Hi everyone,

this is my first post on the forums, so please excuse if I am somehow not in line with forum rules and regulations.

After reading through the articles here, I thought it would be a great place to share my story.

Prior to signing up here, I have had a few experiences during meditations and wanted to know what and where that is. What happened is that usually after spending around 15 minutes in meditations, I would reach a state in which I would see very unusual places. For instance, I have seen architectural artifacts like buildings with spiral shaped roofs on what I presume are other planets of sorts. I've also often seen pyramids, one, in particular, was a pyramid but with 6 sides, or perhaps more, I don't recall clearly, and it had bright lights on specific locations on top. I had a top-down floating view of it in that instance.

Well, there are a variety of these visions and I still recall them fairly vividly even though they are months and years ago.

So, yes, what are these visions? And where? Other realities, other planets?

Thank you very much for reading and any answer.

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Sounds like you are accessing inner worlds. Maybe you have natural ability for this kind of astral travel in a sense. 

I can't say for sure where you are going.  Are you working with Jason one on one with the ABS training? I think it could help you with your inner journeying. Do you enjoy them? They are your imagination but the question is how much of it is your imagination and how much is it you tapping into a larger imagination?

Sounds cool.

I know you want a specific and real answer. You want to believe something, a deeper truth, a wider conspiracy of the reality of things. The problem is, to know what you want to know will require the unraveling of certain ideas you still cling to. They are important because they support your idea of reality, they are cherished because they help define your idea of who you may believe is who you really are.

But are they?

You've seen enough to question what you know. But can't reconcile what you've seen with the rules of the world as it seems to be. 

At this point, my friend, you are at an impasse. To move forward will require ABS. its up to you. 

What do you really know? how do you know it?and who knows it?

@Mary thank you for your reply.
I would say I'm rather intuitive, but until the recent years I hadn't "accessed" it. I basically just started my training and quite excited about it.

@Street Poet, your username suits you well, I read your reply like a poem. I do love all your questions. Thank you for inviting me to the world of ABS.

On another note, I fell half asleep on the subway here. Prior to waking up, with eyes still closed, I could "see" the interior of the subway, although many details were blurry. There was a boy and I kept hearing his voice. With eyes still closed, I noticed his t-shirt was a bright and soft blue.

When I finally opened my eyes, the little boy was indeed wearing exactly the colour I "saw" in my mind.

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