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"Hi, Kari Anne. Thanks for noticing! And thanks for thanking! Hahaha! 
What a wild ride. This world is undergoing a serious upgrade, and it's incredible that it's only just starting."
May 20
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May 4
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"Hey, Chris. Welcome aboard!"
Apr 28
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"Hey, Terry. Thanks for apprising us of your forward motion. I'd love to hear more about the Hanging Man part of your experience. Is there enough there for a blog?"
Apr 12
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Mar 12

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  • Hello Jason Davis, I hope you are doing well.
    I'm new to this forum and I don't know how it goes. I want to buy alchemical products and have them delivered to me in the city of Paris in France. But I can't find a link (means) to place an order for Paris in France as for certain other countries of the European Union.

    as it is a bit complicated to place an order and delivery times can take a while, I want to place a large order of all alchemicals, in order to have them all delivered to me at one time, and work individually with them following the others over several months from the beginning, the cleansing of the physical body and the subtle bodies, with the simplest consequences.

    Can you help me with the purchase and delivery of these alchemicals to my place in Paris, France please.

    PS: Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

  • Hi Jason, when will the wormhole docs be back up? I wasn't able to finish them. Thx!
  • After 30 years of seeking, lots of religions, new agers, tree huggers. My current conclusion is I AM GOD. I AM THE FEDERATION I AM THE UNION. Not waitin on archangels and esholons to save my fucking dogs and shit. It could be a phase, but this is where I stand. What phony bs I fell for.
  • Thanks dude. Im not fitting in this planet anymore. Found your place. I'd love just hs to hs talk man to man. I don't even know what to say without making an ass outta myself, honestly. Thanks for not leaving me in the cold. I was gonna delete my try. Then, i got sidetracked. But when i got back to it, delete.
  • :) Thx

  • Hello Jason, this is Michael Cowles. I'm writing to inform you that there is a member trying to scam me. They wrote a message on my profile trying to get me to go to a Gmail address to discuss some unknown details of a private matter. It's pretty much the same message that a man named jerome tried to scam others with. I'm betting it's the same person only they changed their name to Maris Ahmed. Just wanted to let you know. I didn't know how else to tell you other than directly messaging you. Thanks Michael Cowles.
  • Thank you for sharing the David Hudson video - this is precisely what came to mind when you described it. Thank you for taking the time to discuss High Magic & Sacred Substance with me!
    Interesting anecdote: Several “signs and synchronicities” have manifested since connecting with this group: a “Dragon” Cloud appeared in the sky while we were speaking; then, A few hours later, during my evening walk, a large, bright Red & Yellow light anomaly flew across the lawn - approximately 15 feet in front of me, 10 foot off the ground. I believe Higher Consciousness is letting me know I’m on the right track!
  • Thank you for having me. Looking forward to digging deeper into all of the content. There’s so much and I feel like a baby in terms of my understanding of these processes however the concepts make me feel very much at home. Thank you for all your work, loving intention and willingness to share and create a community like this.
  • Hi Jason, I am new to this. I would like to start the project, or at least help out in placing the Pyraclyr stones around the globe. How can I get in touch with you?
  • Hello, nice to meet you. I would like to ask for your guidance and help with which ORMUS to chose for my current life period. Thank you.

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