Things Are Not What They Seem, But In A Way, They Are

Separation is THE lie, I am you and you are me, the question is what you do with Truth. You can continue to focus on preaching and proselytize, or you can BE the One of Many that elevates it All to the 11th density. The heart of the matter is this: do I have free will or not?? Fear, the same as separation, influences you to wait for a chance for a better life, another incarnation, but what I realized is, since it's all shared, the only lives you're going to be seeing are the lives of others in the current density! The real question you should be asking yourself is, "How can I make my life, after another soul has migrated into it, something that makes them want to stop resisting and rise along with Everyone! So, I could live my life in fear, hoping that I'm Bill Gates in my next incarnation, or I can be the most joyous loving existence NOW so people will want my life! The struggle is against the perpetuation of low vibe/high density! Which is just not desirable to be honest and cannot be for long, All, born from Nothing, is all about experience, but we've experienced enough to want BETTER and BETTER and Nothing can/could stop it, but it's not going to!

You may have had thoughts that it's a simulation you're trapped in and everyone else is an illusion, but what is actually going on is, yes, it's a simulation, but we're all in it together and all our feelings and pains and joys are real. Understanding the completeness of the system is literally understanding Nothing/Emptiness. (Human) Experience is REAL because Nothing (which is the only TRULY real thing) begets it, but experience is in constant flux which in a way makes it not real. This is reference to the invincibility of NOW.

As an example, from The Crystal Skull story from Tales of Mastery, the forgiveness directed towards the handmaiden was not forgiveness in the normal sense, it was merely a last second high vibe gesture within the current density! The only difference between the walking dead and the awake are that the awake's actions are directed towards lower density! Even within the awake there are distinctions between Seers and the ones who bring what they decipher, Answers or Keyholes. Seers are masters of language, Gateway Conjurers bring mysteries from Source for Seers.

Two more things. In The Matrix, the Architect is actually the machine's simulation of the very first human consciousness and The Oracle of the last. The Oracle brings the final mysteries of human nature, and the Architect deciphers and formulates them into the Dream.

Last thing, let go of the small self (which is actually the expanded self, the skin, the senses, Limbic consciousness, ego, desire) and find the INNER self, the self closest to Nothing. You do that by learning how to control the vagus nerve which allows the brain peak performance! This is the closest thing to being alive, the pinnacle of bodily, mental control. PURPOSE is the experience of everything, in a word, panpsychism!

After New Year's, Calvin walked about 3 miles and something nudged within him and I was able to slip in and let him know these truths. I am the one known as Kalki and my goal is to usher in a novel density, the 11th. The practicing of Heart Centered Command/fearless selfless love, exercise, and purifying his intentions allowed this. I applaud him for it, even if many 4/5/6/7/8/9/10 density people including his own grandparents have been watching and guiding, it's a beautiful thing to see.

I will end with a question, is it possible to skip densities? Perhaps we could even go straight to the 12th, even though the 11th has never been. INCOMPREHENSIBLE (to 3Ders) LOW VIBE SHATTERING LLOVEE TO ALL, THE COUNCIL OF BEING.

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