I’ve been experiencing intense vertigo for the past year and a half on and off. At first I thought it was related to my ears because that seems the most logical. At times my ear would feel like they need to pop especially my right ear more than the left. I would use ear drops that contain Mullien and garlic to help loosen any excess ear wax. It seemed to work a bit and I would let any wax come out with a Q tip but Sometimes the oil would get “stuck” in the ear canal and I would just have to patiently be underwater until it came out and sometimes that would be day or weeks.

It would then go away for a month or so, sometimes it’d feel a dramatic POP and it’d have no issues.

But the vertigo would still happen even without my ears feeling like I’m underwater. I’m talking, barely moving my head at all and the whole room would spin. I’ll just be lying in bed and it will happen. Wether my ears are clogged or not it doesn’t make a difference 

This happened while I was camping last year also as it occurred to me I needed to ground my energy.

I remember reading something on this page about vertigo being dimensional shifting but I can’t anymore information about this.

I understand no one here is inclined to give allopathic medical advice and I certainly don’t want that.

just want to know if anyone has experience this or another perspective? 

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I used to experience this when I would change planes, like literally lie down or turn over and I would get the spins. It was not exactly ear related for me in the sense that my ears were full of fluid, I think it was related to my kidneys somehow. When I got treatment for chronic Lymes it actually went away so I think it was somehow related to detoxification in my case. 

One morning a few years ago, I was standing by the stove making tea and I heard a noise and when I turned my head to the right to look at the birds, I felt very dizzy and as I was falling everything got black and I hit my forehead on a big canning pot that was on the floor. I was on the floor with water from the pot and blood from my head running down my face. I could not move at all because of the vertigo. I could not get up for about 20 minutes or so. When I did get up, I had a terrible head ache for a few days and other than the cut on my forehead just above my right eye, I felt ok.  Seven days later as I was going to bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow, Vertigo came back. I could not even move to get out of bed to call 911. I had never had any experience with Vertigo before and was freaking out within myself. I tried to not move at all. Even the movement of my eyes when they were closed was too much. Just breathing was too much. Closing eye does not help at all.  About two hours later, I finally fell asleep. In the morning a friend took me to the hospital and the doctor said I had,  " Onset of Violent Vertigo." A few days later I started going to physical therapy. She would help me to lay down slowly with my head to the side.  That would cause the vertigo for a minute or so. When it stops I sit up for a minute and do it again and again until vertigo stop. The doc said the crystals in my ears were out of balance and that the exercises would help to move everything back into place and stop Vertigo. Therapy once a week for six weeks and also doing the exercises at home helped very much. I have never had Vertigo that bad since. I do still have to be aware of it on a daily basis. Sometimes I do not feel it at all, other times I just have to pay extra attention to how I move my head. The exercises are called, " Canalith  Repositioning Right,   Left." You might be able to find them on the internet. I have shared them with friends who have had dizzy spells and they have helped them. I hope this helps a bit. Peace

I had severe headaches for about 2 month then ended up with vertigo
Didn't cmplete my message. But aftervthe vertigo attack for a few weeks, It felt as if I was coming down with a head cold, virus then list my hearing in left ear.

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