • You've kindly set your points in paragraphs Deana and I shall address you in such a way, although I am not who you asked for. 

      First: How do you 'know'? Knowledge is a state of being that is beyond transient emotions. When you look at a person, a rock, a dog, your body in the mirror, it stirs up an emotion within you and that emotion mostly overshadows your knowledge of being. Essentially, you are spirit, you already know everything because you are everything, but not everything knows you, the ego does not know you and because you identify with the ego, you lose this deeper connection to the cosmos. When you behold reality from this perspective, it is very much like a distant dream, none of the contents of perception can attack you or render harm unto you, unless you of course, identify with the body... How you come to this realization is beyond the scope of this discussion. 

      The matrix thing is a large euphemism and symbol of the wheel of samsara, the predators, demons and entities there in are equally unreal as you are. The black intergalactic flesh market was real... in the sense that everything we experience here are real, there is enough data in my stream of experience that allows me to truly believe this happened to physically incarnate humans, for aeons. 

      Who you believe and whose ideas you make real is largely irrelevant to most people, that is because everyone experiences a slightly different reality and none can 'really' help themselves, especially when they're identifying with the body; one ought to look at a higher self (Holy Spirit) for aid. Help yourself , not 'you', the 'Deana' but the highest self. The more you build rapport, the deeper you are rooted in Knowledge.

      So who is right? Everyone. The matter is who enjoys reality the most. Good ideas are bound to spread, especially when they minimize needless suffering.   

      Second paragraph: "I keep coming across people who offer me way less than I already know. Of course I just somehow surmise that my path is to not find a teacher, and yet to be my own guidance system" Everyone is you and everyone offers you something, you are constantly talking to yourself. You are not perceiving their words to be of value because you do not perceive your own words to be of value. In truth, you are constantly surrounded by divinity, if you really listen you won't hear their daily yammering, you will hear their deeper sorrows, their deepest worries, maybe their deepest happiness, their words and actions are indeed irrelevant. Only an imperfect mind sees an imperfect world. Only a purposeless mind sees purposelessness embedded in the world. It's all here, all the time, don't believe your ego's narrative for it will limit you off all your divine glory, telling you that you are only a body. 

      This is how you access an alternative understanding to this reality. 

      I suggest reading A Course in Miracles.


      Jason's alchemy does wonders, every blessing is promised to you with or without the alchemies, it's all there waiting for you to reach out. But for you to truly extend, you have to be willing to let go of every narrative your ego participates in. 

      The ego has so much power precisely because you gave it all of yours, dear Son of God. 

    • I was too lazy to edit out too-sentitive information, but I thought I'd leave just this sentence so the conversation could continue.

      • Thank you Jason, 

        I laughed as I couldn't find where the post reply was, seriously took me 2 days. And no mistakes today the moon is in Pisces, a perfect sign to read this type of truth.

        Thank you for your honesty and frankness. Thank you for your time. Uh yes I am digesting. some of this info is not surprising or new, so at least there are resonances of familiarity. I'm hoping the alchemies will help me to anchor into a place of discernment for the lie and then further discernmet to "(other than lie). it is a constant recalibrating.   

    • Wow! This is good stuff. I have yet to be let down when the conversation really gets going.

      I just want to touch briefly on proof.

      If proof helped, then we would see it all the time. Yet, we never see it. This isn't just to drive us crazy even if it does so often. The problem is that proof distracts. The proof itself would become the new object of fascination. You mentioned, "And if I believe you over myself does that mean that your information your connection to truth, is somehow more valid than mine." No. Very simply, no.

      As Paisios said, we are constantly teaching ourselves. If I complain to you, you are almost completely detached from that complaint. My complaint is all about me, and you don't have to listen to any of it if you choose not to. This is the truth thats surrounds you.

      Going back to proof becoming the object of fascination. Your higher self is trying to teach you how to open your eyes so you can have actual knowledge. I am completely in the dark myself, but I can ignore myself enough that this knowlege can flow through me even though I sometimes don't understand it at first. I only perceive it. Once awake, perception becomes knowledge. 

      Proof is something that I've wanted for so long. Now I understand that it is going in the opposite direction from which I'm being guided. I can prove this by using it against itself. If it helped, then why is it so closely guarded? There are no leaks. We're in the dark just the same. Those who have let go of these constant ideas are no longer blocking the truth that we seek.

      The beauty is that we are surrounded by everything we need. Truth has facets, and the one we need at the time we need it will present itself somehow. Just look for it. It likes to hide in some pretty silly places, so, be prepared for some good laughs. What Jason gives us is usually a pretty high level facet. That isn't always the right one for you. He knows this which is why we have these discussions.

      Your discernment is your main guide. Use it to seek. What you find will always have value. What you hold onto is where things only get confusing. It is the opposite of letting go after all. :) And remember, I'm talking to myself right now too. It helps because we are one.


      • Smiling, 😋


        glad others are Stimulated, I've enjoyed immensely each response!

    • Understanding the overlay system is likely relatable to you in many ways. It appears to be interactive in my experience. In other words, you feed the system with your thoughts and actions which manifest changes within the overlay. Some people might consider it karma. What did we do to deserve such soul-sucking existences to begin with?

      There are apparently things which had some sort of advantage in this game and have hoarded power. We can change that by recognizing their influence in our lives and finding ways to live better without it. It's more of a stepping stone in developing your own identity.

      It's encouraging to know that people have survived and many have thrived while living their lives under constant attacks and misdirections. We really need to just stand up to it and learn how to use it for good, because remember, it feeds off of us. Some people are way ahead of the game on that, but it seems like most are still lost in their role of feeding the beast whatever it tricks us into giving our energy to.

      Commerce in general seems like a necessary evil. People will do things for money that are vile and then have a tendency to waste it on things of little value. Everything is a trap in a way, but also a good learning experience. We all struggle to manage the energies that flow through our lives.

      So why is it there anyway and why are we learning about it now?

      We've reached a point in time where we already have everything that we need, in terms of technology and information, to come to a dramatic halt and take a few big deep breaths. I could go into details about Moore's law, fiber optics, quantum computing, and so on, but we shouldn't have this much cool stuff and not be able to afford it, or have time to use it. Why do large organizations that keep the world running smoothly still use computer systems from 20 years ago?

      It seems criminal that the world has advanced so far yet only appears to be getting more complex and difficult to live within. Would we have made such evolutionary leaps without so many people mindlessly acting like worker bees while they are simply trying to survive and help better society? I don't think so. I for one just wanted to earn enough money to live on my own and start a family. I never would have willingly supported the most foul creatures alive (or dead?) by being one of their drones.

      Everything gets used in some way for the benefit of something else. That's just the way it is. But now... people are waking up to their own internal feedback mechanism telling them something isn't right with the world. They've been lied to, cheated, taken advantage of, broken down, and nearly destroyed by their own gullible minds for their entire lives. Everyone else was doing it so I followed along! I may have been influenced by demons or aliens!

      A great way to pull the entire world out of panic mode at this time would be to stage an event where the evil, rich tyrants that destroyed our world and tried to kill us found justice, and then all the people were repaid for generations of debt slavery, then freed from illegal regulations so they can build their dreams. We can only hope!

      Either way, life will go on and the ones pulling themselves out of the pit early get a head start on establishing themselves among whatever grows from the ashes. We have a rich history to examine and learn from when it comes to living ideal lives. Nothing will change instantly, but the entire system is held together by everyone's ability to survive with what we already have and what we know how to create. We don't need anybody to rule anything.

      We've been training for this time for what seems like forever. Doesn't it?

      The world became so absurd that everyone stopped caring, but we all have a will to survive a little longer for a much anticipated, but unknown reason.

      What is beyond the veil?

  • I doubt what I say proves anything to you, and I dont know what Jason will answer, but there came a point when I have seen with my own "eyes" what he describes. The whole of existence as a food chain. Entities feed you thoughts and images, you believe them, which makes them "real" and creates an energy stream. And they are being fed upon and so on and so on. I am nowhere near Jason in terms of lucidity, but I can imagine the image getting wider and clearer to the point where the whole creation just is there for me to observe. So to answer your question, he knows these things, because he knows. But I dont see how that helps you.
    As far as tuning into your guidance, try and practice absolute trust, faith, in your guides, as they are always guiding you. You can even view it as a matter of choice, either you choose love (trust), or you choose anything else - fear, jealousy, lust, etc. They are beings, and if you believe them, you feed them energy. The choice is yours.

    • Thank you Jakub, 

      I appreciate your kind words. 'try and practice absolute trust, faith, in your guides, as they are always guiding you. You can even view it as a matter of choice, either you choose love (trust), or you choose anything else' 

      I do try to practice trust, but as of late my trust has been tested. I've had a few sessions where I've uncovered what I thought was a guide only to find a dark wounded energy disquising itself and blocking or changing guidance. (truth or illusion?) so, trusting a guide is also now being tested. 

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