I thought it might be nice to start a thread that had videos and news that was all about specifically mood elevating entertainment in the form of incredible acts, stories, music or articles. Jason sent me this collection of videos from the popular talent shows "America's got Talent" stuff.  He was saying how the elite controlling faction definitely does not want people to be feeling and seeing this kind of unifying and beautiful creativity. I have to agree! It's super encouraging because so many of the folks are often overcoming big deal challenges and upping the bar BIG TIME.

There is a point at 21 minutes that had us CONFOUNDED as to how that magic trick was done. But if you know, I am not sure I want to know how he did it. ;)

Enjoy and please share anything you find in this same vein on the thread.




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Thought this was a really good performance


Shin Lim seems to be a hot magician right now

Oh my god. I literally just watched him Calvin. Like 30 min ago. Not through this site. Just from my own youtubefeed. I absolutely love him and that breezy sensuality is both effective and hilarious to me. It makes me want to go look up some magicians . I would love to see a live show. I just looked some up. Nothing stood out hugely and I am not a fan of Vegas. I would love to go to the magick castle in LA, but I think you got to know someone to get tickets. :)

I hope ya get to see that, sure it’d be wild, who ya gotta know I wonder

I thought this was cool. Basically this kid came up with an ingenius way to clean up plastics in the ocean. I feel like this upcoming generation really understands the urgency to clean up our oceans.


And it's such a simple solution. There is SO MUCH great stuff going on, and it's happening so fast! I don't know if this kid is aware, but he's spawned a multi-billion dollar business.

I like to come back to this one occasionally, just for the feels. 


I love this website. If you need something to read in the morning to remind you that humanity is not as volatile as is presented and is still progressing and unfolding some brilliant ideas and plans to repair the planet and be a more loving place then check this site out. 


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