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  • I'm glad you're enjoying the training, Matt!

    It's an amazing experience and perhaps the single most life changing undertaking I've ever embarked upon. The clarity and sense of order it imparted upon me were invaluable. The consequences of matriculating through have resonated with ne ever since extending beyond the sessions themselves. Providing a theoretical and contextually metaphoric revisioning of my sense of self and thereby leading to a bolder and more exotic if not more courageous engagement with my purpose and part to play in a galactic and even universal plan.

    I trust that you have continued your training. Some amazingly cool opportunities are just over the horizon so i hope to see you soon on the "off planetary" realms we sojourn to!

    Chance... Which is my legal name. It was a request from. 'the big cheese' that i use ny original name for its energetic and spiritual significance. So, those who've none me longer know my real name is second chance. But, i go by chance.
  • I'm great, Matt! How ya doing bud? Enjoying the feast of delights?
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