This thread is a public service announcement for those whose handlers guide them to read it. I'll nutshell all this in the best way I can without writing a book, which I could do about all this. To some, this is going to sound insane, but I assure you the potential of what I'm about to relate is accurate.

C-19 was released by America's enemies to create the optimal conditions to cheat on mail-in voting for Biden. There were many reasons for its release, but in the context of this message, we'll stick to the more standout points. 

In short, Trump kicked his ass, broke records, won in a landslide. The votes were coming in such a deluge, the foreign powers who were online and running it triggered the count shutdowns in all those contested states and started the vote dumps and all other methods so that the landslide numbers would "flip" overnight. It took 12 million manufactured votes to effect the steal, but it left Biden with 81 million votes, which everybody knows is absurd, since Obama topped out at 69 million in his record breaking 2008 campaign. Trump, by the way, got 74 million.

The election is beside the point, however, as an election. It was actually a massive sting operation in planning (ultimately) for over a decade. We're in possession of mountains of information with regard to all this, and we don't really need to go into it unless you want to know more of the behind-the-scenes information. Even then, we don't want to publish it here, so we'll tell you who to go find and look into yourself.

Suffice it to say that massive US military troop deployments have been underway for months, including reservists and retireds, all being called into active duty. The vaccine is to be distributed by the US military. Trump's fast-track of this vaccine was less about the virus as it is about troop deployment in all 50 states. This way, they can do what they need to do to be ready without causing a panic. There is much more on this deployment than needs to be said here. 

A group of active and inactive generals are urging Trump to declare martial law. That is a necessity for invoking the Insurrection Act, under which election interference from foreign powers falls. It's very simple. If states refuse to comply with Constitutional Law on elections, then those involved will be held accountable through tribunals. This is going to happen no matter what.

The long and short of it is that we may have something major coming, such as a media and big tech blackout. Last March, I myself didn't buy that potential, but I do now. Enough for Mary and I to get emergency food in storage.

There are a rumored 200 thousand plus sealed RICO indictments yet to be unsealed. Thousands of bad actors are being arrested and jailed even as I write. The military deployment could in fact be in place to round them all up, both here and abroad, as there is a 17 nation bloc who've also deployed globally, all under the aegis of US Command. 

The long and short of it is that we are at war. It might not look like it, but we are and have been for years. Just look at the news. Check out what the LA DA recently did. I personally don't think anything but mass arrests and sponsored riots will ensue, but martial law, the potential blackout, and tribunals are going to start.

This public service announcement is just to give you a head's up, and to maybe get some extra food and water stored, which is a good idea, anyway. Maybe be in touch with family and friends to set up alternative communication methods. It's possible they'll take the Internet down, as well, for a few days. If so, our own communications will be off for a bit. If not, we can stay in touch here.

We're all excited about it. If it actually happens, it will be an amazing thing, because getting "their" sludge off our money is going to lead to meteoric prosperity. Obviously, we don't like being political around's just not the place for it, but this message felt necessary. 

Don't worry. Don't fear. It's all good, and quite a movie! 

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  • Cheryl, I didn't know that about you! How cool is that! Anyway, mis- and disinformation are certainly rampant, and you may be right. The sources I'm drawing from are retired vets, intelligence, and just good ol' fashioned deductive reasoning based upon verifiable events.

    But here's the unavoidable truth of it. Wisconsin, as an example, has a law mandating that absentee ballots can't be cast without a formal written request by US Mail. 220,000 votes were cast that had no such request. So, 220,000 of those votes are illegal according to the state's own constitution. A state that attempts to certify illegal votes is subject to temporary military take over. It's law. They have to do it. They have mountains of evidence, including from dozens of military cyber warfare experts, that show in no uncertain terms this was an attempted coup. Unless those states decertify their results, the sworn duty of all involved is to implement martial law, at the very least in those states. From there, they can actually demand a revote. Everything I'm seeing, however, is that all of the court rejections were planned. This is all theater to give weeks of time for the American people to be exposed to the corruption, so they can see it for themselves, especially that major media and big tech don't report on it, and in fact censor it. I myself have been censored on Fakebook. That also falls under the aegis of an Executive Order that was issued in 2018 that blanket implicates the CNNs and Twitters of the world. This tells me martial law, taking over the backbone of the internet, and mass arrests was the plan all along. A guy that we started following last March, who works for the Defense Intelligence Agency, said it was coming, and none of us bought it. David Wilcock said it was coming last March, which gave it even less credence for me. But I'm seeing all the pieces slide into place.

    Just FYI, David Wilcock and many other sources with "ties to the State Department" have stated that at a certain point, the media will go dark, all communications, etc. This is apparently the storm Trump has been referring to for two years. Then, over the emergency communications network, they'll be looping a recording calling for calm, that peace and order are being restored, and some background information into what the nation was actually facing. That this wasn't a civil war brewing, but a war to stop a hostile takeover of the country. The number of politicians implicated is incredible, which includes people like Gavin Newsome, the mayor of LA, and the DA that is releasing violent offenders in the thousands, and which explains all their actions. 

    I for one hope like hell they're right. I'd love to see (or watch, because I loves my movies!) that happen. A clean sweep amidst a crisis in the republic makes perfect sense.

    Whatever actually happens, I don't know. I know that when Trump casually said the other day that if those states stick with their illegal certification, they've broken serious laws. In breaking election laws, you are subject to some serious penalties. More than that, it's the duty of the office to bring in the military to set it right. And the other thing we know conclusively, is that the military air traffic in and out of Guantanamo Bay is constant and many times normal. This is where, it is said, they're taking the criminals, on a global scale, for tribunals being held there. 

    Anyway, as always, this is all just FYI for anybody who cares to know it. I myself don't know what to believe, but everything does seem to be flowing towards something that could shock those who are unprepared.

    Here's something that's spreading around. That the generals would do this actually makes sense for more than a few reasons.


  • WOOO  Thanks for the message.  Hope you guys are doing good in your new location.

  • Well I feel somewhat vindicated. Last time I brought up Trump and what's been going on it was claimed I wasn't seeing things from a "higher perspective". Not pointing fingers, just putting it out there...

  • Where have you been man? We were eating crow about this for months now! :)  It's incredible looking back. You were right. But, it is all just playing roles STILL and the higher perspective DOES apply.

    Terry Jackson said:

    Well I feel somewhat vindicated. Last time I brought up Trump and what's been going on it was claimed I wasn't seeing things from a "higher perspective". Not pointing fingers, just putting it out there...

  • Wowsers!!!

    As someone who has researched quite a lot, wen't through a phase of believing every snake oil salesman about everything, having had various and great adventures all over the world - much experience with many people, I don't just "believe everything i hear" anymore....but I did have an instant high level of trust in this website and you in particular to hear this from!!

    I mean I've heard little bits of this here and there and I've always wondered if I should be "prepping" - but never really have.  This is major...what sort of timeline do you think we have on this for USA and further.... in Australia or overseas, will this affect us here too?

    Gosh so many questions, and I want to know more more more so please if you do have any more that your ok to share here I'd love to know :)

  • How very exciting....gosh what a fun movie this will be if it comes to fruition

    JD Aliix said:

    Cheryl, I didn't know that about you! How cool is that! Anyway, mis- and disinformation are certainly rampant, and you may be right. The sources I'm drawing from are retired vets, intelligence, and just good ol' fashioned deductive reasoning based upon verifiable events.

  • Ive been following this all closely as well. There's some interesting connected folks on twitter that are putting out bombshell information daily that can help one connect the dots. Here are their Twitter handle's:







    There's also an ex Marine by the name of Michael Jaco who has a youtube channel that's been putting out interesting intel. He promotes his own version of a remote viewing course. Some might refer to his content as new agey but this guy is a decorated combat veteran with military intel that rings true to me in most cases. Interesting to see ex military promoting remote viewing now.

    Very interesting thread here aswell...

  • Iodine has been coming up hugely for lately. Time to look into it. 


    You need high doses of Lugols Iodine to repair the damage its the only NATURAL and effective chelator of heavy metals as well as chlorine and fluoride and is quite miraculous in its effects I suggest reading the book the iodine crisis ill link the free pdf below.

    its quite funny iodine is actually what is good for your teeth not flouride fyi. So much has been done to keep us at a primitive level and keep the true knowledge in the hands of a select few.

    Also wanted to point out that iodized salt is a sham, its not bioavailable and its doses are too minute for any real effects, considering what high amount of toxicity we are exposed to on a daily basis. I would recommend doing your own research and this book is a great place to start.

  • Mary - How is Lugols Iodine different than other iodine? Are you storing water in 5 gallon jugs?

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