Hello everyone!

Do you have any tips for my 2 month young daughter, who has colic symptoms? Crying when eating, mostly in the evening and it gets quite bad in the evenings. I just received my order with purazyme and thought I would give her a few drops, would like to check/ask if that is good to give to a newborn?

I have given her some homeopathic medicine which helps a bit.

Much love and blessings to you all! <3


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A quick search reveals that the infant may be lactose intolerant, temperature of the feed is not up to their standards,  or they might straight up not be hungry. Alternatively a switch to breastfeeding may be optimal.

If you want to figure out the main cause of colic then I would suggest you watch the hands: My parents told me I was a colic infant because my eyelashes often turned inwards, so they observed and figured out that I wasn't randomly trying to gouge my eyes out. 

A tip would be to have patience and follow your motherly instincts. Perhaps a visit to a doctor might reassure you that this is somewhat natural?

Andrea, my son at between 1 and 2 years was colic-y. One night when he was screaming and fussing in pain, I put my hands on his belly and he stopped. It was never a problem, ever again.

Yes, I have a gift, but so do you, only your gift is a million times stronger, because there is nothing stronger than a mother's love. You have it in you, I promise. Trust that.

As for Purazyme, the baby's body will love it.

I'm including with this note an energy packet. All you have to do is say "I accept," and it will begin its work. You're in effect accepting the help your own guides want to pass through to you, and I'm more or less functioning as the agency that opened and cleared the portal.

Trust yourself, and by that means, trust the universe. 

Big Love,

-- Yada

I suggest gripe water for acute situations and to help digestion and Jason is very good at healing upset tummies as well. 


If you are going to do the purazyme. Dilute it down into the hydration. Just a drop.

Thank you Paisios, Jason and Mary for your tips and guidance!

I am breastfeeding her, so she is receiving the best nourishment :) I'm also doing small changes to my diet for mine and her stomachs to feel better. My stomach has always been sensitive, had colic myself as a baby.

As for little Lily Rose, she is feeling much better since I put my hands on her stomach, as Jason suggested me to do! Thank you for the energy packet as well. Very cool of you!

And the gripe water recipe was great, Mary. Even I like the taste of it. Made a batch yesterday and poured it into an empty alchemy bottle, so that I can easily give her some when it is needed ❣️

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