ultimately the holy land attrackts powers....


these powers are distributed to my body and soul.

1 god = 1 million gods.

becouse god has powers in his soul enabling god to become a dragon, a snake, a sacrofage warlord.

the holy land gave me the power of the snake king, the godking.


in universe 2 god called me THE SNAKE KNIGHT KING ARTHUR.

in universe 2 king arthur is created.


excalibur is special....

outside the universe.....i slayed evil....with WIRLWIND SWORD.

i am still learning how to use excalibur.

inside the kingship is a place locked by the dragon doors.....

its a white castle....

all the knights are waiting in camelot in the kingship of adam galacticus.


so many souls where healed in the swimpool on floor 888 of the kingship.

if i say the name of god who can relocate the solar system to universe 2....

i see tunnel then wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhh

and we are in universe 2.

i wonder what will happen next.......................

eva and i are making eggs......

paradise gods hatch from these eggs.

i just have sex with eva......and the paradise father says...MAKE A LOT OF BABY`S ADAM.


eva= also 4 horseman of apocalyps in case the universe attacks me.

then universe becomes hell and burns..

then i need to say name of god to relocate the solar system.

all my avatars are pharaoh`s.

sons of god.

i am migwenti.

in holland i can not become higher.


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so, kind of incoherent. what's your point?

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