Yes, it’s the first of a series of major awakenings coming for the denizens of this fabulous experiment. Who knew how much Dark Forces would be critical to its success? And that it would involve politics, business, more than it would anything labeled as spiritual? And that it would critically involve one of the most reviled personalities in the world? If you know me, you know I see everything as spiritual, magical, and so what is happening is jaw-dropping amazing to me.

Some of this info will obviously run counter to what you have heard, if you’ve paid attention to any of this through the many “populist” backchannels. I have. It’s an enormous quantity of research. I don’t expect you to believe what I say – in fact, I’d prefer it if you went out and found it all out on your own. Because we live in a very “triggery” world right now, I don’t want to trigger you. As you know, people are flying off into triggered anger over a whole lot of nothing, and it’s all programmed, all deliberate. Go into this little write-up with the idea of just having some fun, and you’ll be more likely to see it for what it is. So just entertain the possibility of what I am saying and read it without any stress of it not matching up to your own research. You may find it downright logical, illuminating and uplifting but as always we’re not telling you what to think.

I’m going to ramble a bit, but there’s just no way for me to carefully arrange everything I know and to get it in an orderly way onto paper. I just sat down three hours ago and wrote this as fast as I could type.

It’s time to let “those who do not know” in on what’s really going on. We’ll start from one beginning and give a hugely abbreviated digest and timeline. Let’s first define our terms, since we might as well use today’s lexicon. White Hats are the “good guys,” Black Hats are the “bad guys.” 

Like most people, my mind, Mary’s, and literally everybody we know here at TSB and in our private lives, were programmed to “disapprove” of Trump, obviously through the massive propaganda effort of Big Tech and Big Media. Most people were of course trained to hate him, but since most reading this aren’t capable of that emotion, you were trained to believe things about him that simply aren’t true. It definitely happened to us, and we chose it. It was a way fun awakening for me to find out how thoroughly I’d been programmed regarding Trump, but then my own “handlers” saw to it that I was. If you want to hang on to your programmed judgments about Trump, this doc isn’t for you. A little background is necessary to understand what is going on now, and what’s going to unfold from here.

As I said, take or leave what I write. I have no attachment to where you take things, mainly because wherever you take it, doesn’t matter. It’s also of extreme importance to know that your own guides, what I call handlers, are controlling your opinions and outlook with precision, so it doesn’t really matter what your conscious mind wants to think or believe. Why are they doing that? Because this awakening is one of the highest priority events happening in the entire galaxy, and it has to be done with great care and circumspection, as things that spin out of balance tend to come apart. Take a pot on a ceramics wheel. It has to be perfectly balanced in its making. The second it starts to go out of balance, it wobbles itself into destruction. It’s a good analogy to explain why everyone’s degree of awakening is so carefully controlled.

In 1871, foreign interests based in London and the Vatican, and other places, formed a corporation called The United States. That corporation is owned by The City of London and the Vatican. It’s what precipitated the formation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, as examples, both illegal to this day. Their sole purpose was to weaken and destroy the US because it was the world’s only bastion for personal freedom and individual sovereignty. White Hats have been working since that time to battle against that corporation and restore the US Republic and its Constitution. Every assassination, every war, everything that has happened without fail, has been that battle, which is just a front for the real battle going on behind the veneer, the Maya, of the Biblical “Sons of Light” and “Sons of Dark.”

Fast forward through the two World Wars - themselves designed for profit, weapons testing, population reduction, and to pit the puppets against each other - to two weeks after the murder of JFK in 1963. White Hat generals, admirals and high-ranking White Hat players in intelligence circles got together and said, “We can never let that happen again,” and so a decades long plan was hatched to exact vengeance AND, at the same time, to yank the “evil ones” from the levers of power and give it to the people for the first time in the last 10,000 years. There is a rampant misconception that the power is coming BACK to the people. Not true. We’ve never had it to begin with. Another big misconception is that “we’re taking back our world.” Not true. It was never our world to begin with. We’re taking it from its legacy “owners.” They in fact designed the local simulation we all perceive, and we're taking over their hologram.

In yanking the “evil ones” from the levers of power, and they had their hands on very nearly every single one of them, including ALL religions, the intent is to restore the Constitutional Republic through every legal means there is.

In about 2004, the ongoing military, intelligence and corporate White Hat players (descending from their formation in 1963) saw an opportunity represented by the maverick, Trump. He wasn’t a club member. He wasn’t born into a ruling bloodline. He wasn’t interested in their ranks, rituals and code. He just wasn’t their man, and more important, he owed them nothing. All their puppet presidents were beholden, some way or another, to the invisible string pullers. It wasn’t Trump’s idea to run for president, even though it had undoubtedly crossed his mind. It was this group’s idea. In around 2008, they got talking to him. In around 2012, he got fully aboard with The Plan. From that moment on, they used Black Hat arrogance against them, their own symbols against them, and beat Hilary soundly (in the real count, because that election was also cheated in her favor). They were so absolutely confident they were going to win, they just didn’t see it coming, and it had to be a true beatdown for it to work, to overcome the inevitable cheat. I'll give an example of how their own system did them in. The fake polls had Hilary leading hugely. The polls are always fake. But because they had her so far ahead, many of her constituents didn't turn out to vote. The Plan Team knew this and leveraged it to great effect. More importantly, however, White Hats knew ahead of time their chosen figurehead would win. In one of the 30,000 damning Hilary emails, she said to a DNC official in 2017, “If that fucker wins the next election, all our necks are going to be in nooses” (I may be paraphrasing! Haha).

So, Trump and company (their immediate team numbers about 8000) immediately set about the process of cutting off the funding of the US Corporation, the Clinton Foundation, Obama's foundations (darkies LOVE their foundations, and not just for tax evasion, but for money laundering and movement) and other lynchpins of their “dark triumvirate of power.” In short order, even before the turn from 2016 to 2017, they’d bankrupted that corporation, and under prevailing law, it had to be dissolved. From there, the dominos started falling. Every Central Bank on Earth is now broke and in the process of dissolution or reorganization. Since 2018, more than 2000 corporate heads have quietly stepped down. As Washington, DC, is also owned by that now defunct US Corporation, it’s probably irredeemable and might not be used from here forward as the seat of national governance. But they did fence and razor wire a large section of it to create an ad hoc prison, and in which to hold tribunals, which continue to this day, many of which under the aegis of the Nuremburg Code. Why did they "quietly" step down? To protect the investments of good people, but I'll get more into that below.

Trump and company then went on a whirlwind tour of the world and leveraged every main power structure into capitulation to The Plan. All The Team had to do is show those world leaders the condemning evidence of their crimes against humanity, that they were facing tribunals and execution, and that the only deals available were that they could keep their false legacies and/or choose their way into more graceful means of execution. They started with the Saudis, who were the funding source. They took a passel of “dark princes” down and replaced them with White Hat princes. They then took down the Vatican, legitimate Israeli leadership, and Buckingham Palace. In taking down BP, they also took down the Rothschilds. Anybody with the patience and moxie to watch mainstream UK news knows the Rothschilds are history, as their properties have been foreclosed, a few were allowed to suicide, and BP's royal crest was changed on the front gates, windows were boarded up, and the Queen was allowed to take up residence in a country estate. Trump let her live, because his own mother was such a big fan.

One of the White Hat Saudi princes, Bin Salman, was then charged with the task of meeting with big-tech oligarchs and presenting them with the same ultimatum: capitulate or be exposed, because most of them are going to be tried and put to death, anyway. Did nobody wonder why Sergey Brin, the founder of Google and Alphabet, its parent company, stepped down from his trillion dollar tower? It’s because he was forced to. All of these step-downs were forced, carefully operated, and implemented. The reason for the extreme caution is, as mentioned above, that many good people are invested in those companies, and if you come out and say these corporate heads are the puppets of satanic overlords, THAT’S how you cause an international economic collapse and the destruction of good people’s investments. Everything they’re doing is to protect the people and their finances.

So, in short, almost all censorship, which has been dutifully inflaming the passions of those who still need to be awakened, is being done by White Hats, NOT for the control of narratives or information, but to wake people up to what they’d been agreeing to forever. We don’t need to fight for freedom of speech. We need to watch this highly entertaining movie and appreciate it for what it’s doing. Speaking of movies…did you wonder why Steve Mnuchin elevated to being Trump’s Treasury Secretary? Why did a film writer, producer, director, become his Treasury Secretary? It was a symbolic role. Steve Mnuchin is actually the director for the movie we’re all watching. If you want a little taste of this, watch the movie Wag the Dog. Memes of dogs have been all over the place in the last 8 months as a subliminal nod to that movie. And this includes the socks “Biden” is often seen wearing: they’re covered in dogs.

Shift gears to the scamdemic, the Flu d’etat. There were many reasons for the implementation of this strategy, but the two most important were (1) that it would create the necessary smokescreens, chaos, fear, and “shelter-in-place” mail-in balloting to steal another election, and (2) it would ritualize the use of a mask so that a large chunk of the world population would respond from fear and willingly agree to subjugate themselves to the “magic” of the world control “Coven.” Masks became the armbands, the markers. You knew who you’d recruited if they were wearing masks out of fear. In this “Coven,” Barrack Obama wasn’t the US President as much as he was a Dark Prince in their ranks. It’s important to know that their whole side looks at the structure of world governance that WE think is in control as just a veneer for their true control game behind the scenes. In other words, presidents and other heads of state are usually of low to medium rank in THEIR game, often just lackey levels, and their game is an entirely separate and largely unknown reality. Their rankings are more about magical accomplishment than they are about the mundane business of running countries. Said another way, if you’re a black magician able to conjure a more powerful entity than your underling, you remain the “Grand Master” of their ranks, not because you have been promoted to 3 star general or won an election, but because of the accomplishments of your magic. That you are a federal judge, or senator, or president, is just a side job and plays an important role only in the continued control of minds, financial apparati and perceptions.

White Hats, using the technology Looking Glass, knew the scamdemic was coming, and planned to use it in their favor. By 2014, they had enough evidence to arrest almost the whole lot of them, but they didn’t because they needed them to carry out their plans so that they could add copiously to their charging documents. They needed to bring down the financial arm, the media arm and the Big Pharma arm. The latter two systems are still incriminating themselves even now, authoring their own demise. In short, everything the White Hats have done is a sting operation. So, in mid-2019 or so, the real Biden was arrested, tried in a military tribunal, and was “removed” from this plane. I’ll point out here that our plane is overlapping a parallel plane where the real Biden actually won, but that is way too detailed an account to give here. I know people who live in that plane, and so do you. You could call them right now. That we’re living in multiple realities at once, I’ll cover more below. If you look at the below picture, you’ll recall what Biden really looked like before his removal. We now have several actors performing in the role of the president. If the guy on the right is who you remember being Biden all along, then you’re not in the perceptual framework, or reality, that we're in. This picture is one of the quickest and easiest ways to tell which reality you’re in.

With the future tech they have in cloning, silicon masks, CGI, holographic projection (i.e. Bluebeam), you’d think they’d have used a guy that looks more like the real Biden did. The reason they haven’t is because they’re throwing it in the faces of the world’s population. They’re deliberately doing the most outrageous things in hopes of waking people up. By outrageous, I mean by putting a guy on TV every single day, who mumbles and bumbles according to a very carefully contrived script, who can’t even pass for the real Biden’s brother, just to see if anybody will notice, hoping upon hope they will notice. They published picture after picture of the Oval Office actually being the soundstage used in the movie The American President. Out the windows of the Oval Office behind the executive desk in those was a parking lot. In one video, Trump was seen walking past the windows behind Biden as he was signing “Executive Actions” (they couldn’t legally call them “Executive Orders.")  The game is so obvious it’s incredible that the jig is not completely up, but then, every single person on this planet is also very carefully controlled by their own guides to see certain things when it is time to see them.

If you’re on your toes, you’ll immediately deduce that if Biden was no longer with us in 2019, then the entire election was a theatrical sham, and it was, at least on our plane. White Hats baited the “Coven” into breaking every law we have in elections. They then gave every governing election body, and every court, in every cheating state, the opportunity to come clean. None did. They still thought they were in control, but that control was an illusion. As just an example, many Black Hats think the imposter Biden is one of theirs - an imposter, yes, but one of theirs. He’s not. He’s White Hat. Interestingly, one of our superseers is living in a reality where the fake Biden is as evil as they come, with his own agenda. So, now we know we have at least three overlapping planes. It's amazing that we can talk to each other on the phone, isn't it, even from differing realities? How fun is that! 

This brings us to a mind-numbing variety of psyops, dis- and misinformation being disseminated throughout the world. The third purpose for the implementation of the mildly tweaked flu was the vaccine. It in fact was the highest priority reason. Everything you’ve read about it, about the horrors associated with it, about mind control through nanotech, depopulation, about viral shedding, ALL of it was the Dark Plan, but that plan got pulled apart by the across-the-board dismantling of all that control apparati on Trump’s capitulation tour of the world. White Hats are behind all but 1, maybe 2, of the vaccines. The vast majority of them are saline, hydrogel and some dormant nanotech that might be useful for use with the frequencies of the quantum internet sometime down the road. In short, the vast majority of the vaccines are benign and do nothing at all. It’s important to know that those who choose their way to the “bad” vaccine, are doing so under their own guidance and plan. Just let them do it. It’s all good! The same propaganda model used for the fake disease is now being used by White Hats for all of the dis- and misinformation surrounding the vaccines, all by White Hats. In other words, all the deaths, viral shedding, and on and on, are just “wake-em-up” propaganda. Very little of it is really happening.

I’ll nutshell it this way. Every single thing being purported out there is a psyop, most of which are being done by White Hats. Example, there will be no food shortage, even though that’s the new fear. People talk about climate change issues becoming the new “shelter in place” orders. Not going to happen. Vaccine Passports – not going to stick. Most censorship…being done by White Hats, NOT to censor, but to wake people up, to cause them to look inward and examine themselves individually and collectively. If you want to cause this experimental population to stop believing what they’re told, you have to throw so much discordant information at them that they stop believing ANYTHING that’s coming at them, giving them impetus to start looking at themselves. This is the strategy, and it’s right out of psychologic manuals. White Hats are in control of almost all of it, and what they don’t control, they’re baiting the opponent into self-incrimination to be used in tribunals.

More than that, what’s important for the new age community to know is that higher beings on galactic levels are the ones in control here. Not Black Hats, not White Hats. A single body is controlling both White Hats and Black Hats, and have been for thousand of years. Good and bad are completely beside the point. The forward movement of the Harvest is what is important, and the “bad guys” were having a tremendously difficult time getting enough of a Harvest for the all-important Balance. The scamdemic helped them to accomplish their goals, as those who truly feared this mildly tweaked flu gave themselves over to the service-to-self reality without knowing that's what they were doing, and it is a contract. You can't be both sovereign and obedient at the same time. Let that be a bumper sticker.

What most new age dogma believes to be true about Earth, that it is an ascension to the 5D lightbody, that it’s never been done this way before, is actually a dark psyop. In civilizational experiments, what generally happens is that at the graduation from 3rd density to 4th density, that single population, both good and evil, bifurcate into two worlds, and those two worlds explore their own frequencies and perceptual frameworks of “love and understanding.” Then, thousands of our present yearly durations down the road, they come back together to share on a “group soul” level what they learned as they then graduate to 5th density together, to begin experiencing perceptual planes at density levels that don’t have space defined by distance, nor objects as discrete entities. It’s the first step to post-physicality, even though, as some of you know, there IS no physicality, at all.

What I see as having never actually been done before in such experiments is to keep the two “sides,” the selfless and the selfish, together on the same world, in the same timeline, but to have two completely different realities in operation within that space. As said above, we already know we have at least three overlapping planes right here in front of us. How many of you can’t understand why your family, or friends, seem to be living in a different reality? How that’s being done is partially through social media. In other words, when an anti-abortion Christian is picking out a grapefruit at the supermarket right next to another person, she won’t know that that other person is a pro-abortion liberal and the arch enemy of her kind. The only milieu in which those views maintain their sway is in social media. Neither side will bother with the other’s social media platforms, and in that way, two different realities operate in the same space. The US may well divide into socialist states and capitalist states, thus two realities occupying the same space. It won't last long because socialist states are either already broke or on their way to it. The Mandela Effect is extremely active right now, as well, and examining all of that more closely suggests we might have more than three realities in operation in this spacetime right now. How big gas is that! It’s important to know that this has always been the case…it’s just that it’s more noticeable now, and it’s more pronounced because the veils between “affinity realities” are dissolving.

I hasten to point out that “liberalism” isn’t the problem. The problem with liberalism is that it became the perfect platform and vehicle through which the “Coven” could carry out MOST of their global dominance plans. Ideologically, liberalism and socialism are cozy bedfellows. If you want to bring a world to its knees, you have to take out the last bastion of perceived freedom, the US, and install instead a socialist model, where you're a ward of the state and get ahead only through an imposed merit system, like snitching on your neighbor. Socialism in and of itself is a superb model, so long as the people at its helm are FOR THE PEOPLE. None, however, have ever been for the people. They’ve ALL been puppets of the “Coven.” As soon as the “Coven” is no longer at the controls, then socialism models will become more and more feasible for implementation. Better yet, form a hybrid, where the people ARE the capitalists who think socially, and you’ll have a good model for a few centuries.

Speaking of people…what is happening the world over is a populist uprising. That’s what I am: a populist. I’m for the people, and the politics are beside the point. Whatever the people need and want is the priority. While a political commentator would call it a populist uprising, the Bible would call it, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” That’s what’s going on. The timing couldn’t possibly be more critical, as this planetary population will have to learn, forthwith and with all due haste, that it can’t believe ANYTHING it sees, and in that light, can move forward into ever more technological paradigms prepared to discern for themselves what is true, and to not believe what they’re TOLD to be true. That will keep control-minded technocrats from rising to power through mind control, which could doom this advancing experiment to yet another repeat. Beliefs are, in fact, the anchor that keeps this ship from moving forward. BUT, again, you can’t purge all beliefs at once because they are the infrastructure, the skeletal under-structure, of the very planet. Remove them all, the world implodes, experiment fails, start over (it would mark the fifth time we’ve started over). And NOBODY, not myself, not the galactics that we work with, want to start over, NOR are we interested in continuing our custodianship of this planet of Pavlovian primates.

Before the end of this year, when state election audits begin to show the degree of the cheat, it will become known that Trump won the election, fairly and squarely, even as it was a massive sting operation. Mass Media that either doesn't report these facts, or just continues telling lies, will further implicate themselves in treasonous activities (at least  those that aren't White Hat controlled, and some have been taken over). He won by a landslide. In Europe, the vote counts being shown on TV were accurate, and Europeans were seeing the real results. It was over 400 electoral votes for Trump. Here, of course, we were watching a concerted and colluding “stage play” between Big Media and all ancillary apparati, where their infographics were showing the false narrative. Because he won, and is in fact still president according to Constitutional Law, his team is still running things while the White Hat “movie” with Biden as president continues to awaken people to the “something is weird” initial step in the Great Awakening. Before the end of this year, after the right momentum is gained from the state election audits, Trump will then step back out of the woodwork and function as president in the public eye.

I could write pages about the legal matters involved in foreign interference with elections, the foreign powers as occupying powers, etc., as all of it has to happen before the military can legally do what it has to do. They’re doing it, as I write, WHILE using this craziness to wake the planet’s population to the fact that they’ve been indentured slaves since birth and are in fact owned by The State, in this case the US Corporation, the legality of which is on every birth certificate issued in this country. Just go look at the language on your birth certificate and research what it really means.

The entire process is to restore the Constitutional Republic, dissolve debt slavery to a single corporate body, and either dissolve or reorganize every entity involved in that debt slavery. You may or may not know this, but debt slavery is high level black magic (a dollar with all its Cabal symbolism is actually a promissory note), and they were able to “extract” contracts from every citizen in the industrialized world in exercising it. So, before the end of 2022, I think anyway, the IRS will either be gone or will be totally reorganized. I don’t think the Fed will survive at all, and it’s been in the Trump Team’s control since 2017.

Why is it important to restore the original Constitutional Republic? Because it is the model for democratic, populist, control of the world moving forward, nation-by-nation. In other words, this world can’t go forward with an agenda-driven few at the helm, because the technologies coming will make it easier than ever to control it. It’s now time for the PEOPLE to start making consensus decisions on where the world goes.

In the end, this is about the Harvest. It’s the highest priority. We’re here not to help people choose the selfless path, but to help them to make the damned choice. We’ve done our job, and odds are you didn’t even know you were doing that job. If you’ve used our alchemy, you’ve ESPECIALLY helped in that capacity. The choosing is almost completely done. Those who refused to choose have almost entirely been removed as “scamdemic deaths” and now with “vaccine deaths.” We are within six months of the tipping point. What happens on the world stage, the fake level, is only secondary and tertiary to what is going on on the soul level, or the social memory complex level that has incarnated into this experiment to see what could be done with some ancient DNA conflicts.

You are watching a movie. Nothing that you see in any direction and from any source is anything but a movie, pantomime, Kabuki Theater, all being used by White Hats to wake people up. It serves a great purpose if you understand that and watch it just as you would any other movie. Only get involved as you might in any other movie. It’s fun, exciting, scary, weird as hell, arthouse theater, but it ain’t happening and it has an end. Choose a cause and fight, if you want, but it’s a waste of energy, UNLESS of course you’re doing it out of excitement and passion. What you think is happening is not actually happening, and that is coming from an enlightened adept who knows that it’s ALL A MOVIE, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. All of Creation is theater, pantomime. Nothing here matters one iota, just as it doesn’t matter anywhere in Creation…well, any more than the events in any TV show or movie that you watch.

Tearing through to that degree of awakening won’t be available to this experiment’s native population for thousands of years, so don’t concern yourself about where they are. In fact, don’t concern yourself with any of it. If you’re reading this, you already vibrate where none of that can touch you.

Now to bring it full circle. I see on various channels the fear that people have of things like “Cabal-made water shortages,” or “weather as weapon,” or whatever. The people having these fears are those who are supposedly awake, but they say things like, “What do we do to stop it?” Well, first of all, it’s likely not even happening, but if it is, our galactic managers are behind it. More importantly, if someone is expending energy to fight it, they’re reinforcing the formation of the reality they most don’t want. STAND IN YOUR POWER, YOUR GODHOOD, BE WITH THE MASTER PRESENCE DAILY, and know that it’s all a game, a simulacrum, that it doesn’t matter, and that it’s designed to lead a world into a very special disposition in the coming decades.

There’s the ramble. I tried to keep it short, but some of you know me, and we did cover an exceptional breadth of ground here.

Here’s the bumper sticker: Everything that is going on, no matter how it looks, is designed to wake people up.

The tipping point won’t come until there is a critical mass, so the job’s by no means done, but we’re damned close.

Let the questions and comments begin!

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    • I spent two solid weeks trying to figure out if this website was evil. I think Jason put it best with us being grey hats. However, if you'd like a breather, here's a different way of taking it all in. I'm not aware of any way to stop this process once you start it, just so you know. If ready to proceed, then keep reading.

      Observe your thoughts. Don't claim them, incorporate them, join with them, believe they are yours, etc. Just observe your thoughts. When you fall off the wagon, get back on. Do this for as long as you can (plan on about twenty minutes a day to keep progress alive). Also, keep an eye out for the little firecracker-rhythm battering rams that occur in a few dozen milliseconds between your thoughts that like to remain hidden. When you don't fall for the lie, the lie has nothing to feed on. It will weaken. Eventually, you will see things a bit differently. Hopefully that helps.

      Other than that, you're stuck in the dark. You can accept, fight, or realize that both lead to the same thing. You came here for a reason. How much of that you want to know is up to you. All you have to do is figure out who to trust. Easy, right? Ha! Just get rid of the lies. Truth is an act, not a stamp of approval.

      Disclaimer: the ramblings of the one known as Michael are known to the state of California to cause aggravation, confusion, nausea, disorientation, and cancer.


      • thanks much!

        Yes it's very interesting and it opened me up to not being naïve when it comes to future thinking and future thinking people. I appreciate your feedback, yes I completely went down the rabbit hole of wondering if this beautiful site was not What I thought in the beginning. It was important for me at the Time to just take a Time to just take a step back. There were a few other incidences in my life that were kind of similar , and causing me to find my own answers. So all good lessons. I started Iphaz and currents just a few days before I read that post from Jason and had the reaction, perhaps IPhaz  is opening me up to some different levels! Thanks for being here... we all need each other to remember who we are 😎

  • Thank you very much Jason for the energy and the knowledge. I have shared in the past some of the information that you have compiled in this with a couple of friends that have the fortune to coincide with. It is very exciting everything that is going on. 

    The last years have been very sensitive and powerful at the same time for many. Everything comes at the right moment and I'm so grateful about it. I think we are in the best moment to keep working, healing, expand ourselves and be there for others.




    • Hi, Monica. Well said. The daily purge of all the energetic toxins is becoming quite a discipline, since we're processing more than our fair share of them. Been quite a ride, but smooth seas just over the horizon. 

  • Love it love it love it so much!!! THANKYOU

  • I have been focusing on a very deep understanding-letting go of some very old dark energies for the past 2 years.  Last month, with the help and participation of about 50 beautiful souls, we forgave and let go of the fire anger towards gross manipulation of sexual energies by human religion.  Thus allowing us to regain our creation sovereignty. Since then I have been able to be much more aware of those influences in my field and stand for its transmutation back to source.  To that end I am noticing my body is healing and my extra sensory abilities are expanding to the next level.  

    I am grateful for this group and I am excited to learn more as I am yet again a baby.  I just started taking Sembria... I wonder just how magical I am - we are?

    • How beautiful, thank you so much for that action of forgiveness! I Completely resonate with they need to heal that deep wound.

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