This thread is for all discussion related to The Great Purge document, and the direction in which we are taking The Superbeings. The document talks about what is going on with Volunteers (which is everybody reading these words), and what has always been going on. There is a major shift underway, but it's not what you think (some know this, though), and it's demonstrable what it is and it will be doing. We're fully intending to ride the wave in an optimal way. Why? Because it's our job.

Let's get the hubbub happening! 

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The oil feels soothing to me and I imagine it collecting free radicals and lubricating internal surfaces  but typically don't feel most things I put in my body on an energetic level. I have spent so many years disconnected from those types of sensations, it is taking a tremendous focus and concentration to reconnect and feel. I look to you as the expert. :)

JD Aliix said:

For me, and my constitution, I see no reason for C60 at all. I don't know about you. How does it feel?

Initially I really felt the c60  with an uptick in energy but after a while I got no noticable result as something I could feel, which does not necessarily mean anything negative about it. 

My attention got moved to other supportive herbs and supplements to focus upon so it's possible there was a body wisdom that just said... hey, we want you to be using these OTHER things which are more targeted to what's going on for you right now. That does not mean it's a bad supplement or anything. I know MANY people who consider it essential. Other than Purazyme which is just plain good for anyone, and our alchemy, what's right for someone may truly fluctuate quite a bit as the body is dynamic and if something is working then it's possible it got you to a place of balance and it's not needed anymore. I try to pay attention to the things that come across my screen and also work with a local chiro/naturpath who has some testing equipment that truly finds the organs that are weak and need tonifying or cleaning.

Right now I am using things that support my hormones of thyroid, adrenals, hypothalamus and nervous system and some anti fungal gut support and some lymes homeopathics. I take the WPG Origin alchemy that is coming out and spectral and Juva and Enzymes. SO many things! But they are working. If it works well for you- that's the important thing. Sometimes if I am unsure I use my pendulum to get a yes or no. Also, worth mentioning... yall can bless your supplements to get the vibe up there. You could use the MPS to do it. 

I don't think the foot bath would work very much if you used distilled water. There needs to be minerals (from good salt) for the water to be conductive.

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