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Jaze, Bam! Spot on, to the point. You deliver... the simple truth. Tears to my eyes, albeit happy. Beautiful. Concise. Incredibily powerful. Accessible. All on one page. Naked in plain site. Full disclosure. Big smile. Heart shining. I am dancing as I now bend on one knee with hand to head then heart. Thank you.

The Simple Truth - One Year to Freedom

Possibly 25 years ago I was in a progressive coaching program (for my work quite expansive at the time)

We were all to write a phrase or maybe a couple sentences for what we wanted most in our life and then share it with your group etc. Everyone went around group with snippets about success and work and quality family time, passive income streams etc and when they came to me

i wrote one word "Freedom".

No one got it.  They were silent and then started saying how they had obligations and family and more and then went to the next person.  almost as if they hadn't heard me.  (smile)

Thank you Jason.  I am ready

Jason, what's your take on the notion of forgiveness?  Self-forgiveness, more specifically, like: "I know I just thought a bunch of judgemental negative stuff about myself and others and I'm creating more crap in my life and I suck at this creating-my-own reality stuff but I forgive myself for having gotten caught up in all the BS programming I chose to be born around and I know I'm going through a process of releasing and integrating."

So in this sense forgiveness is really like a mix of acceptance, understanding, and love.  It's a way to release judgement without judging the judgement.

I never thought much about forgiveness (given all the baggage around the term) until fairly recently, but Bashar has mentioned a few times in the past couple years that the vibration of forgiveness can neutralize the negative effects of thoughts and actions.  It seems that if you're able to forgive yourself for thinking and doing things that aren't serving you, you're recognizing that that stuff is coming from a less-developed part of yourself and you're bringing light to it and healing it.

I've been beating up on myself for a few years for buying into negative beliefs and the idea of tapping into the vibration of forgiveness has felt to me recently like a way to accept and integrate old, negative programming while staying in a higher, more understanding place. 

I've seen forgiveness discussed a lot in A Course in Miracles and a few other channels, but Bashar talking specifically about the vibration of forgiveness being almost like a tool we can tap into just seems and feels like an exceedingly powerful tool.  The word seems to combine the ideas of accepting and releasing at the same time.

Hi Ryder
I will take a stab at your question, mainly as an exercise in self mastery. Based on what I am learning, there is nothing to forgive given that everything is happening according to plan. To forgive means that something wrong took place, that one party was in the right and the other in the wrong. And such a perspective also assumes that one has been victimized. That's not taking responsibility, and therefore it becomes a relinquishing of one's power. if there's anything at all needing to occur it is a process of letting go.

Ryder said:

Jason, what's your take on the notion of forgiveness?  Self-forgiveness,


Thanks for the reply, Theo.

I'm talking specifically about self-forgiveness regarding holding onto and expressing limiting, 3rd density beliefs. My goal has been to place my trust in empowering beliefs but the limiting ones keep popping up. Suppressing limiting beliefs has not worked for me for any extended period of time but various forms of accepting those beliefs has seemed to neutralize the charge on the thoughts while allowing me to disidentify with them.

Ultimately I suspect forgiveness is doing a kind of work similar to that of the white flames.

And so what I'm describing ends up looking a lot like what you said, Theo: there's no need to struggle or fight with my limiting beliefs because becoming aware of them and accepting them without trying to suppress them is how I let them go.

Or in other words: how do I take responsibility for my creations without blaming myself for "slipping up" and trying to suppress future "slip-ups"? I get that there's no need to forgive someone else because it's my responsibility, but I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to stop blaming myself (neutralizing the karma, removing the charge) while also taking responsibility on some level (integrating limiting beliefs as a necessary and valid part of being a 3rd density human being).


"The Simple Truth-One Year to Freedom" is a very concise and easy to follow program!  Thank you.

I look forward to the upcoming workshops!

Maybe 17 years ago I was in a seminar on manifestation with a group of about 25 seekers. We did the same thing. I was almost last so could give it some thought. People were, "I want ten million. That should do it." The lady giving the seminar said, "Is that after taxes?" "Oh, you're right. Erase that.  Let's make it fifteen million."

When it got to me, I said, "I want an acorn made of gold."

Diane said:

The Simple Truth - One Year to Freedom

Possibly 25 years ago I was in a progressive coaching program (for my work quite expansive at the time)

We were all to write a phrase or maybe a couple sentences for what we wanted most in our life and then share it with your group etc. Everyone went around group with snippets

I used to tell people ACIM was a truly effective system IF you knew everything that needed forgiving, and IF you had the cognizance and discipline to be aware of it and do something about it as it happens. Therein lay the rub. Very few people have the ability to probe within and find everything that needs to be cleared by any method, including forgiveness, but it doesn't mean that over time some way or another it won't crop up into conscious attention. That's what makes our system so powerful and efficient. You don't need to know what's in there, since the alchemy does know and does the work.

Also, recognition of the expression itself is 70% of the battle, especially if recognized ahead of time. So if, for example, you're watching yourself express something you KNOW you're about to take up in flames, you're in effect forgiving yourself for doing it, only from the vantage point of a more expanded level of being. It's the same vibe. The only alternatives to this are to 1) suppress it, or 2) beat yourself up for expressing it, both of which are the diametric opposite of forgiveness or recognition/flames.

But I get that you're probably not referring to past expressions. In the case of catching stuff in real-time, for people on our level the setback for the forgiveness angle is that even when you're forgiving yourself, it implies to some level of consciousness that you have done something wrong, when in fact this is never the case. The "some level of self" being referred to, for example, might be what the Hawaiian Hunas refer to as the unipihili, which is a conscious, self-aware, discrete entity that is part of you that often becomes a ghost, for example, when someone is finished with the body and off preparing for what's next. This is all covered in detail in story form in Tales of Mastery under Mastery above.

Forgiveness in real-time is for Consciousness/Perception Level/Layer 1 and 2 folks, for whom right and wrong still exists as a valid concept. Forgiveness makes sense to them, and is a necessary action to get past much in their lives, to cease being trapped by what they refuse to forgive, which is always about being wronged. Once they start encroaching into Level/Layer 3 consciousness, they begin to see forgiveness as a device of the self-righteous, and like most of us get about the process of forgiving themselves for having forgiven others for having done nothing but volunteer to "wrong" them.

So partially embedded in mass consciousness is the connotation of what the word means.  Your unipihili, for example, will NEVER be able to understand that you have chosen all the ways to be wronged, and therefore for it forgiveness is the only way out. By the same token, someone who is firmly ensconced in Levels 1 or 2 would not be able to relate to what's said in this post, which means that self-forgiveness is a viable device for them.

In the end, it's about the level of expansion you're on.

Ryder said:

Jason, what's your take on the notion of forgiveness?  Self-forgiveness, more specifically, like: "I know I just thought a bunch of judgemental negative stuff about myself and others and I'm creating more crap in my life and I suck at this creating-my-own reality stuff but I forgive myself for having gotten caught up in all the BS programming I chose to be born around and I know I'm going through a process of releasing and integrating."

There'll be Stone workshops beginning next month, and there will be a lot of overlap between the two, since the Stones are also about want.

Cheryl said:

So incredibly excited to begin this clearing away! The concepts ring true and I feel something precious rising up from within. Simply written, but I know developing the self-discipline will not come easy. This is one of my "issues" that I've written down - staying focused and seeing a project through to its end. (Though this kind of growth never really ends.)

One early question, you mention Merlin Stone classes/workshops being listed in "gathering," but I'm not seeing it. Will that be added later?

Thank you, Jason, for developing these opportunities for us and heeding the Call.

Yeah, forgiveness is a loaded term and isn't the best (or, rather, it's only suited for certain levels of awareness, like you said), but I haven't been able to come up with another term that captures the same feeling/idea.  I guess "recognition/flames" is pretty much it.  I'll keep mulling this over.  Thanks, Jason. 

I'm excited for everything coming--I'm going to try to make the conference call tomorrow (unfortunately my kid's bedtime is around the same time as the calls--but that just means I have to plan ahead with my wife).

Jason said:

I snipped most of your post  so I could address one thing in it. This one is just so big to eventually clearly see and grok. You are not a 3D human being if you think above the purpose of the 3rd density. Those are native to this experiment, the 3Ders, MUST think as they do for the success of the project. You are a 5D or 6D being borrowing a 3D body. As you remember what you are, you elevate out of the 3D perception stratum and into the 4D, 5D, 6D or even 7D strata, depending on where you're from, even though you're apparently still here.

So you know how a lot of people are aware of, talk about, even complain about, the fact that humanity has been meddled with on and off for the past tens of thousands of years? We're the meddlers. We come in as higher strata beings in order to "pull" 3D humanity up with us to a higher level. We do this because it's time, not because it is noble or god-like or what should be done or, Existence forbid, that they're just not acting the right way. That's why we use phrases like "once this planet is fully in 4D." What that means is that it will take another 1000 years for it to be fully in 4D, meaning virtually everyone in it is operating at 4D consciousness and what that level in the evolutionary cycle is for. Then we'll all be finished, for a time, and leave them to grow on their own in 4D. If they need help down the road, we'll be back. We did this with 3D here too. We left them on their own for a very long time. And I say "here" because we do it all over the place.

Now, what's exceptionally important to understand at this point, is that those we came to help out are just us, exactly as those helping us "from above" are just us. Once that is fully incorporated into your understanding, everything else is just details.

Ryder said:

way for me to stop blaming myself (neutralizing the karma, removing the charge) while also taking responsibility on some level (integrating limiting beliefs as a necessary and valid part of being a 3rd density human being).

Hey Ryder and friends,

I want to ramble out some thoughts on this maybe from a few angles of thought. I think what you are saying makes sense totally. Guilt can be a stumbling block." Dang! I did it again, why do I keep thinking this way!" It's like a double judgement shame spiral :) ! Crippling. Wheee and gets us nowhere. And it never seems to work does it?  When you think about it, what it feels like is, it's like we go through a type of mental detoxification where we have these ingrained thought patterns that come up and present symptoms of the deeper lack of self acceptance wherever we may be. Maybe these thoughts of limitation are like a groove in a record or a path in our mind. A stuck skipping ecord. A traffic pattern of thoughts on the same track.

  But through the PRACTICE of observation of your thoughts and becoming more aware of them and to see with gratitude their presence as the opportunity to have a new traffic pattern emerge THAT is the work itself.  It's not a failure for them to be there. anyone who is human who is a master of mind- generally spent years of meditation to get there. Cut yourself a break! 

Think about how much we are literally steeped in self hatred of self and others.  Christianity is founded on the principal of original sin ( you are bad at your core  from day one and you are literally screwed for life and can only be saved by the grace of god if you make yourself worthy through groveling around exalting him as supreme being Or else you will be eternally damned) and whether or not you practice this religion or whatever instilled this in you it's still in the very air as psychic noise among the other things we picked up along the way from parents to friends to school to jobs. There is no shortage of limiting beliefs. It's sort of part and parcel what earth is about in many ways.

 So I feel we are surrounded by messages of hate and limiting thoughts constantly.I find Facebook to be an excellent example of social programming through reinforcement of negative and destructive thinking patterns through herd mentality and utilizing and abusing people's empathic capacity for this purpose. 

We can limit these deductions and change our thinking and this done right where we are especially with how we treat ourselves when we examine the thoughts.So ,if the forgiveness angle gets it done (and some do the Ho oponopono prayer )then cool but it maybe you outgrow even that and totally bypass the judgement of self entirely.  

The issue is are you going to believe the thoughts whatever it is. It helps me to disassociate the thought from myself and truly QUESTION it. When you start to analyze the thoughts of self judgement they fall apart. Who is thinking that thought?  Is it me? Is a thought that belongs to me? Is it true? Can I absolutely know it is true?  or is it just an opinion of an opinion? Who would I be without the thought... or story or whatever.

I LOVE Byron Katie for this type of inquiry work.Sometimes you find out that the thoughts or beliefs are literally just stuff you picked up from anywhere and they are there and then you find out you don't believe it and they are not even true.  So the thinking becomes a costume of sorts you tried on for an experience but it's not you - it's not what you really are but believing it makes you suffer and wearing it decides your experience.

 Now, we start finally to bust ourselves albeit lovingly AHA! There you are! I see you - thoughts that I am "running." Then I think it's like we start to make new patterns. By knowing how we are limiting ourselves then we can change. And then those old routes -those ways of thinking get abandoned. They give up. The alchemy comes in handy by helping us "see" and even be aware of when we are going down those ingrained routes and it also helps dissolve the underlying core emotion that may be driving and originating those thoughts too. Why would we be having them? Maybe it's to push us to the point of being our shadow our worst self and finding it not just tolerable but able to embrace it to totally we become whole? Maybe it's actually about integrating with those thoughts and transcending them? I think if you have not ever had a failure a heartbreak or have never felt limited then you are truly missing out. It's an exquisite texture to a being that is used to instant manifestation. But maybe it 's now time to know the opposite. What creativity can inspire and generate.

Keep in mind we are literally remapping our minds with beliefs that were literally at least 25 + years in the making. Think about how many thoughts you have had in 25 + years. So having a some compassion and love for ourselves doing very very deep work is crucial. I don't think it will take 25+ years to change it because our minds/consciousness are much more  flexible than you can imagine.  Part of the problem as it were is that many times we are not even AWARE of what we are doing. We judge we limit and it's automatic. How can you change if you don't know what to change?

So, in your case the forgiveness seems to be about love and grace too. And how it's actually not something to punish ourselves for but to recognize with neutrality the condition of our mind. Okay so it's there. Big deal. It's just a thought. The judgement about it is OPTIONAL on all levels. 

 We can be  soooooo deeply hard on ourselves. Very critical very judging when we are really doing some very revolutionary work to change the shared dream we are in right now from its most inner layers code by code. In ABS ( remote viewing classes) we call the programming ,the beliefs and the distortions of pure data -deductions. So when you are doing a session on a blind target inevitably the mind wants to judge it and name it. OH OH OH Mista Cotter! It's an elephant. Elephant. Elephant. But it's not an elephant and you know it is not. BUT BUT BUT, it might be that underneath the elephant is something useful. Maybe elephant is our minds way of getting our attention to look deeper. That it might be huge and grey but not an animal. No something else. Look again. What is there? 

It's the way our filters color everything in life when we go about our world. In a remote viewing session they are unavoidable but interestingly they lessen more and more over time when we begin to recognize them. They enact less control over the session and are seen as something that can be part of the data  and maybe helpful in an indirect way but is not the direction or identifier of the true data itself. We never suppress them. EVER.  We see them but give them ZERO credibility or commitment.  We just know they are there and we "quarantine" them in a box and go about the session anyway not caring one iota about them. We express them and don't suppress them but we also let them go and return to the function of receiving the pure unadulterated data in the scene.

And that is what we are doing in life. Everyone has their own version of deductions. How they love to judge themselves or others. You are this you are that.  But what is interesting is digging deeper in it- thoughts arise about a situation "oh shoot, "I am judging myself for my limited thinking." and you realize it does not mean anything ultimately. It's all noise. It's excuses. It's a lens. It's not what you are. So what I do when I have these deductions is just let it express. It's just thoughts. Maybe they are just passing through me because I am a sink or a canvas for the expression of life. Maybe it's giving me clues in the only way it knows how through a symbol a feeling.

And then I squeegee them away and turn my focus back to what I am trying to see for what it is. I tell my mind- no okay I get it I get it "you want that to be an elephant because you need to identify it and be done with it, but I know it is not an elephant and I know you are trying to give me clues so I want to know what is underneath the image of elephant. Show me the pure data." 

 For you that may be the forgiveness angle althoughwhat Winnie says is true. It's like this IF ONE is true- meaning there is only LOVE or God that is real and everything else is just the expression of God playing meaning everyone is but a fragment of this immense unfathomable energy if its 's the only real thing then what is there to forgive? It's a movie. If on some level of mind we are all the branches of thought  from a single origin of expression then you are only forgiving yourself ultimately. So it requires sustaining thinking of things on the many levels of expression simultaneously. 

Maybe it's also about speaking to the unipihili ( the layer of mind energy body that is like an inner child and has memory but no reasoning capacity) and saying hey I know you are traumatized and keep doing the same things over and over again cause you are trying to make it right by revisiting the pattern but I love you and you don't have to do that anymore. This is a part of ourselves that is like a ghost- stuck in a pattern but has no clue or comprehension why and you have to talk to it like it's a child that has no deep maturity of understanding or reasoning. You soothe it and you support it unconditionally so that is stops acting out. It understands it's being heard and does not have to do it anymore. It does not know why it's upset. It only remembers rejection. It does not know how to not be rejected. 

That again is where the alchemy comes in handy. You can work with the alchemy with intent to help you dissolve those mental patterns that limit you. The one that has the limiting thoughts and when you do have the limiting thoughts judges you for it. How clever!  Maybe it's not even about the thoughts but our attachments to them. The trauma attachment.  So if you have some alchemy - tell it what you need. Say, I am so done with these DEDUCTIONS. I am so done with thinking in this way. It is exhausting. Help me to truly see what I am and what I can be free of these thoughts that judge me and limit me. Then using the alchemy also go very deep into yourself in meditation with feelings of love and kindness. Vow with sword in hand and on bended knee hand over heart to have your back. Be sincere and then follow that. 

See every time we have the limiting thoughts it could be a gift to "turn it around." The fact that they arise at all is no cause for shame.  I think the resistance to them is possibly what generates their intensity and presence. Maybe it 's the mind's way of demanding more love.I t wants to be accepted ugliness and all. Not when you are on best behavior.  Kind of like a child who says hurtful things  it does not even mean in defense when hurt and pushes people away when more than anything what it really wants is a hug and to be accepted seen and loved in that moment.

So follow it to the source. IF you don't love yourself even in your worst moments then the "unlimited thinking" has no foundation at all.So Ijust for fun Iwould in a move of counter intuitiveness actually say aloud " iIlook forward to my limiting thoughts and I can't wait to judge myself for them" and see if a smile or a laugh breaks out in your body cause you will see and feel how funny and silly it feels. You will see and feel the costume of it all. How it's a game.

 Acceptance does not mean we are stuck or stagnant in something or inviting in or entrenching patterns. It means that we are not resisting the flow of reality as it pushes us through all spectrum of emotional experience.And when you are not resisting I think its easier to change and expand and move through patterns cause we are not hung up or attached to them. 

"We are only limited by what we cannot accept." That is a good axiom Jason wrote.

Have fun with this. I know I am starting now. 


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