Apocalypse means one thing: Dissolving of the Veils. Who put the veils there to begin with? We did, and we asked an entire mental realm of beings to pretend to be evil to do it. Why did we do that? So that the awakening would whiplash back with incredible force and do something that’s not been tried in any petri dish in this galaxy, that I’m aware of. I find it fascinating that veil, live, and evil all share the same letters, don’t you?

The veils are going to be seriously lifted over the coming few weeks and months. What is underneath the simulation that has been fed and projected essentially through our DNA, metered and controlled by the reality gate-keeping glands in the head, is what is going to be revealed. Thus, a true history is going to come to light. People are going to find out everything they’ve been told and believed is a lie, and very few ideas are going to escape that scrutiny, almost all new age thought included, or even especially, since keeping volunteers confused would be such a high priority for forces of the so-called Dark.

Those truths will hit the channels, even the mainstream, which will make it seem more like a discovery than a revelation of what lay beneath, but know this, wherever you see it, it is what Age of Aquarians have been chanting for since the ‘60s. This is it. This is the Ascension. Nobody’s going to 5D, though, and though it won’t look “spiritual,” it’s the most spiritual thing that has ever happened on this world.

This awakening is going to happen en masse, but it’s only going to happen to those for whom it was meant. Some will never awaken. I suspect all the people dying of vaccines are the ones who simply were not going to. Those passings are a good thing, not unlike a detox in your body. Can you think of a better way to weed out that which is fearful, and thus can no longer jibe with us, than a fake pandemic and its death-dealing vaccine? Through that method, you find out instantly who's afraid and you let them choose their way out of here. Done. Perfect.

The massive and successive epiphanies will create a psychic pressure wave of inconceivable scope, and it will chain reaction as surely as dominos falling. What it’s outcome will be, nobody knows – on or off the planet. There is just no way to pre-calculate a dynamic event involving 4-5 billion mathematical variables, all feeding into the next iterative fractal arriving on the collectively projected screen. And if anybody tells you they do know, they’re either lying or are delusional.

That’s the exciting part, and is actually why your job is to keep your fear out of the equation, and instead inject the power of your courageous heart, your willingness - nay, excitement - to walk forth into the absolute unknown. If you can’t do that, please, just get the hell out of here. That's me being a tough guy (haha!), but seriously, we're done with the age of molly-coddling. 

But here’s what’s going to be hard for most to accept for some time, which is the topic of this discussion. It’s important for the most awake to finally see and understand this, which is the purpose of this post. Many of you, as awake as you are, are going to refuse to believe it, but I’m telling you, it’s true, and you’ll find it out one way or another, in this life, the next, or in between. Obviously, some of you already know what I’m about to cover, and obviously some of you will think I’m insane. Yet, how many people throughout the ages who’ve had the balls to tell the truth were considered insane? Pretty much all of them.

Earth is a farm, and it’s always been a farm. It was never a paradise. Those are just invented fables to keep the farm animals confused. It is used to cultivate and harvest human products, from energy to organs, from sperm to eggs, from labor to engineered beasts, and the list goes on and on. Energy is the most valuable of all those commodities from a galactic perspective, and adrenaline-laced blood of children is the most valuable on-world commodity. Those who feed and enrich themselves in 3D from it, also feed their own galactic uplines. It’s profitability has been sustained for 10,000 plus (but absolutely fake) years. Evil was invented as part of the cover story, because only evil would do that, right? Well, then count yourself evil, because the difference between you and cattle is often significantly smaller than the difference between you and those who’ve been doing the cultivating and harvesting.

They’re not evil. It’s just business, and very profitable at that. And many of those off-worlders do look upon humanity with less respect than we do when we look upon cattle. Those who’ve been involved in this enterprise are the types of beings that new agers would believe to be “higher beings,” “great and loving beings,” too evolved to be involved in something so unsavory, but again, that’s like saying you’re too evolved to eat a cheeseburger. Many of them were involved in the invention of the reality overlay, and though undoubtedly would include the larger self from which I, and many of you, come. They didn’t do this because they hate you. They did this because…well…it’s good business, but it also serves the purpose of creating a tremendous whiplash energy for when the time came to awaken humanity to this “disgusting” truth. As it is throughout the Cosmos, everybody wins.

That reality overlay was designed from the ground up to include every belief there is, almost without exception. Those beliefs are programming parts, in part designed to keep the people in perpetual conflict (and thus deflected from finding what is true), but mostly to keep people from ever finding out that they are farm animals, yourself included. That overlay is what is coming apart, by design. There is no greater a tool for awakening than for someone to find out everything they’ve always been told is a flat-out lie.

The volunteers were called in to participate mightily in the dissolution of those veils, simply by being of a vibe the veils can't survive, and so your animal-ship is far shorter-lived than the natives to the experiment itself. If you’re disgusted by this information, on that at least you can hang your star.

We're not going back to anything, nor taking back anything, nor re-claiming our sovereignty. Those are also invented gimmicks, a lot like the promises of "a better life earned" given to the dupes about to be devoured or liquefied or disposed of in any dystopian movie. We're not restoring Earth's paradise. That's ALL part of the illusory overlay. What we're doing is dismantling the overlay we all agreed to live within. End of story.

Why is it an overlay, you might ask, if it started out that way? It's because we had to have underlying reality to land upon once we've dissolved the farm overlay.

I’ve sprinkled truths here and there in the other threads about this, and I’ll go get some of those posts and put them here as replies (unless somebody does me a solid, saves me the time, and beats me to it), because I know many of you won’t have seen them. But they’re too important to leave out of this disclosure.

Hands in the air, people, and cry your joy to the skies. It’s here, and it’s going to ramp up this week, beginning 9-20-21. It’s been happening in earnest since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, but starting this week, it’s going to become exponential. It isn’t gamma rays coming from Heaven, nor DNA activations pulsing twinkly Light from the galactic core. It’s coming OUT OF US, as it damn well should. Much of it will come in the form of memories, like déjà vu, because there are "memories" of a “real” world underlying the “fake” one (of course, some of you are perfectly aware there is no real nor fake). The Mandela Effect perfectly illustrates what is meant by that. Although I haven't seen it, I think the TV series "The Man in the High Castle" is about this very thing.

Hold on to your hats, ‘cause the wind of change…she’s about to BLOW.

I just sat down and rattled this out over the course of an hour or so and posted as-is. I’m leaving out a lot, but we can cover that as we go along.

More of the world is ready to hear this than you might think, so spread it, if you can. I intend to sprinkle it into our Telegram Channels.

Wow! What a fable! 


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      • Deanna, I feel you, I have been there.

        You dont need to hear a voice to be guided.
        Read it again - you are always guided. Even when you think you are not. 

        Just trust this, it is a synonymum of choosing love.
        In every moment, there is a choice made at the very foundational layer of you, and that choice is either love or ---- (something else).
        Just pick love every time, practice it, meditate upon it, make it your mantra, repeat to yourself - I choose love. Say it in your stomach, as that is where the self that is your body resides, say it in your mind and say it in your heart as that choice needs to be unanimous among all of the voices that you compose of.

        Once you understand what I mean by this, everything else will seem needlessly complicated.
        It all boils down to the simplest of choices, always.

        And what kind of a lunatic would choose something else than love?

        Only the ones that are wounded and believe they need to be hurting. You can think of yourself as composed of various selves, and those selves all need to understand this choice. Some of them have been hurt in this life, some of them in "past" life, some of them in "future" life. Truth is, there is only one life. These selves need healing, because until they are healed, they will tend to choose something else than love, and until then, your voice is not unanimous. Living in love at all times is not possible if you are not united.
        Its a fair amount of work, but alchemy helps tremendously with unlodging these traumatic beliefs and bringing light into them (enlightening them and through them, you, as a composite being that you are).

        I would actually love if Jason would chime in and/or correct me, but I see it plain as day and it works marvelously for me. Of course it only truly starts working effortlessly once you are somewhat composed and the soul sings in unison, but if your intention is to go through life graciously flowing, this is the way I can attest to from personal experience.

        PS One more thought on this - The choice, is between love and something else, we naturally see it as something positive(love) and negative (fear etc), but better way to look at it, is to see Fear as a servant, humble servant that plays a role of someone who has to hijack your mind if you let him, if he sees a crack in your shell, he needs to go in and take what you let him. He does it for you. Because you need to heal your self. If there was no fear, there would be no stimulation for you to do it. Do you see it now? They all serve one purpose, one way or another. 

        Its truly a tremendous, absolutely mesmerizing world once you see it the way I do now. The design is just marvelous.

        Just know that if you step on this path (and you already have), you will be tested, and thats a good thing, because you need to be stable if you want to be strong. 

        I will leave you with a quote by CG Jung -
        "No tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

        • Nice! thank you Jakub!

          Beautifully described and its so good to be reminded. I appreciate your testimonial/life expererience.

          Its an interesting place to be. to just stop the old habit of "do without checking in" vs. stop, listen, then move, then stop listen, move again. I am aware that eventually the "Move again" will eventually be "feel the pull and trust to go there". 


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