I’m going to be frank. I have no other way with which I’m to communicate anymore. I will not walk on eggshells or conceal what I am to keep from offending someone’s delicate sensibilities. Let the reader decide for themselves what’s true, what to apply, or what to discard.

Let’s talk about light and dark. As many of you already know, if you were to get onto a thread that follows either, or both, to the highest levels (least dense in terms of what is perceived as matter), all you’ll find is the same being, which has divided into Light and Dark and set those players against each other in a huge game. This would be on a level of awareness where polarity no longer exists. On all levels below that being are role players. Role players are necessary on those levels, including 3D, because those levels have correlations to our own. Put another way, a you exists on every level between here and the godhead. I’ve likened the concept to Russian Nesting dolls, where you are within a larger being, which is within a larger being, and so on through many iterations. And there is actually nothing outside that beingness. It’s all in the composite head.

This begs the question, are there dark forces, evil, if you like, on 5 and 6D? The answer is yes, there are. A fledgling awakener might be outraged by such a statement: “You mean to tell me that 5D, the realm of Ascended Masters, has evil forces?” Yes. Yes, it does. Why is that true? Because the dark also graduates up through those evolutionary levels.

I say this to qualify the account I’m about to give, as some of you are not going to much like what I’m about to describe.

In the initial writeup to the Sovereignty Thread, the Lady of the White Fountain suggested everyone go through the sovereignty decree ritual to reclaim what has been stolen from you, and to see that it doesn’t happen to you again. Make no mistake: those decrees work, and it’s an actual universally legal procedure, recognized by entities involved in justice. If you haven’t yet done this, it’s critical, and you’re actually being irresponsible in not doing it, both towards you and the world.

The Lady also asked me to do some work on behalf of the world. This isn’t uncommon. I’m of that size and scope, and the Lady, along with many non-physical beings, know it, which is why I’m a colleague, and one of the people that designed this Earth experiment to begin with. Re-read her paragraphs with respect to me, if you need to refresh yourself on what she said.

So, I went out to the desert in Central Utah to perform both my personal decrees, and the global decree. I arrived at a place in the desert that is cool and strange. It’s a location where the scientist-alchemist you can read about in my bio directed me to find the natural alchemies found in Origin. It’s unique in that you’ll find million and millions of seashells, piles of them, ranging in size from marbles to lemons. I’d forgotten my staff, which was just crazy that I had, but I knew I could find a stick for the job.

First, I got totally naked. The ground was a little rough on my feet, but I forebore! With my improvised staff, I scratched a circle in the loose dry bentonite clay, and then added a triangle within that circle, its points touching the circle’s perimeter. I then used my staff to create a hole in the ground in the center of the triangle and circle.

I did my personal decrees, and truthfully, I don’t think I performed it with nearly the feeling it deserves, especially after what happened in the global work. I’ll be doing it again, and I’ll do it until I get it right. Then I did the global work. Somehow, it was hollow. It just didn’t feel like it was there.

I texted a superseer who’s been involved on that level of work with me many times and asked him if it was doing anything. He texted back that it wasn’t. That I had to go deeper. It’s what I suspected.

This area happened to be a place where years ago I was by myself on a Full Moon. It was long enough ago that my heart still bled for humanity. I wasn’t awake enough to know that all is experienced by a) choice of the experiencer, b) according to roles, and c) that it’s actually not even happening. This was during a time when I traveled a lot…I had the money and the leisure time to do it. I was alone for almost all of that couple of years. Just me and my telescope.

That night I’d had alcohol and weed, and maybe something else, and I got emotional. I cried for humanity. I begged and begged under the diffident witness of the Mistress Moon that they stop hurting each other. Looking at Her shining face, I wondered how I might become that aloof.

Now, standing beside my truck I looked at the spot where I’d camped that night. I hadn’t been there since that night, a good 14-15 years ago, it seems. I thought about those emotions, how my heart bled through humanity’s wounds. How far I’ve come in my understanding of how things really work, and how the roles are crucial for everything that must take place for a civilizational experiment to succeed according to its design.

I hopped back in the truck – Raj by name – and started to drive. A song came on that started some emotions bubbling. I reflected on how I felt that night years ago, and the quality of the emotions on this day were different. They continued to build, and I could tell it was coming. So I found a wide open spot right where I camped back then and drew a circle surrounding a triangle in the bentonite clay, just to close the circle from that time to now.

Taking my makeshift staff, I stood in the circle, the staff stuck into the center of the triangle. I put on Reborn, by Solar Fields, and the internal power and fire continued to build along with my emotions. I started to talk to the dark forces on all levels, telling them I was one who could clearly see them and the purpose for their roles. I confided that I knew for their roles, their 3D Earth selves had to do and be what they are.

The emotions continued to build, and I was full on weeping by now. As the song continued to intensify, so did the energy. I started dancing in whirling martial arts kinds of motions, using the staff as a “weapon.” Soon, I was dancing like an aboriginal in trance, making dancing circles around the circle, weeping and wailing as loud as I could be, fully possessed by what I must do, the liquids pouring from my mouth and nose, become whipped and flung into the dirt, as I became a mad thing, hunched over at times and calling from the deepest abyss my own deep darkness. Finally, there is a climactic moment in that song, and I’d planned for it. Moving back into the circle, I raised the staff over my head and drove the point into the Earth at the same time the music hit its crescendo. Waves of nuclear energy blasted out in concentric circles, encircling the globe. Imagine a planet exploding in a sci-fi movie as you’re blasting away from it in your ship, and it sends concentric waves radiating in all directions, consuming everything they reach. That’s what it looked like, and they consumed what they must.

I was later told it had opened vortices all over the place and darkness was sucked into them throughout the world.

But for me, the emotions continued. I went for a drive through beautiful Central Utah canyon country. Through Capital Reef and into Torrey, Utah. It was so gorgeous, which added to the emotions. I wept on and off for the next three hours, almost exclusively for them, the forces of the Dark. I pulled all those dark forces into my heart and held them close, loving them with all my soul. My empathy for them was like nothing I’d felt before. Perhaps I can elicit the source of the emotion in you, but you have to be in an empathic mode for it to work.

Imagine volunteering for a job in a 3D body you have been asked to do. Then you perform that role according to the specifications of the job and the person or persons who asked you to do it. In a nutshell, your job was to be evil, but which would help them gain deeper understanding, and to evolve, to go from being coal to diamond. But now, the person/s you helped hate, vilify, fear and condemn you for performing to the letter what you were asked to do. In fact, most of them would just as soon see you tortured and then killed. How unfair! There’s a deep loneliness in there, betrayal, and futility, because, even worse, your side is forever destined to lose (in our systems, anyway). All done from love, by the way, and so that some person or persons can get to a higher level of being, while leaving you behind.

No wonder such deep resentment builds in their collective consciousness. No wonder such vengeance builds in them. And it must, for that is also the role.

I experienced this deeper than most of even them are able, and I came out of it knowing that if I were standing in a room with their most powerful members, they’d point at me and say, “You leave that one alone.” It would be mutual honor and respect.

Then my outpouring emotions would swing towards the gods, Metaself. Little do most semi-awake people know, but the highest Metaself probably doesn’t even know you exist. Several nested selves down from that immense entity, those selves may be aware of your existence. If you study Huna magic, one of the oldest intact magical systems in the world, you will find that through practice and contact with higher realms, you might be able to command the attention of your Highest Self. Hunas refer to that entity as Aumakua, which is more a composite of functions/selves descending from that godhead.

During my weeping, I was also touching bases with that entity. This is only possible through years and years of being an alchemist and an adept. I could feel the descent happening, and it was because of the global work I’d done this day, and especially with my heart. The god came down from his heaven and moved into me, and remains to this day.

This happened for one reason: because I’d fully and genuinely loved those of the Dark. It wasn’t just words anymore, or a general sentiment that that’s how we should be. Of course, so much lip service is given to this idea, it’s nauseating, but how frequently is it sincere? Almost never. “We’re all one!” so many cheer, but bring up evil? “…well, except for them.”

Long story short, I did what I was asked to do, because there is a plan for Earth and it’s right on schedule. The most important moral to the story is that you cannot - repeat, cannot! - get to the highest etheric spaces in a human body without doing what I did, meaning embrace with your heart the Dark. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you to reach such spaces, and that’s perfect. But if you want to go where I can take you, you’ll have to work towards the unconditional embracing that I did that day.

I am a Cosmic Magus, and the farther along any Magus is, the less Light and Dark have any meaning whatsoever, and these concepts are utterly meaningless to me now.

This is how fear ceases to exist.

I've imbued this symbol with tremendous power. It can help you to do what I did, if it's in your path and capacity. If it's not right, don't do it. If it is, be prepared for your next liberation. Just say to it, "I'm ready to be shown how to walk this path."

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Strangely beautiful isn't it? How much of the embrace of darkness renders us to recall the true meaning of what is whole.


Yes. Thank you.

Denying darkness is denying our own aspects. How can we truly heal our own pain if we do not recognize the pain we have inflicted towards other life, whether directly or indirectly? I am you are me. We are all interchangeable parts in this together in this omniversal divine melodrama.

I wonder how often this "I" has denied her own subconscious inner children, relegating them to crouching in hidden corners waiting for triggers to express their confused suppression of demonized beingness. How, when I breath the moisture of love onto and through these beings they reanimate from wrinkled, dry, dusty, forgotten rags stuffed in the deep crevasses back into playful children who just want to be seen, heard and acknowledged. 

As the divine feminine I give the nurturing love of the Mother to all these shadow beings. As the sacred masculine i forthrightly command their forgiveness and safe passage. As the blessed child I am unified.

f* yeeah

Inspired by Becky Parkes:

To the north, where I feel my roots in this earth I say:
To the east, where I calm and quiet my mind I say:
To the south, where I sense deeply the spirit of all life and feel our connection I say:
To the west, where I release and swim in the ocean of emotions without attachment I say,

I love myself/you

I forgive myself/you

I heal myself/you

I free myself/you

I am/you are loved

I am/you are forgiven

I am/you are healed

I am/you are free

Dude. Just incredible. Thank You. 

For decades...

Darkness, darkness, darkness.

Unseen they lurked. Attacked me. Over and over again.

They haunted me, my home, my mate, my pets. 

Tormented me. Slapped me in broad daylight.

Clung to me, they fed on me. Made me sick and limp.

They raped me in my sleep. I raged.

They scratched me, marking my back. They gouged my throat. 

I trembled, wretched...waves of debilitating fear. My terror was deep. 

In my darkest & weakest time...Light & hope came. Angelic. Radiant. 

Light...a journey with light. They saved me. Fed me light. 

Gave me sword. Knowledge. Taught me to fight. To save.

Now. I stand sovereign. Stronger. With eternal light.

Fear fell away.

I live. It is stunning, this life. 

They also taught me to love. 

Love the darkness that hurt me my whole life? Their light is blinding...how can I not love?

I might be slow. Easing in. One day, I will be ALL IN. Whole in the darkness and light. 

Thank you Jason. Your work...am awed. 

Raw. Honest. Exquisite. 

Rebecca Thompson said:

For decades...

Beautiful. Thank you. 

Molly said:

Inspired by Becky Parkes:

To the north, where I feel my roots in this earth I say:
To the east, where I calm and quiet my mind I say:
To the south, where I sense deeply the spirit of all life and feel our connection I say:
To the west, where I release and swim in the ocean of emotions without attachment I say,

I love myself/you

I forgive myself/you

I heal myself/you

I free myself/you

I am/you are loved

I am/you are forgiven

I am/you are healed

I am/you are free

WOW  I could feel the energy of that night through your words. I bet the energy of your being will echo in that place in the desert forever.



Beautiful empathy and compassion! We are already one and whole with Source Energy...all aspects of light and dark complete the whole within the love of Source. 

Freaking beautiful and awesome brother! I believe and agree with all you have said. I will follow your example and do this! Not because I think it sounds cool but because I have been slowly lead to this and you have just revealed a great truth. I will seek out the deeper understanding of this then perform as you have. Thanks for your teaching, leadership and guidance, oh yeah and all of your hard work.

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