Does anybody have intelligent insights in terms of 5 MEO DMT, LSD, Psychedelics, MDMA on the overall chakric system and subtle bodies, especially over the long-term?

Most of the current Cosmic literature is indicating that these are too powerful for Star Seeds and are to be avoided, by and large. It basically weakens the overall energy field over time, so the subtle bodies might take ~3 months to recover.

They leave openings in the auric field, which makes sense because the persons mind has been rent open (literally) and they can't carefully integrate the revelations in a meanginful and sustainable way. So its just a scary mental belief that they don't know what to do with.

Obviously, these substances 'work' and the soul does for the most part get real and true insights (I'm aware that is mostly a reflection of internal beliefs but I think that there is a more benevolent and universal force that tilts the soul towards truth and influences the trip. Otherwise, no evolution). Mushrooms are an incredibly benevolent consciousness IMO, when properly prepared. But I think most people are unaware of the effects on their subtle bodies even if they are doing some 'heavy lifting' in terms of spiritual homework. 

I'm thinking of going for 5 MEO-DMT as a kind of yearly trip. My body and field is pretty healthy (relatively speaking, as always) so I can integrate the truths and recover from any collateral damage.

What are your thoughts? On a long time horizon, does the Star Seed get penalised for this shortcut? Or should JD replace his Phasix/Lumin with AL-Lad? (JK). 

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Nobody is going to penalize you for anything, but I think you realise well that these substances are a trade off. You get something and it takes something in return.
Ive had some revelations on these things, some stick with me and some didnt. I feel like mdma is pretty rough on the system, much more than lets say lsd, even though theyre both synthetics.
If you want dmt, just find yourself a shaman and try a ritual with ayahuasca, no? Its important to realise these are beings, just like you and me, and if you honor them properly, things are wildly different.

If you are looking for a real advice, just stick with alchemy, there is no downside to it.

Hi, Daniel. I have extensive experience, knowledge and insight.

First, fast and ready rules that are cut and dried are not to be credited, such as what you've been led to believe with Starseeds. 

Secondly, no substance you name, but one, gets you anywhere beyond the astral level, which is 4D and is just a mess of intelligences and influences that are adept at tricking you into thinking you're getting something of psychological or "spiritual" benefit. You're already WAY beyond 4D, so unless you just want to have some fun on them, they're not going to do anything for you like you think. Ibogaine, by the way, is an exception, because of the power of its intrapersonal insights.

MDMA was synthesized through a man by a demon. That man didn't know it. It's designed from the ground up to keep people from reaching anywhere at all, but because it has such wonderful touchy-feely stuff going on with it, and since humans are such slaves to sensation, it makes them believe they're getting something from it. I once utterly tornado'd a home in the mountains where people went there, paid $300 for a weekend, used it, and then came away thinking they'd gotten something. My presence  destroyed it, the couple got divorced, and sold the cabin.

Now, for the big one. 5 MEO DMT is absolutely sacred. You produce it every night. Babies at birth have 1000 times as much of it in their blood as adults, and people at their death also have 1000 times as much as a healthy adult. It's the current through the Door of Brahma. If you go into a cave that is absolutely black and stay there for weeks, after about the 9th to 11th days, you'll begin producing it prodigiously. At that point, you don't even need eyes, as second-awareness is fully active. It does blast through the chakras, but we have tools here that will do that. If it's pure 5 MEO, you won't' go on any sort of trip. If you have the right person to administer and "sit" with you, and you both properly prepare, it can show you Creation's Core, but you won't behold that as you. You are gone. You will have no concept of self, and you won't see anything at all. You have to be gone, since you are incapable of apprehending what that is from the "couch" of a 3D body.

Now, having said that, it doesn't lift you and leave you there. It's short, pedestrian, wonderful, orgasmic, the connection to Earth, as an example, afterward is astounding, but if you're looking for permanent results and insights and being raised to another level of being, not one plant ally or its processed version will get you there. And by you, I mean YOU. People of lower order frequencies, such as Earthlings native to this experiment, could use them to get where YOU are. 

Alchemy, made by an Alchemist, will, however, get you where you need to go, and by that I mean, not necessarily where you THINK you need to go. In the Cosmic order of things, very few people have even an inkling of what they need to see to the treading of their highest and least cluttered path.

@Jakub @JD

Thanks! This is exactly what I'm looking for! It's actually exceedingly rare to get direct information on these topics haha. You wouldn't believe!

So, I'm going to leave off entirely minus the 5 MEO DMT trip at some stage (and potentially ibogaine). Might avoid the Shaman, as I'm very nervous about entrusting this kind of thing to a physical person. Been burned. No cave currently available, but that is potentially an option in future. 

I was interested primarily for 2 reasons. The first is a soul called Leo Gura from, who seems very on-point and expanded, but with a certain lack of benevolence/heart-centeredness in his transmissions. He promotes various kinds of psychadelics as a rollercoaster fast track, as did Terrence Mckenna. 

The second is that I was guided to a trip about 5 years ago using LSD, MDMA, and a pure psilocybin tincture together. This was a matrix level experience, where I breathed for the first time and ripped out chords. I have since been guided to substances a couple of times. At least, I feel it was guided. The first one was 1000% overlighted. 

Anyway, its fabulous to have clarity on this. I'm eager to start on the alchemy products when I get home. In the meantime, I'll have a number of similar questions, as there are not really any other forums for these matters. At least, not ones that give you meaningful answers. 

Blowing my mind as always Jason. Thank you!

Ive had LSD last december after a very long time and its exactly how I felt - cut off from the higher densities. It was confusing, I was expecting the opposite, you know. Have my mind horizons broadened. Ha! Thats fun to find out.

Daniel, you dont need a cave, there are places where you can spend time in absolute darkness, here we call them darkness retreats, we have a couple of them so I bet you have some in Ireland as well.

Mantak Chia has operated a dark room retreat at his compound for at least 20 years. I wanted to go do this myself, but never got around to it, and then I tore through the membrane anyway.

I don't think this is the link to the official page for this service, but I thought I'd just grab it and post it.

Daniel, when you get ready for the 5 meo, let me know. I'll get you in a cloud of energy that will ensure you remain free of exterior influence, and will get you to the highest frequency domain possible for you.

Jakub, you operate well above the reach of LSD, so it's no wonder you didn't get anywhere. It might have facilitated some connectivity a couple years ago. But WOW have you come a long ways in that space of time.

This is perfect, its even in Chiang Mai (a place I would probably be right now except for the imaginary virus and the ensuing Thai lockdown). I was also supposed to get a higher-self book by Daniel Mitel a while back (my guides were nudging but I declined). Can't wait to get back to Thailand. 

I'll definitely be sending a message before the ceremony, much appreciated! 

@Jakub You're in the US? Ireland is way behind the times, it's like travelling back to 1945. I can't find any darkness retreats after doing a preliminary search, though there are many solitary retreats. As it stands, the 5 MEO seems most aligned. The retreat will hopefully follow next year, if things open up again (Not sure if things will get more or less stupid, and nothing surprises me anymore).


Daniel, I live in Pilsen, Czech Republic. I know about at least 4 or 5 dark room retreats here, maybe try and ask around, I would be really surprised if there werent any in Ireland. I have a friend in Ireland, I think he lives near Dingle, I could ask him, maybe he knows about something. If anything, you could always come and do the retreat here, its like 2 hour flight.

Jason, thanks! Coming from you, I really appreciate it. Its been 6 years since I first came to tsb, would you believe it? I would take credit for my rise in vibration, but could a puppet take the credit for the puppeteers work?
Its really ironic, all those things Chance was talking about when I first came here and it all just sounded so far fetched, and it was like 2 weeks ago that I was really struggling with the fact that everybody is a liar, me included. Everything is fake, everybody an imposter. And I just remembered he told me that 6 years ago and had to really laugh hard at it all.

Jakub in Pilsen. I'm sure you're aware that Pilsner beer brewing had its birth there. I lived in Denmark for a a year in my 20s, and I learned a LOT about beer. Although I hardly ever partake, to this day I will only drink European.

The Czech Republic has a long history of being a crucial seat of True Alchemy, and on my bucket list is to visit Prague. We'll be over there after the madness passes. Masks, passports, all that, it's all gonna get flushed as soon as they get their Harvest numbers. Even the White Hats are helping them do that. It's a tough proposition because people are now waking exponentially, and every single thing they try to implement makes it harder to get their numbers. When I scan the world right now, I get that they're about 80% there. That last 20% is going to be TOUGH. Man I hope they get it soon!

I was going to try to find where Hidden Hand talked about needing a negative Harvest, but I haven't gotten around to it. I know that it's been WAY out of balance to the light since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, because of the waves of volunteers. What a conundrum. Needing to cheer the Dark on to get their numbers and then get the hell out of here so that we can construct the world to come, which I can tell you right now is going to be a dazzling place to be within 5-6 years. Many of us already feel the Shangri-La vibe, but even by the end of 2022, it's going to be an entirely different world.

Hi Jakub - I’m an hour from Dingle, so that’d be great! I’m currently in Tallinn, but reluctant to move too often, not just for the lost energies of air travel. I went for a PCR test once where a long stick was stuck up my nose. I cannot believe people allow that to happen to themselves, and it’s hard to kind of positive talk myself past things that are just so outright dumb. It was dumb enough already having to explain myself to an immigration officer and put my bags through a giant metal detector for no reason, now its beyond preposterous. 

My parents are visiting Tallinn soon, where there is no lockdown or masks or followed distancing policies, so this should serve to illuminate them somewhat to the pointlessness of what’s going on back home in the media fabricated reality. 

I can appreciate the Dark Arts like anybody else, the fluoride, GMO food, chemtrails, money magic, media warfare, ok. All’s fair. But this is just farcical. Poor quality farcical, as well. I guess it has to be for people to wake up, but my family is still buying in. I don’t understand how people can still be buying in.  

On the plus side, the end of 2022 is not all that far away! Masks and passports and nation states, and the taxation thing soon to follow. Man, what a weird experience that all was. And how exciting to travel unfettered - Inner Earth and Outer Space should soon also be open for business! 

I really don’t tolerate beer well, strange as that sounds from an Irish person. Pizza, coffee, and the weekly Coca Cola are the threats. Gotta eliminate that albumin haha.

I thought the vaccine preferences were a sign of harvestability - if you accept vaccine, you’re reincarnating on a similar planet to repeat, end of. But I met a high vibe priestess a couple of months ago who took it, which was a little strange. Anyway, it's time to move, literally? Can't see the solar system waiting around for the Darkies to get their affairs in order. 

Anybody who buys in at this juncture is heading to the dystopian world. What we've found is the necessity of even family units being divided into the two trajectories. There are mathematical reasons for it. 

A great example is my own mother. She bought completely into it and is headed to that world, and she's the one that turned me onto the Cabal at 15-16 years old. Now she doesn't believe any of that. It's literally like the Mandela Effect. That surprised me to find out about her future incarnations, until I caught a glimpse of the math.

As for your PCR test. You've got stuff crawling around in you. If you want me to kill it, just say the word.

Daniel O'Keeffe said:

Hi Jakub - I’m an hour from Dingle, so that’d be great! I’m currently in Tallinn, but reluctant to move too often, not just for the lost energies of air travel. I went for a PCR test once where a long stick was stuck up my nose. I cannot believe people allow that to happen to themselves, and it’s hard to kind of positive talk myself past things that are just so outright dumb. It was dumb enough already having to explain myself to an immigration officer and put my bags through a giant metal detector for no reason, now its beyond preposterous. 

Jason, yeah! Pilsner Urquell is the brand that birthed that type of beer. Its like a religion here. Sometimes if you go to a pub and order something else, they give you a really strange look haha.
You are gonna love Prague, its a charming city. Me and Jan can show you around, I grew up in Prague and he lives there now.
Regarding True Alchemy, I can only agree. You can still see it even today, people who live here are very different than nations that surround them. Lots of druids, witches, shamans, occultists..I even came across a club of hermetics that is working for almost a 100 years, through communism and everything. There is a very deeply ingrained Pagan tradition in the collective consciousness of czechs. Its a nice place to live for sure.

Also, could you maybe check my body? I feel like there is some kind of infection that I cant seem to shake off. I started taking purazyme again recently and it seems to be working nicely against it but I still feel drained, as if my body had to split its focus to fight something off. You have my permission to do anything you will be inclined to and Im grateful if you do!

Also Jason, I think when HH talked about the need for negative harvest, he meant negative for them, the souls that facilitated the negative polarity. They didnt care about the rest, but they themselves had to end up in the negative for the contract to fullfill.
Either way, the splitting is really palpable now. It feels like there are at least 2 timelines overlaying in the same space, if that makes any sense. Like theres people who used to be my good friends, but they can barely see me when we pass each other on the street. 
Living at the very tip of a collective splitting into positive/negative 4D is just crazy experience. What a time to be alive!

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