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  • I am empty after becoming full, but now I sit on a pile of shit. I want nothing more. Only to exist as I already am, and support others in the discovery of their own pure self. Thanks, Paisios.

  • 1.Depends on what you hold up to be your God 2. Faith can be severed and persistency can grow weary: faith is replaced with direct knowledge - intuition later. Although theory is unquestionably important, the functionality of your beliefs should be tested to prove the disillusionments you hold about your God subconsciously. Oftentimes, you'll find that you do not glorify the God the same God as your logic betrays. The right God will always be joyous, perfect and most of all, loving - that entity surrenders completely, so our ego can run around. Nothing the ego does can offend this God, not your ego or 'someone else's'. I would reserve the word 'faith' for this context and instead realize that you have to 'be-live' (believe) your God, the voice is always there. God's perspective is truly akin to a throne - once you sit, your bottom forgets the acquired taste for other seats. There is nothing inherently wrong with anything, what offends you the most? Begin letting go from there, you have to be emptied in order to be reinvigorated by a novel perspective - this much takes time.
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