This looks like a job for...The Superbeings! (Lion’s Gate: 08/08/2020

As many of you already know, we are gearing up for the Galactic and Spiritual New Year: Sirius aligns with Our Sun, The Grand Central Sun, and The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This Celestial Event marks the beginning of the New Galactic Year on August 8th. Today, August 3rd, the Stargate begins to open, and some of the Highest, most Intense, and Dramatic Galactic Frequencies begin to flood our planet. The Stargate technically began to open on July 26th, 2020 - but this is the time when the harmonics amp up and can no longer be ignored. Since the dawn of Awareness on this planet, Mystics have worked with and celebrated these Magical and Interdimensional dates - specifically Ancient Egypt. Many structures have been erected throughout history in order to connect with and harness these frequencies: Stone Henge, Pyramids, Mayan Temples...I think you get the picture.  Of all of the years I have been working within the Stargates surrounding Celestial Events: 2020 has been the most potent Year of the Shift to date, and the Stargates, Eclipses, and Astonomical Events are more potent NOW than they have ever been. Lion’s Gate May be the most powerful event of the year, as it opens a cycle of immense growth and expansion from now, until the Winter Solstice: December 21/22, 2020 (which just happens to be my birthday. Prepare for deep change, intense growth, expansion, higher resonance, full alignment with the higher truths, influx of spiritual information, activations, attunements, and especially immense joy! We are The Children of The Sun, and our time has come to take our rightful place as the Galactic “Royals” that WE ALL ARE. 

I have been working with The New Galactic Planetary Consciousness (aka Enthea),  The Sirian Lion’s Gate Lion Guardians, Dragons, The Sirian High Council, The Pleadian High Council, The Arcturian High Council, Yeshua, Magdaane, Archangel Michael, The Ra Collective, and many other Egyptian Star Gods/Goddesses - since the beginning of July 2020 to bring through information about this Stargate Portal, and the work that we will be doing in conjunction with these energies to assist in grounding them, and utilizing the harmonics to their greatest and highest potentials. Infinite Magic and Potential is coded within the Stargate Frequencies - and how each person is affected and able to integrate these codes and activations is dependent upon where they are on their own unique journey. Collective Themes include: Sovereignty, Attraction of Soul Family, Alignment to True Purpose, Full Realization of Mastery, The Quickening, And Grounding the Higher Realities. There is so much more involved in the energetics, but I’ll not mince words in attempt to describe it all. I am channeling a telepathic download from the Sirian High Council & Lion’s Gate Guardians for those who are interested - simply ask & ye shall receive. I have spoken to Jason about this, and it is my understanding that we will be doing work around this during the next Superbeings Group Call. Please ask your questions about Lion’s Gate & anything contained within this post, and I will answer them as I am able. 

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We have all felt this coming and I am so excited for the new energies and all that will be reveal to each and everyone of us! 

The attachment contains a painting of “The Eye Of Ra”. This Painting contains potent and powerful activations and downloads for those who are in alignment with such. Simply gaze at it, and be open to receive the power contained within this tool. Please be responsible in sharing this image - it contains channeled information that is only suitable for the True Initiate. Thank You! 

I’m so excited to work together on this one with you & Cesar...everyone, really. It’s going to be a blast! Literally lol. A blast of Cosmic Lightening! 

Liz said:

We have all felt this coming and I am so excited for the new energies and all that will be reveal to each and everyone of us! 

Is there anything that the beings would like to share about this next chapter upcoming? General and specific as related to things like the economy or current events, paradigms shifts in society, how we can best help or be in service?

Yes - there is a great deal of that information that has come through up to this point. Shifts in the monetary system, healthcare industry, and mass awakenings. As far as current events - where “Superbeings” are concerned, we are being “locked into place” (in a really cool way), and catapulted into our fullness of purpose. There has also been information about the balancing of Masculinity & Femininity in terms of the Macro- and Microcosmic sense of the terms. Current events will be made to look much more dramatic than they actually are, but as things are shaken up to fall into place, there will be what is perceived as chaos by many. For those who are aware, as look as they don’t get caught up in the drama, they will be safely nestled in the “Eye of The Storm”. I haven’t gotten a lot of specific details, as far as  current events are concerned, but a knowingness that the premonitions will come in due time. There is just so much that has been shared and shown, I I couldn’t possibly remember or recite all of the , 3D human life is kinda kicking my butt at the moment, so I don’t really have that much time. There is also much that there simply are not words within the human language that can even describe or properly honor the infinite power of these energetics.   New gifts and abilities are coming online & presenting in a much more powerful way... As far as best being of service: “Just be you, Beautiful & Precious One”.I need to go back over my notes and really sit down and focus on this, and I will share more as soon as I am able. Mary, I know that you are very gifted and also sensitive   -  I am certain that if you  ask to be connected to the Stargate  Energies & the Beings  connected to all of this, they will come through in a powerful way. 

Thank You to everyone who participated in the call last night. I hope it was enriching for all involved

Oh no did I miss it? I thought you said the 8th?

I live +6 hours from Michelle so if you want to do it in late afternoon it would be the 9th here, but its up to you. I am flexible and I understand people have things to do during the day.
All this considered I think it would be best if we all join together on a call instead of doing it separately.

Hi Everyone! The Lion’s Gate Energies are peaking NOW. If you’re an early riser, you can see it in the early morning sky. If not, here’s a photo! Coding the picture with the frequencies of the alignment.   Today is   Essentially the culmination of the Harmonic Frequencies, and they remain flowing in through the open Stargate Portal until August 13th. 


Wow!! Thank you soooo much! Michelle & Nexus you ROCK! What a journey... energy was super high, knocked me out for a while during the call. Definitely felt the Sirian star family, the angelic realm and the Hadarians ( that bring unconditional love). Since the call my heart is on fire! Grateful for being here with all you incredible beings. LOVE

Michelle said:

Thank You to everyone who participated in the call last night. I hope it was enriching for all involved

wow that was something else
im on fire lol

Omg you guys I think I’ll STAY “lit up”! Maybe we should take this off the grid, tho?

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