Lately it’s become clearer and clearer that I am at a turning point in my alchemical career. This comes almost hand-in-glove with a general knowing that we have a more specific assignment being handed down from Metaself and many other people existing and cooperating with Project Earth on multiple densities, all the way to galactic management. It’s no wonder…it’s all timing. Huge things are happening on the planet, and of course the entire galaxy is involved. Among these people are of course Merlin, his teacher, and a few others involved in their “mind-trust.” Xupra is also involved, of course, as She is hosting our visits and serving as a source for codes, frequencies and knowledge. Sometimes I feel St. G circulating around this, as well.

The assignment is this: we are to raise a group of people to a very high level. It’s safe to say that such a level is rare with the human mechanism as presently constituted. The way this is to be done is through a whole new and dazzling array of alchemical outputs, four of which are almost ready to go as I type. Added to that as a specific methodology, will be workshops, where we can use explanatory means to give intellectual dimensions to knowledge being liberated from within everyone who participates in this with sincerity, selflessness and nobility of purpose.

A little background might help. I’ll be going into some detail because I want this group to understand as completely as possible what we’re undertaking together, and how things fit. About two months ago, I had a strong compulsion to make white powder gold from pure metal gold. I know some of you found us by looking for white powder gold and therefore may wonder what I could be talking about when it would seem that’s what we’ve always provided. This is true, but we’ve always provided it from natural sources. The reason I never pursued the making of WPG from pure gold is A) because I’ve had it in my possession from other makers, one of which is the most famous of all: David Hudson; B) because making it would be prohibitively expensive; C) I just wasn’t compelled to make it.

For those of you unaware of David Hudson and his contribution to modern alchemy, just do a search for “david hudson ormes,” which stands for “orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements.” The method his lab employed became a patent, which wasn’t a complete recipe. David Hudson’s WPG had some special properties, but it wasn’t on a particularly high level, and was largely inert in my body. I still have that vial, in fact, after 15 years. It’s important to note that much of what he made before he got sabotaged from the inside was made from high ormes-content volcanic cinder. Another WPG was from another “alchemist” and it suffered from the same problem. In my body, it was almost inert, as active as baking soda, and this told me that no matter the recipe or starting material, it’s still all about who is making it, 100%. And NOT because of who or what they are, but how much they keep themselves out of what is being made. Almost no manufacturer of any alchemical substance of any class is aware of the importance of this. I always have been, however.

Secondly, expense. First, the gold. The spot price has been around $40 a gram for years, give or take $5. That has to be passed through to the purchaser. Then there’s the labor-intensive demands of making it. It is hard to make, and it is hit and miss to make it in an authentically alchemical way. What I mean by this is if you employ the Hudson patented method, you’ll make it every time. If you employ the method I innovated and have added to the Great Alchemical Book of Knowledge, you might not (and you’d have to be me for it to work no matter what). I consistently observe impossible things in its making, an example being that 100 mg of gold made a gram of white powder on one run, meaning 10x the original mass, and on the second run 7 grams of gold made 1.65 grams of white powder and from which 2 grams of metal gold were reclaimed for reuse. So about 23.7% converted. To say “converted” is something of a misnomer, as we know for a fact that we are donating TO the zero point, and receiving FROM the zero point. We’re constantly seeing mass from nothing, sometimes significantly, like 3-4x the mass being spent in any given operation. It happens all the time.

Since I’m pretty sure we’re the only commercial operation creating and offering a white powder made from pure gold, it occurred to me that most seekers who’ve wanted it for years, even decades, would pay anything for it. But, it turns out it takes so little per dose to do what it does, that it makes it affordable if available in 10ths of grams in a dried form. It's so light 2/10ths of a gram half fills a 1 dram vial, and that would be enough for at least a month, maybe two. I will be making it available in larger weights, but we can charge no less than $300-$400 a gram, realizing fully that there are many folks out there who would gladly pay that and more. But when the finished dried powder is put back into deionized water? It spreads its power and glory through it, and taken by dropper provides more than enough of it per dose. Doing it this way makes it affordable for everyone.

Thirdly, the compulsion. You might wonder why the compulsion had never been there before. There were a few reasons: I felt Gaia was a better, more knowledgeable, alchemist than I, and I felt the huge stretches of time involved in making the natural substances, by nature herself, was something none of us could ever employ. It would be like an alchemist starting a procedure at 20 and finishing it at 60. A high-level (literally world-management team level) scientist-alchemist friend of mine told me the desert material we use for Alkhem was more powerful than WPG would ever be, giving me yet another reason to not pursue it. My job was therefore to take what nature had done, extract it, concentrate it, make it safe to use, and make it available. This was the modus operandi, using nature’s stuff, and a little of my own, such as aqueous gold (admittedly very high level), until Merlin came along. This MO was fairly consistent, acknowledging that I had also learned to augment nature in many ways, especially with gold and the platinum group metals from those pure metals. Admittedly, I had also made both the Red and Green Lions of Medieval and Renaissance alchemical lore, and also tiny rubies, which were born within a gold matrix, so I mistakenly felt I had matriculated right past the WPG schooling. I just thought it was a modern assumption that it was anything more special than nature made.

Then suddenly this compulsion to make white powder gold from 99.999% pure gold, and believe it or not, there is still an impurity in gold even that pure that must come out in its initial preparation, which is of course part of the alchemical path for making authentic WPG. I had one of my hunches that it had to do more with the accomplishment of its making than it did with making it available. In other words, in accomplishing it, I get another gold star on my alchemist’s ledger, and perhaps graduate to another level, realizing of course the levels never end. Said another way, Merlin himself is still a student of alchemy.

On this I was wrong. The accomplishment of making it isn’t more important. The substance itself is incalculably more important, which I’ll get more into.

In the meantime, what we’ve come to learn is the importance of a clean body. We’ve been yacking about this area of concern for going on 2 years now. The cleaner the body, the better the decisions. The cleaner the body, the cleaner the thoughts. The cleaner the body, the cleaner the brain, opening pathways to otherwise inaccessible information sources. The cleaner the body, the less susceptibility to the mishandling of energy. The cleaner the body, the more responsibility can be conferred upon the individual in the use of energy, thus moving the individual to higher and higher levels of mastery over energy, time and “matter.”

In short, cleaning the body is of utmost importance on the path to mastery. Isn’t it therefore suspicious that upon cleaning my own body, it became time to make white powder gold, thus the sudden compulsion? Said another way, while my body was as filthy as pretty much everybody else’s in the world, I couldn’t even dream about making it. I myself have never been pure enough to even receive the tutelage from Above...until two months ago. There are glaringly practical reasons for this. If your cells are clogged with sludge and crap and metals and so forth, there’s no room for the good stuff. This is true on both the physical and so-called spiritual levels, because all that crap is also crap on so-called spiritual levels. I tend to replace “spiritual” with “energetic,” and my use of “energetic” is more like saying “the physically invisible.” As you might know, in my world, there isn't anything physical, which is why getting the semantics correct for explanatory purposes is important.

This is precisely why we were given all the tools to help anybody who would listen to get their bodies as clean as possible. It was all preliminary to being given tools that would replace all the crap we’ve purged. As it happens, white powder gold of course works at the cellular level (as does everything, good or bad), and so it was for all intents and purposes pointless to have it for consumption when there was no room in the cells for its absorption. These facts told me many things, but the most important being that our toxification was very specific to a given plan. That plan necessitated that we stay stuck and nullified and toxified until a given juncture. For reasons I can only ascribe to timing, we are now to clean our bodies and nourish the cells with these new alchemical substances.

During the process of researching and developing it, which is to say following my intuition and “see what happens,” we learned some fascinating things. It CAN be a universal panacea, just as the legends have always asserted. It CAN be an age reverser, for the fantastic increase in the “light within photons” nourishing and energizing the cells. Within everything, there is another light…a most essential light, and it’s also within light, or photons. It CAN replace the need for food…at least eventually, and not even necessarily. It CAN reveal powers in the strictly 3D mechanics of the body that are highly esoteric. It CAN open one’s entire body to being a perceptual organ. In other words, it CAN awaken the body-mind to engage in the multi-density act of perceiving and understanding. Another way to say this is, it CAN make you more psychic, possibly way more psychic, but more in a way that you are a subtle information sponge soaking up information with the all of you as you move through this energetic substrate. I know this because it’s happening to me, and it’s not clairvoyance or clairaudience…it’s knowing. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are about receiving information, while knowing is about being the information.

This all plays conceptually into what we will be doing together. In moving the body towards being more subtle, less dense, more “energetic” (not necessarily as strength or stamina, but those also come naturally), one is more merged with the energetic substrate of 3D reality, and being more merged with the energetic substrate gives one increasing command of the energetic substrate. This merger is not possible without a clean cellular structure, and though it is possible to achieve without tools like white powder gold, it’s far easier and more efficient with tools on this level. It’s why they exist. As a useful graphic, imagine each of your cells being pixels, but these pixels are toxified by “bad code.” Imagine the energetic substrate also being composed of pixels (because, in fact, that’s what they are). You can merge your cellular pixels with those pixels, but those pixels aren’t going to allow the merger until they’re harmonically correct, which means clean and charged with what white powder gold can do.

This is part and parcel how mastery over “matter” takes place, at the precursor, energetic substrate level. An additional benefit in using alchemical substances of this class, one that is significant and powerful, is that you don’t necessarily have to be “taught” anything. In other words, knowledge, wisdom, bloom from within, sort of a priori, which is to say “knowledge without experience.” In other words, if you are to levitate, you won’t need to be taught by the reception of information. You’ll just be the knowledge on how to do it.

As a group, however, we can share and learn together, because there are intellectual tools that can function as triggers for epiphanies that leave us with higher knowledge at our fingertips. Thus, the workshops. These will also, significantly, be for generating enormous energy to be used any way the Gang Upstairs sees fit, but also for health and healing of participants, individually and collectively. The most important idea at play in these will be: This is not for me, but for everyone and everything else. I am on this call to serve. Let’s see what we can do together to help the world along its path.

I’ve made a beautiful, incredibly light, white powder from pure gold. One superseer looked at it and said, “It’s made of baby angels!” Another superseer said, “It goes beyond what can be identified. It truly sits in the zero space. It can be whatever it needs to be for anyone. It will gently, subtly, support anything anyone may have, need, or be. It adds strength to all systems and creates smoothness to being.”

This “zero space” idea is important, because being in the zero space means you are sitting in the cauldron that is you as pure potential. Pure potential is the quantum domain, where all potential exists in a sort of homogeneous simultaneity. It is impossible for there to be nonexistent potential, so all potential exists at all times. Therefore, one’s given “life plan” is not necessarily any longer an unbreakable contract. This is carte blanche liberation from the strictures of materiality while engaging as a material being. That’s powerful, and understanding that very thing is gaining an understanding of the direct correspondences of the Adam Kadmon (primordial man), which is why this WPG is called Origin. It’s a restoration of original self, if you will, but so much more, because original self now has the distinct advantage of working within an Electromagnetic-Carbon plane that vibrates on a very high level, and is going to continue to raise in frequency.

Other substances occurred from the energetic substrate and became manifest while playing with it. So far, it appears there are at least 8 substances to be brought forth over the coming months. Four of those are ready now. That white powder made from pure gold is among the first of these tells me that we are about to embark on an astonishing journey. If substances like white powder gold have been known and documented since ancient Egypt, then what substances haven't been known and documented? I suspect we’ll find out. It’s those I know we’ll reach through the zero point and bring through. How do I know? I’m doing it now. I’m seeing the magical, the impossible, right before my eyes, like never before, and this gives me, personally, good reason to believe that the Gang Upstairs, let’s call them The Establishment, has some big things in store for us.

The new line’s names: Spectral, Deva, Sahas and Origin. We’ll be announcing by the week following November the 9th, along with a few ancillary tools for cellular absorption.

For those of you not yet using Purazyme, it’s time you do. It is specifically designed to remove everything that must go. I use it every day, and I don’t anticipate ceasing its use, ever, because we absorb copious quantities of pollutants every single day.

Please don't swamp Mary with messages, such as to have it sent now. Watch for the announcement, because there are other elements involved you'll want to know about. 

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Hi Jason

I am the one who is having a difficult time with Purazyme.  The first time I took it I used two full pipette which is the suggested amount.  The next day I experienced cold like symptoms.  Thinking that I might have indeed caught a cold I continued taking it for the next two days. My symptoms  flu like symptoms worsened.   Pain from old injuries surfaced. Pain from other weak part of my body such as pelvic pain increased.  I had an extended menstrual cycle.  

I suspended my ingestion during this healing crisis and resumed two weeks later, this time with 1 full pipette.  I had the flu like symptoms with chills , body aches, and a slight fever.  The next day I woke up feeling refreshed and rebuilt.

A week ago this Monday I took one full pipette. By Wednesday I was struggling to make it through the day. I had an all day migraine and it was as if I was the flu was courting me but never manifesting into a full fledge flu virus in my body.  I was vomiting. This time I had a migraine which I have not in years, body ache, chills and a slight fever.

Aside from my being on the sensitive side, I wonder if the alchemy is working on a much deeper layer in me given that I fast every 3 months for 21 days for a good number of years. I haven’t done so since June.  I follow a plant base diet that’s very low in grains.  I do love green tea and I think my caffeine intake could be curb.  My point is my level of toxicity is nowhere near a person who consumes McDonald’s. I thought this would be easy for me.

The alchemy is superb and I have established a bond with Purazyme. There isn’t a moment I feel I am being harmed. I am just having a difficult time with it.

JD Aliix said:

Oh, I didn't know you meant Purazyme. That should be used from Day One, by everyone, every day, from now on. We do have a member here who has some sort of sensitivity to it that I haven't been able to get tot he bottom of, but even children should be using Purazyme.

If that person would like to come forward and talk a bit more about her experience with it, maybe we can come up with some information to help.

Andre said:

My gut says that it would be ok to go to purazyme, but wait until you get your diet the way you want and your body more clean to take the new alchemy you (JD) have coming so it will be most effective. And that is all up to me whether I decide to sacrifice my happy palate for a clean diet or not. That’s my next plateau, my diet. But I find it is a struggle. 

I think it's just a case of it too strong of a dose for you right now. It's not just about what you eat but also the years where you did not eat well as a child ( unless you did and I knoew few people who did eat super clean as a child) and to some extent the mercury/metals we inherit from our parents. One thing I can tell you is plants detox the earth and for exampl,e Kale pulls Thullium out of the ground and if you eat a ton of it then you are taking in that toxin. So, it's a pick your battles game. We do the best we can in a very toxic world.

We inhale fumes and zenoestrogens from furniture, carpet etc. We take in toxins all day long from the air and detergents and perfumes and our body stores them in our joints and tissues when it can't eliminate it. I know we talked about this Theo but I am writing this more for everyone else who may be reading this and wonder if they are going to have this happen. In cases where ( you are the only severe case like this although some have reported a healing crisis that subsides quickly) it's like this but you feel like you want to continue taking it microdosing is one such way.

That means taking a few drops in water and then seeing how your body responds. Sometimes less is more and it can still be powerful to take a small amount.  It conditions the body to be able to tolerate a detox. Sometimes ESPECIALLY if you have had any trauma ( hello surgery )or a fall or an accident and you are moving out old stuck energy or big time pain in the body when you start to move things energetically the body goes into protection mode and creates intolerances and resistance as a protective mechanism. It wants to heal. It just needs to know all is OK and safe to do so. Sometimes the detox is triggering. So if you give it tiny doses and make you are giving your body the message consciously- see. We can handle this. It's ok.

Sometimes, it's a case of this is just plain wrong for me but other times it's just a case of TOO MUCH TOO SOON. This stuff is so gentle overall though it's a little mind blowing but I think it's also just a testement to how it can facilitate really deep healing too. 

So the solution to try is to microdose with a few drops one time a day and SLOWLY over several weeks as long as there are no reactions try up to a 1/8th or 1/4 of a tsp. If all goes well then move up to a half. If that goes well then a 1 tsp. OR do half in the am and half tsp at night. There is NO reason to suffer through your detox. If you have symptoms like it, epsom salts and dry brushing your skin and a ion cleanse are a huge help. Also clay water or activated charcoal ( making sure to stagger your other vitamins and supplements FAR away from those.) I love muscle testing and pendulums to make sure I am taking the right thing. I have some supplements my body tested well for but I had trouble tolerating them until I microdosed them and then I could take a full dose. 

Using along with Dr. Schulz Formula 1, I find this very helpful. I muscle test to find the amount my body wants. I am currently taking 7 Formula 2's five times a day and 2 Formula 1's with dinner. If you follow your inner guidance with dosage this cleansing system is gentle and effective for cleaning the bowels.

sounds like you have a pretty grasp on the issue, Winnie. seems like some dietary tweaking is in order. take it when you canm, when it feels right. let it go to work. I mean, the symptoms you're describing are pretty classic detox responses. old aches and pains = old emotions and pent up thought structures.

I had a similiar response. but in time did pass through the bulk of  it. still have some remnants of similiar detox issues. but, what can we say? we're no earth, we're toxic sponges. some continued pain and discomfort is part of the contract.

I certainly can't take it everyday. but, i am taking it more often now.

Thanks Molly.  I am familiar with that brand and have used it many times.  I found it to be effective and gentle on my system. It’s possible that I need to do  a cleanse, and definetly microdose.

Molly Helene said:

Using along with Dr. Schulz Formula 1, I find this very helpful. I muscle test to find the amount my body wants. I am currently taking 7 Formula 2's five times a day and 2 Formula 1's with dinner. If you follow your inner guidance with dosage this cleansing system is gentle and effective for cleaning the bowels.

Regarding Purazyme...How do others feel it working for them, i.e., how do you know it is working? I understand my internal sensitivity needs honing, however, I can take a couple of droppers of Purazyme and not feel anything??? I trust that it is doing what it needs to do but wish I had the clarity to discern like many of you have. 

1. Suggestions on honing sensitivity to the effects of Purazyme?

2. What is the typical reaction time?

3. How does Purazyme's activity feel to you? 

These are elementary questions for most of you. However, your sharing may help me learn/ better develop my sensitivity. 

Thank you in advance!

Mary Betts said:

That means taking a few drops in water and then seeing how your body responds. Sometimes less is more and it can still be powerful to take a small amount.  It conditions the body to be able to tolerate a detox. Sometimes ESPECIALLY if you have had any trauma ( hello surgery )or a fall or an accident and you are moving out old stuck energy or big time pain in the body when you start to move things energetically the body goes into protection mode and creates intolerances and resistance as a protective mechanism. It wants to heal. It just needs to know all is OK and safe to do so. Sometimes the detox is triggering. So if you give it tiny doses and make you are giving your body the message consciously- see. We can handle this. It's ok.

My digestion is just plain better and that means more regularity with bowels etc. My cycle is easier to deal with cause my hormones are getting balanced.  And a long standing gall bladder/liver rib pain abdominal pain issue is gone. I can eat things like sourdough toast with no pain. If your digestive health is such that you were already in good condition then you may not notice anything. You are not supposed to necessarily get a "physical sensation" after taking it. It's more like- 6 months later do you feel cleaner and notice any difference in like say your overall health in the areas I mentioned? This is a cumulative product. I gave Purazyme ( a few drops heavily diluted in water) to my plants that got sun damaged and they came back to life. 

I wish more people would comment here rather than privately to me. I don't feel comfortable sharing their experiences without their permission and I can't remember who said what anyway, so please everyone comment away!

In addition to my gut feeling more balanced, I simply feel better when I take Purazym.  I see myself taking it regularly as part of my daily regimen.

Same here in regards to Purazyme, from just the few days of taking, normal bowels and if I do happen to eat something that may cause inflammation or foggyness of the brain its become a lot less. Been muscle testing for dosage and my body gradually wants more everyday. I really enjoy taking it.

Which of your products are good for removing blocks from the subconscious mind, if that’s even possible?

Gut health prior to Purazym was not an issue.  It is then hard to define what it is doing.  I will say this...I feel fabulous.  I feel fabulous because I have stayed the course.  Taking advantage of everything offered and advised here over the last 8/9 years.  From alchemy to Prism Oracle, chakra cuning , Puramyd, Merlin Power Stone, Cuss word cleanse, stories, Ion-Cleanse and Awareness Bilocation System!  All of It!

This is an entire system that has proved its riches for me.

I am experiencing untold physical stamina. An open and flexible mind.  Creativity at it's finest.  Levity and Joy.  With an ability to embrace what we tag dark.  It's all lovely and precious.



With an added kicker.....those around me receive some of these bonuses just by walking around!

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