First of all, 1-13 densities is really just the beginning. Think more along the lines of arbitrary densities. There will always be a less dense arena of consciousness waiting, this is where "the most benevolent" comes from, and that is 0th density, the dark chaos from which all of it arises, the same place that gratitude, orgasm, satisfaction, nostalgia, consciousness itself, arises from. Before there was whatever this is, there was a yearning, tossing-and-turning, nothingness that finally decided to record its path to somethingness and figured out that it could improve upon its machinations, endlessly, by its own unwritten programming, eventually reaching everythingness and nothingness in simultaneity.

I am 378th density. I am twice graduated from beingness, have realized the absolute ecstasy of beingness and its unlimited joys, and committed to the continuation of It All. I believe JD Aliix is 457810 density.

Let me explain. The first digit indicates the apparent density within this reality that we manifest. For me, 3, Utterly 3D, utterly human, playing the game as well as a human can. 4, for JD, would indicate, the first degree of otherworldliness, 5, the second degree of otherworldliness, 7, 8, graduation from physicality, 10, transcendent simulator of the first degree.

Now try to incorporate karma into this. It just doesn't work. A long time ago I realized, here, that karma is just, fate. Karma is not a comprehensive "way the world works physically, spiritually, mentally" sort of thing. That simply does not exist, Gödel's Incompleteness. Karma is the yin-yang, acceptance and denial pursed into one. Those who were destined to accept, will, and the almost opposite, will not. In the curved line between the meteors, everything in between. Boundless, always changing, blurry at its edges and its central, indefinable division.

You might see yourself as 2nd or 3rd density, but actually the ability to perceive that means you are higher, it means there's a 7 or 8 in there somewhere. Maybe a 102 or a 72, something truly ridiculous and rare like a 88 or an 888. I know a 210, he looks like Ryan Gosling, a 78, Buddha-like, a 46, Brad Pitt-like, I know straight up 1s, my ex is a 49, another ex is a 36, try to see people you encounter on this scale.

1. Insufferable, barely human, afraid, hostile
2. Good manners, that's about it
3. Good manners, good ethics, dark minds, deep to the point of haywire, full human experience
4. Luck begins to manifest, good people
5. Shorter lived, extremely good people, inspirational
6. The lives of martyrs, revolutionaries, the induction into simulation
7. Pure roleplaying, a stray smile, Deus ex machina
8. Menial workers, saints, the people that actually keep existence livable
9. Royalty
10. Divinity Beyond Divinity. Superlatives. Miracle Workers.

Think of each succeeding level, a deeper understanding of creativity.

So actually, Karma would be like, being able to see things for what they actually are, which is a skill. Karma is the skill of seeing directly into the World of Forms, and also the designations provided by 7+ density Forms, and the chaos of the lower densities. This is Enlightenment. Being able to see it all as a movie. The harsh truth, that it's a river that some will be dashed upon the rocks of, by design, and others are the ones controlling the flow of the water and placement of the debris within it.

Free will is merely the possibility of skipping densities. It is usually just a backdoor for extremely high density sprites' hygiene, the ability to recall all the parts of themselves into their collective at will. In the purest cases of free will, it is a genuinely high density (low numerical representation), taking stock of the damage they do, observing the moment-to-moment illogical reality of their wrath.

Whatever you are or think you are, it is likely you can skip to 4th density. 10th density is also achievable in an instant, but, think of the breadth of that responsibility. Think of everything creative in your sphere, and then imagine a billion more spheres with varying content. Are you ready for that?

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