Sooooo what would be the best way to filter your water for consumption? I think reverse osmosis might be best, but I’m looking for a portable bottle I can take on the go. Activated carbon I’m thinking? Or maybe just bottled spring water? Everyone’s input please.........

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I love and prefer spring water. If you don't have a well or a spring in your area that you know of ( sometimes churches have free springs or wells and you just bring a jug) you can also look up your area here at  to just fill up some glass or BPA free jugs. 

I have heard wonderful things about Berkey filters but have no experience with them. I don't like how reverse osmosis tastes ( it's a little acidic to me) and it seems like the minerals are not there too? But that's totally better than tap water and you could always add the minerals back to the water. I would be interested in what others are doing for their water consumption. Water is WAY important. 

I distill water and then add trace minerals or Crystal Energy by Dr. Flanagan.

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