This thread is for all discussion related to The Great Purge document, and the direction in which we are taking The Superbeings. The document talks about what is going on with Volunteers (which is everybody reading these words), and what has always been going on. There is a major shift underway, but it's not what you think (some know this, though), and it's demonstrable what it is and it will be doing. We're fully intending to ride the wave in an optimal way. Why? Because it's our job.

Let's get the hubbub happening! 

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What's that about? I soak almond and then dry them in the oven. Is that bad?

Doubt it, but just a warning to those who read that and might think mass produced, deep fried, candied nuts are the same thing.

Sorry if it seems like I was detracting. I thought for a long time whether to bring that up. I am truly grateful for the information, products and services provided here. I am impressed and agree with the dietary advice.

Oh no worries, I appreciate that. I am always learning new bits and I love it.

The exercise advice is really sound too. I recently watched a video of Joe Rogan interviewing Firas Zahabi about not exercising so hard that you kill your body and are unable to continue the next day or the day after, and instead try to do a manageable amount every day and slowly grow that amount and over time you'll have done more meaningful volume.

Dietary insights I personally have, you can eat almost anything you want if you have discipline. The problem is when you mix fatty, savory, salty or sweet, your brain literally gets a double/triple whammy of DANG THIS IS GOOD and you get addicted and are unable to stop yourself. The offenders are obvious and numerous. The opposite side of that though, is that thicker, saturated fats slow the rapid absorption of free sugars and protect you from the liver harming toxicity of that rapid process. So discipline is critical. I will have one cookie and some nuts to make it digest slower and I will allow myself to have a few more nuts but definitely no more cookies. I watched a video about how dairy cows have been genetically modified to lactate for longer periods but the caveat is increased levels of estrogen in the milk. I think meat is fine but overcooking it can be dangerous (advanced glycation end products) and processed meat with preservatives might be something to be cautious of. There's a sugar called Neu5Gc found in red meat and not white meat, which can be found on cell membranes of some cancers and it mimics another sugar Neu5Ac, humans used to have Neu5Gc but it seems an adaptation to malaria a long time ago changed that. Genetics certainly plays some part in what works for you.

I'm starting to get a bit paranoid of vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils too, those really might be one of the most dangerous things for you. I think it's a pretty safe thing to say the more natural and unrefined it is the healthier it is for you (questionable).

My questions are what substances can you not even have a tiny bit of?

Are there preparation methods like juicing that can actually enhance bioavailability? Could Purazyme be a high level of increasing bioavailability so basically every food becomes a "superfood"?

Get Purazyme, every time I've gotten advice from the Alchemist it's proven lasting and powerful, this product is going to be majorly special and even the Archmages of yore are expressing gratitude at the singing vibrations being produced from all the healing.

High fructose corn syrup. There is NOTHING redeemable about it. 

Orange juice ( even fresh squeezed) is a HUGE lie as far as being healthy. It spikes your insulin. A glass of juice= 10 oranges. That is TON of sugar.  So even fruit intake should be modified and carefully monitored IMO unless you are trying to heal cancer with the Gerson method of juicing.

I don't think juicing is a good idea for many people. Far too much sugar. I DO think juicing vegetables is far healthier and can be good. I think there could be healthy green drinks and smoothies but it needs to be the right stuff and you need to understand what kind of constitution you have. Like a healthy green drink would have veggies- cucumber, celery, spinach and maybe some apple and a few berries +water or some type of green powder, spirulina etc.

One way that juiced fruits can be detrimental is For example a lot of raw fruits are cold natured (like oranges) and raw cold material can create phlemgm and dampness in the body. It can harm the spleen which has a big effect on digestion. 

All this raw vegan food can make someone who is naturally cold natured and deficient in their digestive function, it can make them more cold and more deficient and weak by further weakening digestion fire. Your stomach needs to be hot and strong like a gas stove. Pouring cold juice on your stomach fire is like pouring water on a fire. It's going to make "steam" and dampness in your gut which is a perfect breeding ground for yeast and other bacteria to get an upper hand. It's going to make it hard to digest things cause the stomach is weak. BUT, consequently, if you are someone who has tooo much heat in their body and tend to be on the toxic side ( alot of meat, tobacco etc) maybe the raw vegan method is PERFECT for balancing your constitution cause the cold is cooling some of that extra heat and is very cleansing with all the antioxidents. This is all TCM ( traditional chinese medicine theory.) If Maria is reading this she might have an interesting take on this or maybe she can correct or add to my understanding.

Sodas. No one needs this ever. Cancer causing and used as INDUSTRIAL SOLVENTS. Leaches minerals from your bones and destroys your stomach and GI tract.

There are tons of naturally fizzy drinks that are fermented like kombucha that are far better for you and tons of herbal/fruit flavored natural teas that are perfect for someone that does not enjoy the taste of pure water.

GMO anything is a bad idea.

Non organic inhumanely hormone pumped treated processed meat is garbage. Don't even bother.

I think most processed sugar is not great. Honey in tiny amounts is ok or used medicinally but honey is very strong as well. If I have to use a sugar it's usually maple syrup in small amounts.

Almost all psuedo sweeteners like splenda, sweet and low,  are a nO- no except for Agave, stevia ( don't over do this) monkfruit, coconut sugar and probably some fruit based sweetners are far better choices.

Purazyme is great for making the nutrients in food more bioavailable.

That's all I can think of right now. 

There's a lot of resistance in me to the cold and hot body stuff. My mind just defaults to unscientific. Time for me to reconsider

One thing I've become very careful about ingesting, even in minute amounts - Tap Water.  I will not drink it, cook with it, consume any ice made from it, brush my teeth with it, or even drink from a glass that's been washed in it without fist being rinsed with something cleaner.  Quite frankly, it disgusts me.

If you Don't Drink The Water, eat organic food and make a conscious effort to avoid chemicals, I think you're off to a good start.  Once your body starts to clear itself out, you'll just kind of KNOW what you need.  It's been different things at different points for me and I'd imagine it's similar for a lot of folks.  The general pattern seems to be:  fix your antenna by eliminating the worst stuff and then fine tune the dial by monitoring your own frequencies.

An old subgenius concept that helped me a lot is a basic understanding of "PILLS."  Ask any subgenius what pills are and you'll get a whole bunch of differing answers, but here's my view.  A pill is ANYTHING that you "take" that effects you.  In other words:  all foods, drugs, music, the color of your couch, TV 'programs', a piece of art on the wall that you're looking at, the view of that attractive person who just walked by, the sound of the wind in the trees -- they're all pills.  Now don't get all holier-than-thou and say you don't take 'em!  Everybody does, even the bad ones.  Don't play superhero and claim they don't effect you.  They do.  No worries.  Just be conscious of what pills you take and how they make you feel.  If you pay just a smidge of attention to the 'ol cost-benefit ratio, I think you'll find yourself heading in the right direction without too much effort.

As a quick end note, Purazyme has been one awesome pill!  I'd echo Mary's comments about nutrients being more bio-available and would add that it seems to be assisting me with the rapid decalciification of deep muscle tissues that I hadn't even realized were calcified until I started taking it.  The newer physical alchemies have been a true blessing.  Many thanks to Jason, Mary and the gang upstairs!

Calvin said:

My questions are what substances can you not even have a tiny bit of?

Chinese medicine is thousands of years old. It's based on Aruveda which is even older. It's legit, it's simply a different paradigm of science. But there are other ways of looking at health. I think that we can benefit from an ever dynamic view that incorporates cutting edge science that may be open to energy concepts, new information that responds to the unique health imbalances of our day and age and the amalgamation of them into something even more advanced.

TCM is just about studying the patterns in nature and using them as a guide to determine imbalance and then using the programming elements of and their actions to acheive homestasis.

In western paradigm the body is an empty machine with parts that can be replaced. In TCM or aryuveda the body is a  dynamic and conscious garden which can get too swampy, dehydrated or overrun with bugs. Up until a certain point in early medicine we actually followed a paradigm that was greek and probably influenced by the middle eastern medicine which I think was closer to the eastern tcm viewpoint.

I think it may have been Decartes era and maybe him who was keen on compartamentalizing the body through the dissecting and studying the individual organs that we LOST the whole picture of the body and we left a narrative that included that big picture of how everything is interrelated.

Another left turn was the invention of vaccines. I think it was Pastuer who said on this deathbed  ( and I paraphrase) "the terrain, that's what matters!" referring to the fact that sole focus on the eradication of microbes was not quite the whole picture. That the terrain or the jungle of our microflora being strong was even more crucial. I always think of that when I hear the hysterics of people who are hellbent on labeling all people who question the safety of vaccines as quackery nutjobs. It is hard though to get the right information.

We have been lied to so much. And the data is just terribly confusing as it's often conflicting. So for me it comes down to your own research and start making informed decisions. Getting chronically ill was a tremendous blessing as it gives you a crash course in education. You have no choice.  

Calvin said:

There's a lot of resistance in me to the cold and hot body stuff. My mind just defaults to unscientific. Time for me to reconsider

Yes, it's definitely time to reconsider. Chinese Medicine is as scientific as it gets, and is 2500 years old. It's so much more complex, deeply studied, and understands so much more about the human mechanism than western medicine (scientific), it's like comparing Hasbro's Operation to an EEG.

Calvin said:

There's a lot of resistance in me to the cold and hot body stuff. My mind just defaults to unscientific. Time for me to reconsider


Any of you know about tobacco? One would think that it too contains poisonous material. (apart from the obvious, smoke, nicotine)Mainly those sold on streets, as pure is almost impossible to get.

I have started smoking about half year ago and don't feel the supposed cleansing effect as much as the addictive and lung numbing effects.

Zsolt De Zou said:


Any of you know about tobacco? One would think that it too contains poisonous material. (apart from the obvious, smoke, nicotine)Mainly those sold on streets, as pure is almost impossible to get.

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