Has anyone ever come across the Destiny or Love Cards by Robert Lee Camp? They are fascinating way to review our life courses thru numerology. You can get your card done free at: 7thunders.com 

All one has to do is put in their birthday on the panel on the right and it will then give you the birth card, your theme for the year, and the 52 day period. There are 7 total 52 day periods each year starting with ones birthdate each year. My birth card is the 5 of Hearts and theme card for this period is the Ace of Diamonds. 

The Ace of Diamonds means the desire for money or the birth of a new way of earning money. All Aces represent new beginnings, a desire for something that starts a new cycle of creating. Aces are the representatives of pure creative energy.

Diamonds represent our value systems, the things that we like or dislike, treasure or discard. So, the Ace of Diamonds means that we experience the birth of a new value or that we suddenly like or want something that we didn't before.

Because diamonds are commonly associated with money and our work, the Ace of Diamonds can mean the beginning of a new financial enterprise or the desire to obtain money for a specific purpose.

You are currently in your Venus 52-day period of your year.

This period began on January 19, 2020 and will end on March 12, 2020.

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thank you!

well look at that - ace of diamond is my birth card
what a coincidence ^^

If you scroll down to the bottom of the description for the Ace, it will tell you who your Karma cards are, those you owe and those who owe you. I've met one person who owed me karma and two others whom I owed something to. I definitely had the feeling or urge to help them out in some way. It was very gratifying to balance that karma and feel complete about it. 

The 52 day cards are also very accurate in showing what phase you are in during the year. Try those out.

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