We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below.

In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group initiation into a higher order. From there, I’ll begin teaching/unteaching in regularly scheduled group calls. The methods will include assignments. The thrust of the effort will be to teach (or in the cases of most, remind) those who’ve undergone the initiation how to martial natural forces and put them to work as walking adepts and, essentially, wizards.

The goal is to reach constant Knowing. If you know you can do something, it's already done.

Should anyone arrive at the threshold of the supernormal, like levitation or instant manifestation, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

We’re going to take at least a few weeks to assemble the entire “list” of participants, because from there, the calls will lead from one thing to the next, and therefore coming in somewhere in the middle will be counterproductive.

Interestingly, for this first “prime” group, my book “Mythion” will be required reading. The reason for that is two-fold. First, is that it gives context for understanding certain ideas, which can then be probed on a deeper level in our discussions. Second, this group is going to be involved in putting Mythion “on the map” by being the first wave of readers and Amazon reviewers.

The second requirement prior to the first initiation is getting and using the alchemy, Sembria. If you haven’t gotten it, get it. We won’t hold the first initiation until you’ve used it, and it’ll be up to you to keep us posted on your readiness.

I want to make it clear that I know at least some of you already know everything I’ll be imparting.

And because of the power with which this group will operate, we will fire into the collective consciousness grid powerful symbolic breadcrumbs for the subconscious of individuals to follow to find the path of least resistance to function in the world with A) much greater responsibility, and B) concomitant with responsibility, power. This will lead many of them, those who are ready, of course, to, the website project currently rising up around the novel (see below).

Naturally, we’re not talking about power on the part of the individual, but as an “expresser” of the will and intent of the Master Presence, inherent in all things, both manifest and unmanifest.

This group, already an extraordinarily powerful bunch, will then be in mentorship positions in the Mythion community (just as several are now here at TSB), if that is in your path. For all we know, your path will take you far afield of everything we’re doing, but that’s great. The only thing that matters is that you are functioning with exactitude in Universal Flow, or conjoined with the mind of Metaself/Master Presence, acting on behalf of everything BUT yourself in these capacities.

Having said that, I’m perfectly aware of the critical nature of self-care and seeing to one’s own roots and needs, especially in daily detoxing, which, if you’re not doing it now, you’ll have to start. I’m a pretty clean vessel, but I have to be mindful of detoxing every single day. If I have to be that mindful, then there’s no question you do too. The new site to replace TSB,, will in fact talk much about cleanliness, inner and outer balance, and about health above the normal scope of what that means to the less aware public.

So, I’ll be broadcasting messages from TSB to get people well aware and prepared for what’s coming, and it does in fact start with assembling the pre-launch list for publication. Once we have at least 102 who are committed to the higher path, we’ll have the first initiation call.

Let’s go a bit more into the Mythion Project and bring everyone up to speed on how this plays out.

My own team and all other galactic level operators involved in this, envision a project that involves a website,, and on that website will eventually be the book as a desktop and mobile version. Eventually, as mentioned elsewhere, there will be a card game based roughly on the much broader elements of Xenxu (the alternate reality in the book) and its ability to transform its users through density clearing.

There will also be discussion forums for the elucidation of the deeper esoteric ideas and “secrets” held within the book’s pages, obviously behind spoiler alert warnings. That’s where the power will be, in those discussions, because in explaining what I mean, and most of you will already know what I’m saying, people who aren’t as far along as we are will rapidly expand into a much bigger sphere of perception.

Also on will be a way for people to upload and publish their own works, which will be formatted by the software into the form “Mythion” will already be in. That way, those who want to expose and market their own works will drive additional traffic to the site and reap the rewards of their own labors of love.

This group, this nucleus, is where it all starts.

I expect nothing. I know there is not a single puzzle piece in the entirety of Creation that doesn’t already function according to its purpose. But if you’re drawn in, this is going to become an explosively powerful effort and you will be propelled to a far higher level, so long as you’re willing to set aside ego, you are sincere and without agenda.

You will be the tumbling snowball that turns into a snow-boulder for Mythion to wind up as a TV series on Netflix (or whatever other indie studio), and will become a significant point of focus for awakening and personal responsibility waves rolling out into the world.

If you’re not on the pre-publication launch list, you can do that at the link below. If you’re unsure, go sign up anyway, and the list will either accept your registration, or reject it if you’re on it.

Once you have signed up for the pre-publication and Mythion Training list, download the book and get started. For the "Knowingness Training," (another name for it), Mythion is required reading.

Thanks, Wondrous Ones, and here’s a huge Loveblast!

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  • Mythion the book that comes with a card game that comes with your higher selves who play it for you.

  • So, I've been 'away' for a year or so in the context of this particular Ashram. But the Mythion Project has brought up a few questions.

    I've been noticing a lot of conversations about EMPs and Coronal Mass Ejections over the past couple weeks from various groups. I hear through the Spiritual Grapevine that a global EMP type scenario could be upcoming. This would be wonderful in terms of eradicating all the technological nonsense of the past 40 years, with the mass computerization of consciousness. But it might be a little problematic in terms of these types of projects? Anyone got a timeline for this?

    In reference to the detoxing, you're still using the Premium IonCleanse daily, otherwise substituted for Purazyme? How do the new patches fit in? Superhealth has to replace the concept of Health (let alone the disease paradigm everybody is busy recreating).    

    I've been levitating in my consciousness the past couple of days. Feels like going to outer space, or being in an anti-gravity chamber. Not something I've been actively focusing on, but the levitation thing will likely manifest in outside land within 5 years or so. No doubt the humans will love this sort of thing, mistaking it for spiritual progression :) Bless them.  

    Didn't want to say it, but Blue Emerald is wayyyy better looking than this pretty deprecated site. Sure you had your reason for keeping this thing alive. Old School, yet it dose have its own barebones charm. 

    I'll be recommending Currents to a largish group of people over the next few months. Kind of insane that people are unaware of the effortless solution.

    Finally, can we get a rough time estimate for first initation? Might be a while before I can acquire some Sembria, not available in the UK... 

    That's all, thanks!~ 

    • Hey, man. Good to see you. No global EMP is coming any more than what we're already experiencing, except for perhaps an uptick in frequency. What might be probable for next events are some big things on 3D scale that are going to shake the planet up some. Like, I think there might be a pretty impressive show of "offworld" visitation, even if they're just ours. 

      I still use the ion cleanse. In fact, I rotate it into my routine every few days. Purazyme is a spectacularly effective product at detoxing, but it's not really for me, and I've never looked into why. I've been using Imagi more than anything, however, for daily cleansing routines. It's hard to beat that, especially when you can put every swallow of water you take in to work for you. It's really amped up in efficacy of late, as well.

      This site has needed an upgrade for quite a while, and we're actually building The Blue Emerald into a smart site as we speak, all on new tech.

      If you're going to recommend Currents, what are your thoughts on us firing up an affiliate program, where you get a little commission by giving folks your own link to it? (And everything else, for that matter.)

      As for Sembria...if you want in on this next Big Thing, just get it. I'll cover the difference in shipping. We've shipped it all over the place, anyway.

      I think we're looking at maybe a month for the first initiation, but we may have a call or two ahead of time to answer any questions. 


      • Good to be back! And great to get clarity on this, hard to make sense of the information coming from different sources (clean sources from my perspective, just sometimes tricky decoding what it means, or what “soon” means). Also, these doubts can place a gigantic block in actually doing anything.

        I don’t resonate too strongly with affiliate links for Currents or in general, and need it to be a clean recommendation for this particular audience. But I’m going back to making money in a couple of weeks and will donate to the project (a large amount, if I hit big). Currents worked so well last time I took 6 months off from 3D and forgot about the whole money thing entirely ;)

        Not sure how efficient Purazyme is for me either, though I took ~3 bottles over about 6 months. Looks like an IonCleanse will need to be purchased. Never knew the Imagi was a detoxification tool, might look into that. 

        Currents and Shimmer have been phenomenal, consistent winners. So thanks for that, I continually laugh at the irony of finding literal happiness/wisdom in a bottle. These products need big, gigantic adoption, and affiliate links seem like a great mechanism in general. 

        Will see what I can do regarding Sembria, but after talking with Mary, shipping to Mexico is impossible, and I won’t be back in Ireland until November 17th. Catch up being the only solution, but guess it’s all happening in Divine Order anyway. 

        • There isn't anything Imagi can't do, as it's just programming water. So, I'm going to start another 1 month course of cleansing, and restoring, every organ.

          It might turn out Sembria isn't necessary for someone like you, as you've used other stuff. We'll see.

          • Terrific. In that case I'll look into the Imagi application and see what it can do. I see that Sembria is a heart cleaning technology, which is something that's actually come up the past few days. Though the alchemy should be a lot faster than the rather lengthy meditations. 

            We shall indeed see. If imagi works, can just issue a decree - "water, act thou as Sembria" :) 


            • Jason, I think I missed something with Imagi (also I can't find a link on this site today) how does it program the water? Would you share your plan for your course of cleansing and restoring you mentioned below. 


              "There isn't anything Imagi can't do, as it's just programming water. So, I'm going to start another 1 month course of cleansing, and restoring, every organ.?

              • I'm interested in this too, but specficially what codes/words to use to program the water for every organ. Also for cleaning Chakras, and how it compares to asking a guide or decree to clear the water. Wonder if there would be a material difference... 

                Katie, you just go to the application for the loading program:

                Clear media on the top left, to purify the medium (water). Automatically happens, but you can focus intent on water. 

                Insert the glyphs/words/linkages of your choosing

                Insert the time, in seconds. 

                Click Energize, bottom right.

                That's it! Then have to play around with it, I guess. 

              • Katie, just go to, make an account, login and watch the Tutorial Videos under IMAGI APPLICATION.

                Everything you need to know is there. 

  • sounds good:) im up for it if you think i fit the picture

    i think i might be able to get sembria in time, too

    fun times Jason:) things seem to be taking off big time

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