This thread is a public service announcement for those whose handlers guide them to read it. I'll nutshell all this in the best way I can without writing a book, which I could do about all this. To some, this is going to sound insane, but I assure you the potential of what I'm about to relate is accurate.

C-19 was released by America's enemies to create the optimal conditions to cheat on mail-in voting for Biden. There were many reasons for its release, but in the context of this message, we'll stick to the more standout points. 

In short, Trump kicked his ass, broke records, won in a landslide. The votes were coming in such a deluge, the foreign powers who were online and running it triggered the count shutdowns in all those contested states and started the vote dumps and all other methods so that the landslide numbers would "flip" overnight. It took 12 million manufactured votes to effect the steal, but it left Biden with 81 million votes, which everybody knows is absurd, since Obama topped out at 69 million in his record breaking 2008 campaign. Trump, by the way, got 74 million.

The election is beside the point, however, as an election. It was actually a massive sting operation in planning (ultimately) for over a decade. We're in possession of mountains of information with regard to all this, and we don't really need to go into it unless you want to know more of the behind-the-scenes information. Even then, we don't want to publish it here, so we'll tell you who to go find and look into yourself.

Suffice it to say that massive US military troop deployments have been underway for months, including reservists and retireds, all being called into active duty. The vaccine is to be distributed by the US military. Trump's fast-track of this vaccine was less about the virus as it is about troop deployment in all 50 states. This way, they can do what they need to do to be ready without causing a panic. There is much more on this deployment than needs to be said here. 

A group of active and inactive generals are urging Trump to declare martial law. That is a necessity for invoking the Insurrection Act, under which election interference from foreign powers falls. It's very simple. If states refuse to comply with Constitutional Law on elections, then those involved will be held accountable through tribunals. This is going to happen no matter what.

The long and short of it is that we may have something major coming, such as a media and big tech blackout. Last March, I myself didn't buy that potential, but I do now. Enough for Mary and I to get emergency food in storage.

There are a rumored 200 thousand plus sealed RICO indictments yet to be unsealed. Thousands of bad actors are being arrested and jailed even as I write. The military deployment could in fact be in place to round them all up, both here and abroad, as there is a 17 nation bloc who've also deployed globally, all under the aegis of US Command. 

The long and short of it is that we are at war. It might not look like it, but we are and have been for years. Just look at the news. Check out what the LA DA recently did. I personally don't think anything but mass arrests and sponsored riots will ensue, but martial law, the potential blackout, and tribunals are going to start.

This public service announcement is just to give you a head's up, and to maybe get some extra food and water stored, which is a good idea, anyway. Maybe be in touch with family and friends to set up alternative communication methods. It's possible they'll take the Internet down, as well, for a few days. If so, our own communications will be off for a bit. If not, we can stay in touch here.

We're all excited about it. If it actually happens, it will be an amazing thing, because getting "their" sludge off our money is going to lead to meteoric prosperity. Obviously, we don't like being political around's just not the place for it, but this message felt necessary. 

Don't worry. Don't fear. It's all good, and quite a movie! 

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  • Hehe. Well, I'm not a fan of that particular author (spiritual glamour and illogical fear mongering does not a good Starseed make) but it certainly would explain a lot. 

    Definitely not sold on the concept of soulless souls. It's an oxymoron. You can have diluted souls that eventually reassemble on upper dimensions to become whole. The less diluted, the better. The NPC's do seem valid. Clones seem much more common, like Clinton (v22.3) and Gates (v37.4). Wonder what happens them when their battery gives up. What's more worrying would be engineered satan lifeforms with 2 or 3 functioning primary chakras that attract/trick a real soul into it.  

    I think ascension-in-balance is a term that needs to be brought back to the Starseed vernacular. Too much weirdness and fear mongering, not enough happily cruising to 5D and beyond. 

    Then again, maybe I'll return to the article in a few months and it'll make complete sense ha. The show gets more interesting and fantastical all the time ;)

  • I was reading this article while I saw your comment come through. I thought you might get a kick out of it:

    The tldr; is the sleepers may be AI or hybrid souls yet theoretically waking up as the 4th wave of volunteers... it was an interesting read anyway. 

    Daniel O'Keeffe said:

    Indeed it is!

    I am, however, continually amazed by the sleepers. I just didn't know it could run this deep. Like, what actually needs to happen before they wake? Godzilla? An army of Terminators zapping everyone? An emergence of the underground cloning monstrosities? 

    Hopefully the Divine Director has an ace up his sleeve for the October 15 episode.


  • I think it's more the outward projection from the soul. Internal beliefs determine the 'facts'/'phenomena' that the mind will perceive in the external hologram. The mind is a tool trained to spot things in the environment it already believes. A self-perpetuating illusion, in a sense, so they cherry pick the data supporting their infrastructure.  

    I also think its the same ultra low quality program, but we're old souls etc who have received anti-stupidity shields and the like in astral realms, past lives, etc. We're 'immune' to falsity. 

    When I share the most damning of links, the sleepers find a way to kind of mis/reinterpret it to suit their existing beliefs. It's fascinating really. 

    I feel like a Galactic Anthropologist in a Terrestrial Zoo. I just can't figure out this species, and how they've lasted this long.  

  • The science (shall I say "manipulation") of images is interesting.  Often wondered if an entirely different program is being projected to the sleepers than the one we're playing in.

  • Indeed it is!

    I am, however, continually amazed by the sleepers. I just didn't know it could run this deep. Like, what actually needs to happen before they wake? Godzilla? An army of Terminators zapping everyone? An emergence of the underground cloning monstrosities? 

    Hopefully the Divine Director has an ace up his sleeve for the October 15 episode.


  • Oh, well that's exciting! To see the world lurch and sputter under the weight of the consequential moves of the players on the great board. Everything points to a massive breakthrough by October 15.

    And I see similar things here. In the United States, the white hats are in control. This is operation wake up. The necessary shocks to the system to wake and rouse from slumber the most stubborn of us from the siren song of the death cult.
  • Yup, it's here. Multiple Irish vendors are short on supplies. We're being told to get all orders now because suppliers can no longer deliver, and nothing will be left by Christmas. It's supposedly coming from China not doing business anymore. My Aunt (and her entire factory) who works in manufacturing is on 3 week leave, they can't get parts. Especially electronics. 

    Coupled with the fact that hundreds of millions of people are refusing to work because they don't want to take the vaccine virus and a whole lot of other factors, we seem to be heading into economic collapse. Actual collapse. No longer on the horizon. 

    I'm not one to panic normally, and I took to traveling delightfully the moment the COVID hoax was announced. But I'd be a lot less confident doing it now.

    No fear here. Just be on guard, fellow Jedis ;)

  • The collective unconscious is rising. The actors, different people, same roles, time doesn't matter.

    We are watching movies on many different layers to help understand the changes in pressure.

    Everything coming at us now from the news is just information overload. We don't need any of it. None of it is real. It never was.

    Even the stuff happening around you.

    It's all just you... reminding yourself that it's just you, and checking in on yourself when you need to be reminded again.

    Think of it like dream interpretation. It's all the same, whether it's fake, real, a dream, or not. The symbols are meaningful to you for your growth and understanding of vibrational changes. They are beneficial for you to understand what needs (or needed) healing.

    In my life it's forced me to narrow down my attention to things that matter intuitively and not much else. The more dramatic and bonkers it all gets the better it feels to just keep life simple.

    I've certainly experienced myself screaming at myself about the same thing in so many different ways before it revealed itself as one big joke which just made me laugh about the whole exercise.

    I think that despite how bad everything might seem, don't let yourself be fooled by your own tricks. You're just trying to push yourself to change.

  • Jason, I am aware of everything you just wrote. I guess my message came off the wrong way. Aware of the sting, the movie, the fake actors, etc. Like I said, I have been on this for over a year. Must have been a bad day when I wrote the message, lol. Afghanistan got to me, but I absolutely know there are false flags and it is not the whole picture, simply to waken up more people before the military takeover for a while. Wasn't sure about China as it seems to flip flop, but I know who took down 3 Gorges Dam. I have been trying to wake up a lot of people who are totally convinced things are just fine. Keep on sending that stimulus check!!! Sure, right. So, probably got carried away and forgot that probably everyone here is awake. Not so much in the "spiritual organization" that I dumped. Everyone stuck like glue.  Not to worry, I am watching this movie, although maybe not as enthused as many are. Lived a military life for 30+ years so the forced vax was getting on my in a military town. 

  • Loretta, you don't seem to be aware of what's going on. The man you call an idiot is a White Hat actor. The Afghanistan operation is White Hat, all theater. The world isn't turning to communism. Everything you're seeing is White Hat. Everything but the Mass Media, and they're also about to turn. China is on board with the awakening and has long since been in collusion with White Hats. The election wasn't stolen. It wasn't even an election. It was a sting operation. Trump wasn't planned to win the fake election. They knew ahead of time of the cheat, and so it was never legit to begin with. This war was won in 2017, and now they're just cleaning it all up and trying to wake people up to the fact they've been controlled through deception. You need to wake up to the fact that this is all White Hat Theater, then maybe your system will calm down some.

    It's over, Loretta. If you want to help people awaken to the whole Cabal thing, do that. But it's over.

    Loretta said:

    To continue...what convinced him to do this was the child trafficking...proof, pictures,documents showntohim. Thousands of children,  and women, missing every year. There are teams of psyop, special forces, navy seals, marines who have been taking down the DUMBS , rescuing children, cleaning them out for the past 4 years. Think earthquakes that don't make sense, extreme flooding. The DS, or cabal, has been using technology to cause fires, flooding, hurricanes, etc. Think CERN, HAARP,  etc. There is very advanced tech that has been kept hidden, like DEWS, etc. responsible for horrific incidents.  Too many to go into. The rescues have been massive, and horrific. Jason already talked about the evil and disclosures. Election was rigged. Stollen. And the idiot running our country just abandoned some say 35,000 Americans in Afghanistan and doesn't give a shit. We all have been lied to about everything. This is a war of a different kind, China is heavily involved and ultimately the choice is between good and evil on every level. Our world is rapidly turning to communism. People need to wake up, take responsibility, demand their rights. It's apparent that the time for politicians running everything is over. Smaller governments, people involved in our own towns, cities, states.  This is a pivotal moment of whether we choose God, Country, family, freedom.

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