Last September I had experiences something quite peculiar. I was hesitated for a long time (as it had been more than a few months now!) to share this here. But I can't find a more appropriate place to share this then to share this with my fellow superbeings. Here it goes:

I live in the city centre of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) my neighbor is my good friend (we're e both yoga teachers/students). After my baby slept I went to check to moon and stars in my balcony. My friend also standing in here balcony next to mine asked me to come over to have a warm tea. I walked over the wall that separates our balcony and voila! We had a good chat and we're feeling cozy and relax enjoying the warm weather late at night with our tea in our hands. It was about midnight and the streets were notoriously quiet. What a gift right? Living in the heart of a crowded city.

All of the sudden, there appeared this big ultra violet color light just a few meters across our sight. 'Seems like disco party is about to start' I said.. We both looked at this broad ultraviolet colored beam in front of us. But wait it is so quiet and look at the color?..! We both were looking straight at the beam and right at that moment the beam moved in a vertical line a few 100 meters to the left! Towards another building with a satellite right on top of the building.. And then when it reached this building.. BOOM it disappeared!

We just witnessed something we had never seen before.. Right in front of us with nobody seeing it but us. The unknown to us made us scared and we both grabbed each other's hands like children! 'WHAT WAS THAT?! WHAT WHAT WHAT... I.. I.. I.. I AM SCARED.. DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?! "

That night I couldn't sleep.. The next day I felt blessed to be able to witness such a mysterious moment. I have never been lucky enough to witness something extraterrestrial or whatever you want to call it.

You guys, the beam was almost like a mist.. But colored in ultraviolet.. And somehow the outer lines where perfectly sharp. Exactly like a beam or hologram. Until this day I sometimes can't believe it but I am so glad I wasn't alone. It actually really happened!

Also a fun fact is that at that time I had my precious moldaviet stone in my house (never in my bedroom, the energy is so strong it makes it impossible to sleep). And guess what?.. Since we moved 3 months ago I could never find my moldavite! It simply disappeared.

My question to you is.. Am I right about feeling lucky and blessed to be there and seeing this georgous beam? Or quite the opposite? 

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