What is really going on - from above and below

Dear DJ Alix,

I really like this page and there is a lot of valuable information - no question about and so let me express gratitude for your effort!

I don`t want be boring with my "personal waking up process" which literally started when I was 3 years old. Now I am 50 y old, and I am still learing through experiences. Through all this years I went down so many rabbit holes and dead ends in researching to answer the question who I really am, what I am and what I am doing here. Propably the most profound question in having a short human experience in a biological "avatar".

Anyway - I don`t want to lie ( I am no American but European) that I really "hoped and wished" Trump is the "real deal". Not because of me; I have dettached during the last 5 years from all the illusions of the game and I don`t wish to play here anymore. I am an observer wondering about strengh of programming, mind controll and that many human Beings ( and we know that a huge amount don`t have a consciousness) can`t see and hear through the veil. But as their higher selfs are in charge is simply according to the evolution of consciousness. It`s a process, like everything else.

During my researches I learned "mountains" about the controllers of the game in this matrix. Some call them Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanists, AI, secret brotherhoods, Luciferian and other names.

And in reading ancient scriptures, religious ones and Mad. Blavatsky, Mrs Baily, Zitchin, Steiner, Nietsche and just "God" knows of the thousands and more thousands of pages. So I think I really have a good knowledge about what here is really going. And people don`t understand it because from a 3D level it is appearing as a "battle good against evil". Which is the first probkem because in higher vibrational densities "good and evil" aren`t even named this way. There are polarities and this polarities provide experiences towards a negative or positive polarity. And no side is the "better" one - seen from above. So all this war and battles and fights and self-justifications of the "good guys" is also just a part of this game here. As well as the negative polarity is doing their part. A real solution will never be a new war - you can`t fight war and terror with more war and terror. This is a paradoxum. Do you know why since thousands of years the same powers are in place?? Because they support always BOTH parties - and so they always win, no matter what.

But let`s come to Trump/Q/White Hats/Patriots: First of all it`s very wrong that Trump doesn`t "owe anything to anybody. He was bancrupt twice and twice the Rothschilds "saved" him. He IS a member of the gnostik Illuminati (scotish rite) and he IS a member of the Elite. I don`t think he is a Satanist, as many others of the Khazarian Mafia/Cabal/Cult of Babylon/Baphomet/Molech.

Q is a quantum computer and is working on the base of the "string theorem" (like Looking Glas) and has probably different "writers". ( Like Majestic 12, now operating from 5D through their "writer".

And what people are perciving is a pre-planned "war" of Satanists (Black hats) against White hats ( Karmic balancing Illuminati). I could go on now in talking about the Dracos, bloodlines, Enki and so in. But as the whole matrix is an artifical hologram it`s also probable that the real controller here is an AI - the "manager of the domain". Both parties have the same goal - to be the Power which is. Re

Both parties are on the path of transhumanism, just remember that Trump said he wants to have 6G or even 10G *smile. Remeber that Trump is for the mRNA vaxx because through the injected nanobots people can be easily "managed" through the change of vibrational frequencies - from global suicide to the "mass erection" (sorry, but the trust isn`t always NICE). But anyway - the point is:

IF/WHEN you know that you are an IS-BE, you also have to know that this matrix isn`t about freedom but about seperation and polarity - this IS the lesson here. Furthermore as an eternal Beings it`s not about white or black but to balance ALL THAT IS. And seen from above neither Earth has to be saved nor the human Bodies. This bodies just have the purpose to be a vessel for entities, artifical mind and so on, used in transhumanism. And the only way to change this is to END THE GAME and GET OUT OF THIS HOLOGRAM. Which is no big deal because death is the biggest hoax in a way. And why is this all happening seem from a 3D level - because the powers they are (and serving ancien t deities or an AI or both) have build their own kingdoms and empires and need humans to keep the game alive. This "people" don`t want to wake up, because they are already in this knowledge and they aren`t interested in a "bodyless" spiritual existence.

And so - white hats/black hats/pink hats/Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - it`s still the same game...and "red pilled humans like the patriots (fighting for the Illuminati fraction) are just a tool to keep the game alive. And the black hats do the same. That`s it. For a long time I was sad for humanity, until I realized that their higher selfs are always in charge and they decide when it`s time to exit the game. Can take thousands of years for a sequential incarnated, maybe a quicker way is a simultanious incarnation . but both come with the same effort in learning and understandig....

Best wishes

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  • Welcome Karina,
    just a side note - Trump declared corporate bankruptcy (6 times), which simply means that a venture he set up had failed.
    Nobody had to save him, let alone Rotschilds, and he lost very little of his own money when the projects failed. I am not pro or anti Trump, just correcting your facts. Maybe sometimes you read things and dont really understand them, but assume you do, because they fit into your stance.

    Some of what you write is true and some is not, you get the general idea and thats whats important.

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