Doe replied to Jason Davis's discussion STRONG SUGGESTIONS FOR RIGHT NOW
"YES, I am ready to move forward. Thanks for your help brother Jason."
Sep 21

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  • Hello  Doe, thank you for the invite. Maybe we can chat on the phone sometime , I look forward to this..

  • Thank you for the welcome, Doe. Looking forward to some new and unexpected adventures!

  • T

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  • Thank you Doe.  I am looking forward to this wonderful adventure.  Hope to journey with you also.  I'm a beginner, so it may take me a bit to catch up.

  • welcome to the mystery unfolding Doe! Congratulations! xo

  • Congratulations!

  • Doe, the screaming in your ears for 7 to 8 years.  Is this screaming a audible sound which goes up and down in volume?  I too have this; a squelching sound.  For me this sound started not in the center but on the left side in the back of my head.  This floated around from side to side for several months.  I discovered the more I meditated the more the sound moved to the center where it now resides full time.  Fun about the sound bar, I have over the years discovered that there is more than one sound,  I have separated these out to identify now four different sounds, one is more dominant than the others.  Very curious about these...

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